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A Generalized Ray Formulation For Wave-Optics Rendering

A Generalized Ray Formulation For Wave-Optics Rendering

2023-04-04 04:39:04

Shlomi Steinberg

Ravi Ramamoorthi

Benedikt Bitterli

Eugene d’Eon

From ray optics to wave optics.
On this paper we current the generalized ray: an extension of the classical ray to wave optics.
The generalized ray retains the defining traits of the ray-optical ray: locality and linearity.
These properties permit the generalized ray to function a “level question” of sunshine’s behaviour—the identical goal that the classical ray fulfils in rendering.
By utilizing such generalized rays, we allow the rendering of complicated scenes, just like the one proven, underneath rigorous wave-optical mild transport.
Supplies admitting diffractive optical phenomena are seen: (a) a Bornite ore with a layer of copper oxide inflicting interference; (b) a Brazilian Rainbow Boa, whose scales are organic diffraction grated surfaces; and (c) a Chrysomelidae beetle, whose color arises resulting from naturally-occurring multilayered interference reflectors in its elytron.
Our formalism serves as a hyperlink between path tracing strategies and wave optics, and admits a extremely basic validity area.
Due to this fact, we’re capable of apply subtle sampling strategies, and obtain efficiency that surpasses the state-of-the-art by orders-of-magnitude.
We point out decision and samples-per-pixel (spp) rely in all figures rendered utilizing our technique.
Whereas these figures showcase converged (excessive spp) outcomes, our implementation additionally permits interactive rendering of all these scenes at 1 spp.
Body instances (at 1 spp) for interactive rendering are indicated.
Implementation, in addition to extra renderings and movies can be found in our supplemental materials.

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