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AN/PSQ-42 – Wikipedia

AN/PSQ-42 – Wikipedia

2023-12-06 01:16:45

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The AN/PSQ-42 Enhanced Evening Imaginative and prescient Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) is a third-generation passive binocular night vision device developed for the United States Army by L3Harris. It combines twin tube image-intensifying (I²) and thermal-imaging applied sciences right into a single goggle, enabling imaginative and prescient in low-light circumstances. The 2 strategies can be utilized individually or concurrently in a fused mode.[1] The ENVG-B is meant to be issued to the dismounted fight arms troopers throughout the Military’s Brigade combat teams (BCT), and thus far over 10,000 have been issued to a number of BCT’s throughout the 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Division and 101st Airborne Division.[2][3] The US Marine Corps has additionally bought 3,100 ENVG-B items.[4]

U.S. Military troopers load an M224 60mm mortar, as seen by way of the ENVG-B’s I² + thermal fusion define mode


The ENVG-B was reported to be in improvement as early as 2018, meant to present troopers higher depth notion than the monocular AN/PVS-14 and AN/PSQ-20.[5] Preliminary manufacturing (Directed Necessities Contract) goggles have been produced with a black housing, whereas full fee manufacturing (Program of  File Contract) goggles at the moment are produced in a Tan 499 housing.[6]

Design and options[edit]

The AN/PSQ-42 Enhanced Evening Imaginative and prescient Goggle-Binocular combines two picture intensification tubes with an uncooled thermal imager and is ready to function in an I²-only mode or a fusion mode that mixes I² with a thermal picture overlay. The overlay can be able to displaying a compass and augmented actuality information from a Nett Warrior gadget. The ENVG-B may also show wirelessly transmitted weapon sight crosshair and thermal imagery from the Household of Weapon Sights-Particular person (FWS-I) thermal imager mounted on a weapon.[7] The image-intensifying tubes additionally permits the consumer to light up, designate, and interact targets conventionally with weapon-mounted infrared laser pointer-illuminator units such because the AN/PEQ-15.

The complete ENVG-B meeting consists of the ENVG-B goggles themselves, Positioning Meeting (PA), Helmet Mount Meeting (HMA) and battery pack. In a vogue just like the AN/PSQ-20 and AN/PVS-31, the ENVG-B doesn’t obtain energy from a battery throughout the goggle housing itself (similar to within the AN/PVS-14). As an alternative, the goggle receives energy from the battery pack mounted on the rear of the soldier’s helmet through a circuit that traverses the HMA and PA, with hotshoe connectors on the interface between these elements. This shifts the middle mass of an ENVG-B outfitted helmet towards the wearer’s neck, leading to a extra ergonomic stability and decreasing neck pressure, particularly within the inclined. The ENVG-B meeting might be mounted on the ACH, ECH and IHPS helmets. A particular helmet cowl designed to hide the battery pack and HMA exists for the ACH and ECH.

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A small infrared illuminator is constructed into the housing for viewing handheld gadgets like a map, weapon, or radio. A acquire management knob is centrally mounted on the bridge of the goggle housing. Each the eyepieces and goal lenses are able to affixing a protecting sacrificial lens, and the target lenses have detachable protecting rubber caps with lanyards.

Operational historical past[edit]

U.S. Military paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division throughout Operation Allies Refuge. Each are outfitted with the ENVG-B in a excessive stowed place.

The ENVG-B noticed its first operational use with 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division throughout its participation in Operation Allies Refuge in August 2021.


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