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A URL Parsing Benchmark – Daniel Lemire’s weblog

A URL Parsing Benchmark – Daniel Lemire’s weblog

2023-03-01 18:21:48

Twitter consumer opdroid1234 remarked that they are getting more performance out of the ARM nodes than out of the Intel nodes on Amazon’s cloud (AWS).

I discovered beforehand that the Graviton 3 processors had less bandwidth that comparable Intel systems. Nevertheless, I’ve not achieved a lot when it comes to uncooked compute energy.

The Intel processors have the crazily good AVX-512 directions: ARM processors don’t have anything shut aside from devoted accelerators. However what about extra boring computing?

We wrote a quick URL parser in C++. It doesn’t do something past transportable C++: no meeting language, no specific SIMD directions, and so forth.

Can the ARM processors parse URLs sooner?

I’m going to match the next node sorts:

  • c6i.giant: Intel Ice Lake (0.085 US$/hour)
  • c7g.giant: Amazon Graviton 3 (0.0725 US$/hour)

I’m utilizing Ubuntu 22.04 on each nodes. I be sure that cmake, ICU and GNU G++ are put in.

I run the next routine:

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  • git clone
  • cd ada
  • cmake -B construct -D ADA_BENCHMARKS=ON
  • cmake --build construct
  • cd construct
  • ./construct/benchmarks/bench --benchmark_filter=Ada

The outcomes are that the ARM processor is certainly barely sooner:

Intel Ice Lake 364 ns/url
Graviton 3 320 ns/url

The Graviton 3 processor is about 15% sooner. It’s not the 20% to 30% that opdroid1234 stories, however the Graviton 3 nodes are additionally barely cheaper.

Please be aware that (1) I’m presenting only one knowledge level, I encourage you to run your individual benchmarks (2) I’m positive that opdroid1234 is being fully truthful (3) I really like all processors (Intel, ARM) equally (4) I’m not claiming that ARM is healthier than Intel or AMD.

Word: I don’t personal inventory in ARM, Intel or Amazon. I don’t work for any of those firms.

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