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Ask HN: Freelancer? In search of freelancer? (December 2023)

Ask HN: Freelancer? In search of freelancer? (December 2023)

2023-12-01 13:07:02

Fullstack engineer and web developer with 10+ years of experience.

One of the services I offer is a one stop shop for MVP and prototype development. I do rough UI and UX design, small scale frontend, backend, data infrastructure, API design, and devops. I do whatever it takes to take your idea from the drawing board to a functioning prototype.

Another service I offer is updating janky startup prototypes to modern standards and practices. I love maintaining and improving legacy code. It’s like restoring old furniture.

I’d love to talk to you about your project! Send me an email or use the calendly link below.


Charges: Open to flat-rate pricing for well-scoped tasks. $3,999 per week. 1/third up entrance, 1/third on supply, 1/third on acceptance of labor. IP transfers on full cost. Reductions obtainable for longer tasks.

Applied sciences I am aware of: Javascript, Typescript, Go, C#, PHP, Python, ActionScript, WordPress, React, React Native, jQuery, Node.js, Categorical.js, Adobe Flex, Django, Apollo, GraphQL, AWS, S3, EC2, Heroku, Vercel, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Docker

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote Only


Robbert, front end developer with 7+ years experience. Focus on interactive interfaces in React.

If you need someone to build a dashboard, interactive widget, or beautiful animations with great UX, look no further.

I’ve got experience building complex interfaces with React, using a variety of tech stacks: Next.js, Gatsby, Redux, Material UI, Tailwind, Framer Motion, Radix, and more.

Non-tech qualities: Clear and open communicator, reliable, and able to not just implement but also design interfaces with business needs in mind.

Recent projects (all for US companies) include: Frontend for large-scale video assets management app, frontend of marketplace app, UI for dev tool desktop app.

Looking for: Clearly defined projects (<12 months) and also open to part time or smaller short term assignment.

Brand New Portfolio: Electronic mail:

SEEKING WORK | Norway | Remote | Contract (full-time or part-time)

Experienced software engineer specialising in backend development with a proven track record. Over ten years of industry experience, delivering exceptional results to drive projects forward.

What sets me apart:

– Broad expertise: Projects and technologies include data integration, Intel SGX, consensus protocols, REST APIs, and web development. Proficient in C, C++, CSS, Docker, ES6+, express.js, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, LDAP, Linux, Neo4j, nginx, Node.js, PHP, PL/SQL, Postfix, React, TypeScript, Xen, and (X)HTML5, I possess a versatile skill set.

Why choose me:

– Strong problem-solving skills: Thrive on challenging problems, finding creative solutions. Excel in optimizing performance, designing scalable architectures and resolving complex technical issues.

Expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM), security, and data integration. Deep understanding and practical experience to deliver secure and seamless solutions. Open to exploring new challenges and technologies beyond these areas.

Available for full-time, part-time, and consulting engagements. Let’s connect and discuss how I can contribute to your success.

Location: Trøndelag, Norway

Remote: Yes (remote only, unless within Trøndelag or occasional meetups within Scandinavia)

Willing to relocate: No


Electronic mail: hn-u5cgNWJM(-at-) (or the deal with on my CV)


SEEKING WORK – Contract, Remote, based in NYC area, backend engineer

I am a backend expert, having built and maintained highly available systems for several companies over the last 9 years, in addition to over 20 total years of software development experience. I learn new things extremely quickly.

You will like working with me because I:

     * hold your goals as my priorities
     * communicate verbosely yet synthesize well
     * my rates are reasonable in exchange for the value I deliver
     * I guarantee I will get the job done

Concrete examples:

* built the streaming data architecture for realtime game player information and game stats for one of the top 3 US sports leagues (can’t name drop!) using Redpanda/Kafka on Azure+Terraform, and implemented its developer portal using Gravitee to provide first class streaming API support and monetization.

* Implemented a vector DB for one of the leading AI image hallucination platforms (millions of users) to provide an image similarity service.

* replatformed dozens of jobs to AWS Lambda for a startup hedge fund, vastly improving QoS and maintenance cost. Line 1 to platform-in-prod time 3 months.

* built a ~50 node, AWS, Dockerized, Terraform-deployed distributed system to provide realtime, transformed trade data from crypto exchanges to a Kafka pipeline and data lake (fodder for an analytics platform). Met 5000msec SLA across arbitrarily many exchanges and ticker symbols. Blue-green deployment for complete CICD safety. Cloudwatch metrics proved SLA was met and provided general system oversight.

* built a framework to collapse dozens of singleton ETL programs into one config-driven, simple C# application performing the same functionality at ~80% reduction in maintenance cost year over year.


Keywords: Python, C++, R, SQL, NoSQL, Go, Golang, AWS, Azure, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Docker, Git, SVN, Subversion, Linux, Windows, Bash, Kafka, Terraform, Redis, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, LDAP, Active Directory, OAuth2

SEEKING WORK | France, Remote | Pentester, Cybersecurity expert

I am a cybersecurity consultant / pentester / trainer with 7+ years of experience. I have audited successfully internal networks, web applications, and embedded environments.
I also do trainings for professionals and students.

Location: EU (France)
Web site:

Electronic mail: olivier [] lasne.professional


I’m creating software to make it easy for freelancers to manage their engagements, get paid, and handle all of the pieces of paper involved in that (NDA, IP assignment, etc). As part of that, I’m working with companies looking to hire contractors, specifically software engineers.

If you’re looking to work with Series A / B companies as a software engineer for at least 10 hours a week (either in contract to hire or in permanent freelancer setups), please reach out! The main cost to you is you’ll have to use my software and give me feedback on it. Thanks!


SEEKING WORK | Austin, TX or remote

10+ years experience in python, both scientific (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels, jupyter) and web backend (django, flask, sqlalchemy). Also experienced in R (experiment design, linear and nonlinear analysis, graphic presentation of data). Previous experience in experimental design and analysis when I was a manufacturing engineer in semiconductors. Able to work W2 or 1099, remote or in-person (as long as it’s in Austin). Willing to do full or part-time.

SEEKING WORK | NL, Remote | Backend, AI, Optimization

I am a dedicated software developer with a background in artificial intelligence, backed by a journey of over 12 years across diverse programming languages and domains. My expertise lies in designing and and implementing cutting-edge software solutions that make meaningful impact.

My approach is rooted in a genuine passion for problem-solving. I value attention to detail, experimentation, consistent quality, and collaborative teamwork in achieving results.

Key Areas of Proficiency:

– Full-Stack Development with Clojure and ClojureScript: with this stack I can quickly deliver results.

– Backend Systems: I designed and built dozens of stable high-performance backend systems in JVM languages.

– Optimization and observability: I can consult on how to measure and improve performance.

– Streaming & Messaging: Lots of experience with Kafka, Kafka Streams, and other messaging platforms

– Natural language processing: I worked on several products that extract data from text and unstructured data, also using PDF’s as the source.

– Optimization: Utilizing Optaplanner/TimeFold, MiniZinc and Google OR-tools for optimizing routing and scheduling.

If you are seeking a seasoned professional for consultation, advice, or potential collaboration, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.



Electronic mail: hackernews@chrisblom.internet

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Web Developer

Hi! I’m Rik, a web developer from The Netherlands with 10+ years of experience in creating consumer facing web applications as well as internal tools for small enterprises. I specialize in database design, integrating APIs and crafting interfaces that optimize business operations. Early engagement in projects allows me not only to address technical challenges but also to provide valuable insights into the application’s development process.
Open to working with clients in Europe, USA and elsewhere. Drop me a line if you think I could help you out!

Technologies: Yii, PHP, MySQL, Html/Css/JavasScript, Python, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS Cloudfront, Bootstrap, Sass
Experience with APIs: OpenAI, Stripe, Mailchimp, Shopify, PrintNode, Picqer, ChannelEngine, Bol

Location: Europe / The Netherlands



SEEKING WORK | Germany | Remote

I’m a PhD-trained scientist with 10 years of software development and machine learning experience.
Considerable background in: chemistry, bioinformatics, explainable AI, graph neural networks, computer vision, backend development, management.

Specific technologies include: PyTorch, numpy, pandas, python, rdkit, Docker, AWS, GCP, Azure

Location: EU (Germany)


Electronic mail:


I’m a full-stack developer, Independent Contractor and Open Source programmer who’s been coding in industry for 13+ years.

Technologies: React/Webpack/Babel, etc. (7+ years), TypeScript (5+ years), Go/Golang (10+ years), PHP, JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 (ES5, ES6+, 10+ years), Node.JS, Python, Linux, Docker, Podman, PostgreSQL/CockrochDB, Chrome automation, Chrome extensions, etc.


See Also





Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel

Technologies: Javascript/Typescript, Rust, Go, Node.js, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc


Electronic mail:

I’m an online and app developer with over 15 years {of professional} expertise. I’ve labored at startups, mid-sized firms, and enormous companies together with Apple, eBay, and the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Middle. I specialise in full-stack net growth, however I’m additionally skilled in iOS growth, server administration, database design, and extra. I am pleased with each short-term jobs (alone or on a group) or medium-term contracts in an agile surroundings.


Front-End Angular Engineer | Ionic Developer Expert

Location: Earth

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, RxJS, Angular, Ionic, Capacitor


Electronic mail:

Expertise: 20+ years of net growth expertise

Searching for: Lengthy-term/everlasting roles with part-time hours

Hourly Price: 60 USD

SEEKING WORK | “Full Stack” | PHP / Laravel / Vue Developer | REMOTE Location: UK / Remote

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No



* Javascript or Typescript

* Python

Frameworks / Tech:
* Laravel

* Livewire

* Inertia.js

* Vue (some React)

* Back-end Node (Nuxt etc)


Interested in freelance projects of varying scopes and sizes. CMS / CRUD / REST APIs or more unorthodox projects/requirements. Most familiar with Laravel or Vue based stacks, but happy to work with/port from legacy PHP codebases (codeigniter or “vanilla”).

VERY competitive pricing available either as help for existing projects, or building out smaller MVP s solo from scratch if required. I generally appreciate the opportunity to document and test code (Jest/PHPUnit), but also balance this with “velocity”.

SEEKING WORK | Full-stack, Elixir, Python, React, PHP | REMOTE

Location: FL, USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Do you need a little dev help during this season? I’m available full time December to jump in and squash bugs, clean data or automate processes.

Email: robby.ronk at gmail

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