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“Adam? …is there a purpose your laptop computer is within the fridge?”

“Adam? …is there a purpose your laptop computer is within the fridge?”

2023-10-05 09:23:54

     I’d learn a number of occasions that bringing the temperature of a failing drive down will improve its reliability lengthy sufficient to salvage essential information. When the drive in my trusty Powerbook determined at some point final week to cease booting and make horrible clicking sounds, I made a decision to check the speculation.

     Not feeling notably motivated to dissect the powerbook, since that might void the guarantee I deliberate to invoke to get the drive changed, I set it on a comparatively uncluttered shelf of the fridge after I acquired dwelling from work. Ten minutes later, I took it out, and the drive booted like new. I copied my iphoto libraries to an exterior drive and as soon as that was profitable, begun the copying of the one different essential file on the drive: a large iMovie venture (~ 30 GB). About midway by way of, the drive had warmed up, the copy progress bar had stalled and the press was again.

     Honest sufficient. Again within the fridge, for 20 minutes this time. I took it out, booted up (painlessly), hooked it as much as the exterior drive and began the copy once more. This time it made it to 75% earlier than the press took maintain. At this level I thought of going after the video clips that made up the iMovie venture in small batches, however determined I didn’t really feel like doing that if it wasn’t completely crucial. I additionally didn’t need to play guess and verify to find the best size of time to sit back a powerbook, so I devised a devious plot.

     This plot consisted of cooling the powerbook down once more, carting my exterior drive to the kitchen, booting the laptop computer within the fridge, starting the copy, and shutting the door. Success! I share this expertise with you, the web, within the hopes that it’s helpful.

Devious plot.  Will it work?
Yes.  It will work.

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