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A Higher Mastodon Consumer – Tim Kellogg

A Higher Mastodon Consumer – Tim Kellogg

2023-12-19 09:12:04

Final night time I had an concept and went forward and constructed it. I’d wish to let you know about it. Discover the supply code here.

I exploit Mastodon as my major social media. I prefer it as a result of the sheer density of fine information in my feed. So
a lot good dialog occurs on Mastodon. However my timeline is getting just a little uncontrolled.

Mastodon let’s me observe hashtags, like #LLMs or #AI, at which level my timeline will get all toots that my server
dealt with that had been tagged accordingly. It’s not an enormous quantity, however hachyderm is pretty massive so I get a great quantity of
toots, in all probability 1,000-1,500 toots per day. It’s getting laborious to maintain up with.

I ought to have the ability to automate this!

So right here’s my concept: a streamlit dashboard that

This image shows a festive party scene with a realistic Mastodon as the centerpiece. The Mastodon stands in the middle of a crowded dance floor, surrounded by partygoers who are dancing and celebrating. Balloons in various colors float in the air, and string lights crisscross above the revelers, adding to the joyous atmosphere. In the foreground, there is a graphical user interface with "Entus controls" and a button labeled "Entiore," suggesting the integration of technology into the party setting. The overall mood is lively and vibrant, with a sense of fun and community celebration.

  1. downloads newest toots in my timeline
  2. cache them in SQLite
  3. generate embeddings for every toot
  4. do k-means clustering to group them by comparable matter
  5. use an LLM to summarize every cluster of toots
  6. use tailscale to view it on my telephone

I selected streamlit as a result of it’s fast and soiled. I determine this isn’t going to be nice on the primary
move, so streamlit ought to assist me iterate shortly to make it work higher for me.

The wonderful thing about Mastodon is it’s utterly open supply, so the API is open and at all times might be,
not like Twitter/X or the opposite platforms which have been locking down. FWIW I do assume the fediverse is the
long-term proper mannequin for social media, for a wide range of causes.


A fast observe — embeddings are a numeric illustration of textual content that corresponds to the which means of the textual content.
I like to think about it as an “AI secret language”, in that it’s the illustration that enormous language fashions use to
work with the textual content. We’re utilizing a clustering algorithm right here to group comparable toots, there’s numerous different issues
you are able to do with embeddings too!

Constructing It

A dynamic scene of a man and a Mastodon working together in a prehistoric landscape. The Mastodon, with its large tusks and woolly body, stands prominently in the center, pulling a wooden cart over a rocky terrain. The man, dressed in red, strains as he assists the Mastodon, guiding a rope attached to the cart. In the background, a cascade of waterfalls and lush greenery provide a majestic backdrop, while a herd of Mastodons is visible in the distance, hinting at a communal effort. The setting is serene with a soft glow of sunlight filtering through the mist, highlighting the cooperative relationship between humans and these ancient creatures.

I went from “oh! I’ve an concept” to a working resolution in about 3.5 hours. I used Github Copilot, particularly
with the chat feature (CMD+I, sort “create a SQLite DB with a toots desk”). It’s unimaginable how shortly you
can check out concepts.

If you wish to take a peek:

  • The UI (
  • The SQLite DB (
  • Obtain timeline ( — I used requests, no particular shopper
  • Generate embeddings ( — I used OpenAI’s text-embedding-ada-002. Its low-cost and simple to setup.
  • Ok-means clustering ( — scikit-learn makes this tremendous simple, simply 4 strains.
  • Summarize clusters ( — I used gpt-3.5-turbo as a result of it’s cheap-ish and adequate

The streamlit dashboard shows the clusters as an expander container. When the dashboard hundreds
you see a listing of cluster descriptions and you’ll select which to dive into.

See Also

A list of clickable article headlines displayed on a digital interface with drop-down arrows next to each, suggesting additional content is available. The headlines are: Apple faces a setback with Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 after a losing patent lawsuit; Considerations for livestreaming coding projects and code writing in the Project Jupyter ecosystem; Discovery of variable swapping and destructuring across multiple programming languages; Controversial Economic Policy; Food and sports in North Carolina; Monday pizza night with a touch of spooky weather.

The toots are displayed poorly, imo, it may use numerous work. I’d additionally like to have the ability to favourite and retoot
from this UI, at which level I may in all probability use it as my major shopper for my right-after-I-wake-up looking.

I’ve used it for a couple of hours and I like with the ability to skip over huge stretches of my timeline with relative
confidence that I do know what I’m skipping. I’m in management once more.

On a extra philosophical observe, I like the concept of social media algorithms however I hate the implementations.
Viewing social media in timeline order is much too noisy. Algorithms that curate my feed make it much more manageable.
Then again, I don’t understand how X or Instagram are curating my feed. So far as I can inform, they’re optimizing
for their very own revenue, which feels manipulative. I would like my feed to serve me, no different method.

What do you assume? How may or not it’s improved?

Subsequent: I wrote a followup to this put up, about open source and societal alignment.

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