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AI Load Check Era ✨ – A number of

AI Load Check Era ✨ – A number of

2024-01-18 14:02:06


Earlier than producing a check, it’s vital to know that there are a handful of limitations:

  • Solely REST APIs are supported
  • Recordsdata can not exceed 5 MB
  • For OpenAPI:
    • Solely 3.x.x specs are supported
      (Convert older variations with Swagger Converter)
    • Specs should be JSON
  • For HAR:

Add Specification/File

To kick off TestGen from the A number of dashboard, navigate to Checks, choose the + New Check within the upper-right of the dashboard.

  1. Choose + New Check.
    Select new test
  2. Subsequent, choose Import Swagger/HAR.
    Select import Swagger/HAR
  3. When prompted, select the OpenAPI specification or HAR file you’d wish to add, then choose Add File.

Choose and Sequence Endpoints

From the file that you just present, A number of will create a listing of endpoints accessible to create a brand new load check. You’ll be able to choose and order the endpoints as you see match on your use case.

Select and order endpoints for load test
  1. Choose endpoints you’d like to incorporate in your load check.
  2. Organize the endpoints within the order you’d like for them to be known as.
  3. Choose Generate Payloads.

When you’re having bother discovering an endpoint, benefit from the fuzzy
search function to shortly discover what you’re searching for.

Confirm Question Strings and Payloads

A number of will try and generate question strings and request our bodies for the endpoints that you just chosen.
You’ll be able to replace the generated question string parameters and request our bodies for every endpoint.
The faker library is offered to be used in request our bodies, e.g. faker.web.e mail().

  1. Evaluate, replace, and confirm the generated content material.
    Verify message payloads are correct

    Use the thumbs up/thumbs down button to assist us enhance generated content material.

  2. After you’ve validated that the whole lot is right, choose Generate Check.

Evaluate Check Code

Check code is generated from the endpoints chosen and included in a category known as AutoGeneratedMxTestSpec. The consumer is initialized in vuInit, nonetheless the majority of check code that’s generated is included in vuLoop.

See Also

At this level, it’s vital to overview the check code generated and make mandatory changes. For instance, changing placeholders marked by {variableName} and updating auth credentials.

Review auto generated code

Run Check

After you’ve validated the code, you possibly can run the load check. For extra info, see Test Run.

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