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Ask HN: What have you ever created that deserves a second likelihood on HN?

Ask HN: What have you ever created that deserves a second likelihood on HN?

2023-01-26 08:30:30 – search engine for boards and dialogue websites

Like lots of you, I discover Google outcomes to be filled with search engine marketing spam and have resorted to including “” or “” to all my queries (since 2015!). In any other case, it is actually exhausting to determine “what does a real, actual life human take into consideration this factor?”.

However limiting my outcomes to simply Reddit is not supreme as a result of a lot nice content material exists elsewhere. Plenty of nice info and conversations have moved elsewhere, and area of interest boards are nonetheless alive on the net! However it’s not possible to seek out these locations as a result of they rank so poorly on Google. So I constructed a search engine throughout a curated checklist of those, ensuring to take away any form of search engine marketing junk (weblog spam, listicles, and so forth).

There’s additionally a chrome extension that surfaces these outcomes alongside Google, so you do not have to recollect to maintain coming again.

Please attempt it out and share any suggestions! (and if you happen to’re on this subject, be part of the Slack)

The identical gameboy emulator rewritten in C++, Go, Nim, PHP, Cython, Python, Rust, and Zig (and WIP typescript); largely to show myself the languages and to match and distinction their idioms.

Additionally, when taken with a very massive grain of salt, usable as a language benchmark (As with all benchmarks, there are many caveats – however so far as I’m conscious that is distinctive in being “the identical code in a number of languages” and “a number of thousand traces of code”):

  $ ./utils/
   rs / lto    : Emulated 15763 frames in 10.00s (1576fps)
  cpp / lto    : Emulated 14737 frames in 10.00s (1474fps)
   rs / launch: Emulated 13183 frames in 10.00s (1318fps)
  cpp / launch: Emulated 12966 frames in 10.00s (1297fps)
  zig / launch: Emulated  8792 frames in 10.00s (879fps)
  nim / velocity  : Emulated  8127 frames in 10.00s (812fps)
  nim / launch: Emulated  6161 frames in 10.00s (616fps)
  cpp / debug  : Emulated  5693 frames in 10.00s (569fps)
   go / launch: Emulated  5040 frames in 10.00s (504fps)
  pxd / launch: Emulated  3792 frames in 10.00s (379fps)
  nim / debug  : Emulated  1968 frames in 10.00s (196fps)
   rs / debug  : Emulated  1676 frames in 10.00s (168fps)
   py / mypyc  : Emulated   887 frames in 10.01s (89fps)
  php / opcache: Emulated   613 frames in 10.01s (61fps)
  php / launch: Emulated   255 frames in 10.01s (25fps)
   py / launch: Emulated   101 frames in 10.06s (10fps)
  zig / protected   : Emulated    40 frames in 10.00s (4fps)

A device primarily for musicians to set repeating loops in YouTube movies and gradual it down to allow them to apply and be taught music by ear.
They’ll then shift the loop ahead/backward conserving the identical loop interval to maneuver round bars or phrases.


A multitenant library for .NET Core:

Within the .NET Core 2 period the older multitenant libraries like Saaskit ceased working with modifications to the ASP.NET Core runtime. Finbuckle.MultiTenant fills this hole and is not restricted to ASP.NET Core use instances. It emphasizes the Choices sample as a substitute of separate app pipelines per tenant. Additionally contains parts for per-tenant knowledge isolation with EF Core with out having to pollute your code with a bunch of “the place” circumstances.

A instant tech job search engine powered by Algolia,

It has been an on/off facet venture final 2 years.

Anticipated individuals to come back with sturdy criticism on it, since it’s removed from carried out and the best way that I seize metadata shouldn’t be nice but.

As a substitute I acquired no feedback, which I believe it was worse haha. Create Github points from emails and reply to them by beginning a remark with “@reply”. Should you’ve acquired a facet venture, already use Github points, and wish to handle assist emails the identical as bugs. Simpler and cheaper than signing up for a assist desk SaaS.

A macOS command-line “multi-tool” for working with Apple Photographs. Permits you to export pictures (together with all of the metadata), batch-edit metadata reminiscent of occasions and timezones, discover the AI metadata Apple computes for every picture (however would not make out there to the person) reminiscent of “nicely timed shot”, “nice composition”, and so forth, examine libraries, sync metadata between libraries, and rather more! It is written in python and supplies a full python API for interacting with Photographs.

The online device will swap the place of latitude and longitude in textual content. It is a frequent difficulty in GIS trade as there is no settlement which order is the proper one (and instruments/software program need one or the opposite). The preliminary Present HN dicussion derailed into which order is the proper one, second-guessing why the device might be any helpful to anyone and it went downhill (nicely, flagged) from there.

Nicely implemented and simple.

Love the irony of a whole debate when your tool isn’t taking an opinion, but instead letting people navigate (pun proudly intended) those two worlds.

I created a browser extension to help transition to Mastodon[0]. If you are curious about Mastodon but don’t yet feel like you can leave then it’s a great way to get started. Essentially it injects Mastodon posts into your Twitter timeline, so you can retain your existing Twitter following while getting exposed to Mastodon.

I’m working on a Firefox version right now as well.

[0] –

It’s not 100% done yet – the rough MVP functionality is in place – but I’d love to know what people think

Easy API managed README “shields”. Allows you to replace a customized badge by API – totally open supply.

Allows you to replace the badges to say no matter you need as a part of your CI course of. As an illustration we have now it present the variety of construct warnings the newest construct generated.

Instance badge:

and instance API name

    curl -X "POST" "" 
     -H 'Authorization: token <secret>' 
     -H 'Content material-Kind: software/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8' 
     --data-urlencode 'title=Construct Warnings' 
     --data-urlencode 'textual content=5' 
     --data-urlencode 'coloration=5041be'

Nice, but I’ll be honest the page looks a bit drab to me. Could just be me, but I figure folks here would like feedback so I hope this helps. In general I think for a page that is promoting badges you need an appealing aesthetic.

You should put an example badge on the page 🙂

(I first looked around the page, then around the main github repo looking for an example, before eventually reading the rest of your comment and seeing one there :P)

I created Scheme for Max and Scheme for Pure Data. They are extensions to the Max/MSP, Ableton Live, and Pure Data computer music environments that embed an s7 Scheme interpreter in the host so that you can script, automate, and live code the hosts with s7, a Scheme from the CCRMA computer music center at Stanford and the same one used in the Snd editor and the Common Music 3 algorithmic composition environment. This allows you to do things like write algorithmic music tools, sequencers, and use the Ableton Live API in Scheme, including with Common Lisp style macros. It has an API for integrating with Max to share data structures, hook into the scheduler, run in the high priority thread, and so on. (The Max javascript object does not run in the high thread and so while it is similar in scope, it can’t be used for accurate timing, so is no good for sequencing or live algorithmic generation.) S4M allows you to do all the goodness of high level music programming in a Lisp, without losing the ability to use modern commercial tooling and instruments. It’s my thesis project for a Masters in Music Technology with Andy Schloss and George Tzanetakis at the University of Victoria, and I plan to continue to a PhD working on it. I tried submitting twice, but it never made the page, which surprised me a bit given Lisp interest here.

The github page is here:

The youtube channel with varied demos is right here:

I made a bot final summer season to generate and replace weekly Spotify playlists from 100 or so music subreddits primarily based on the highest submissions of that week. Replace operates completely by way of a GitHub motion so no useful resource spending.

I don’t usually end my facet initiatives so was fairly completely satisfied to have one thing lastly usable and shareable, it’s been enjoyable displaying mates!

I’m developing with my brother. It’s a map of Nationwide Parks all around the world and extra detailed map with different kinds of parks in US.

We began including pictures and extra content material to US parks however planing to cowl extra international locations.

Constructed with Elixir/Phoenix, Typescript and Maplibre.

I made a drum machine that I think is pretty cool – I taught myself the best way to program 15+ years in the past as a result of I wished to make music software program. Quick ahead 15 years, and I’ve spent my entire profession as a designer for B2B Saas. I wished to re-learn some improvement stuff and going again to my unique inspiration appeared like a good suggestion. (Nonetheless a bit in progress and sorry would not work on cell, there’s some Internet Audio stuff I have not work out for cell but)

I additionally constructed a small app to be taught my piano chords. You possibly can play together with a MIDI keyboard.

If you make a movie (>40min) independently and share it on YouTube and Letterboxd and I find I’d probably add it so long as it looks like you actually tried to make something.

I don’t really care if the movie is “good”. The people who made and shared them clearly put a lot of work into them and were brave enough to share their art on the internet so to me I feel they deserve some nice showcase

I setup an email too if you want to send me something directly

The second chance pool is great, I just wanted to give people a chance to shamelessly self-nominate their own posts.

Especially at a time when I’m interested in reading some good technical original content and /new is mostly general news.

This is incredibly useful! Is it possible to make this into a simple (single page) shopping list? Where I type my shopping list, product recommends substitutes with lower sugar — and gives me distribution (histogram) of main ingredients for my shopping list.

That would be life changing.

I’ve three things :),

1. Quart,, an ASGI (async/await) re-implementation of the Python internet MicroFramework Flask. It’s now maintained alongside, by the identical individuals, as Flask.

2. Hypercorn,, an ASGI/WSGI server that helps HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3.

3. My e-book “A Blueprint for Manufacturing-Prepared Internet Functions”, which makes use of each of the above and reveals a newbie the best way to construct a full stack app (React frontend) operating on AWS. See for particulars, code, and hyperlink to the instance app.

I have a couple…

I made a port of Xixit to the X16

It is tremendous attention-grabbing as somebody who by no means lived by way of the 80s watching somebody programming an 8 bit system. Much more spectacular is he’s making his personal “fashionable” 8 bit system with off the shelf elements! I am amazed that folks could make advanced software program in meeting. I really feel like my mind cannot cope with the restricted abstraction

For unique content material, I might shamelessly plug my put up from a month in the past titled “The Fascinating improvement of AI: From ChatGPT and DALL-E to Deepfakes Half 3”


I have a look at the three predominant applied sciences which are shaping the best way we create content material, in textual content, artwork, and video, and speak about how we acquired there. If I had been writing it right this moment I would have to incorporate a 4th half about VALL-E which got here out proper after I posted it. Perhaps I am going to write about that later.

Excited to see what everybody else posts!

As a hobby project, I run Code::Stats[0]. It’s a website that tracks what languages you are programming in (via editor plugins) and gives you a profile page with various statistics[1]. It’s ad-supported (with EthicalAds) to deal with server costs, or you can buy a support account to remove ads. The site and all the editor plugins are open source, the site is written in Elixir (but I’m looking at integrating Gleam in the future).

Currently it’s completely a free time thing; I make negative money on it. My dream would be to have enough paying users to work on it part time (even a little), but that’s far away and may never happen. But I like using it myself so I’ll keep running it for the foreseeable future.



I was a bit deflated when my submission about fell by way of the HN floor-boards.

Assume Storybook however easier, quicker, higher Typescript assist, and makes use of esbuild by default.

…Is the intention. I am the only lead dev engaged on it in the meanwhile up towards the ~10-20 sturdy staff who constructed most of Storybook, so it is a lengthy street forward, however it’s rising into one thing I am fairly pleased with and completely satisfied about.

See Also

Does anyone know why there are so many dead posts on /shownew? Maybe a fifth of all posts end up dead for no obvious reason. They seem just like any other Show HN thread, and nothing is clearly wrong with the posting accounts either.

“The post was killed by software, user flags, or moderators. […] If you see a [dead] post that shouldn’t be dead, you can vouch for it. Click on its timestamp to go to its page, then click ‘vouch’ at the top. When enough users do this, the post is restored. There’s a small karma threshold before vouch links appear.” [0] [0]

Right, but that doesn’t really answer my question. The stories appear harmless and so many are flagged it has to be automated. So presumably it’s software driven. But – why? With political or contentious topics it’s usually obvious why stories go dead but for /shownew it’s not.

Nicely designed site! Some unsolicited feedback/idea: I like the examples page but it’s a few too many clicks away for the average internet attention span. Could you have a couple interactive examples directly in the hero on the front page? With a button to see “More examples”. I’m imagining something like how presents their entrance web page.

I didn’t tried your app yet, but I think your idea is great, and that this niche is underexploited.

I hope you won’t mind a little feedback. There is one screenshot on the app page, it looks fine in general, but I was a bit frustrated by the center-aligned text. Because of alignment, it was hard to read.

Wish you luck!

This is not nearly as impressive (or useful) as the other posts, but when ChatGPT was released I developed this toy site almost entirely thru prompts.

I advised it to gen a bunch of heartwarming messages, make an internet site to show them, now make it have a coloration gradient, now make the textual content fade out and in, now have the location have a button to play an audio file, and so forth and so forth and so forth

Spent extra time internet hosting it by way of GitHub than making the location, actually blew my thoughts by way of the creation course of.

This is fun, I like the music. Was ChatGPT able to give you the gradient animation as well? I have struggled to get ChatGPT to do anything that involves spatial reasoning.

I tried with my web app and did not get a lot traction on HN(possibly unhealthy timing).

It is on its third 12 months of improvement/enchancment and it is about making and sharing simply personal discussions and confrontations(1vs1) with momentary/complete anonymity in thoughts with out counting on any huge tech service or cloud suppliers to maintain the information extra personal.

I am on a path to a giant improve quickly too.

I’ve launched a Windows app on the Microsoft Store a bit over a month ago. Didn’t get any traction here (as windows closed source apps rarely do) but feel free to check it out at

I already have a couple of downloads from the MS retailer although. “Promoting” was mainly only a put up right here, a few posts on reddit and a few hyperlinks despatched to mates.

Of course. It is indeed a C# (WPF) application that started as .NET6 during development but eventually migrated to .NET7 as it came out shortly before I published it.

Good thread to see what other devs here are building!

Engaged on this: a manner for newsletters and blogs to develop by way of cross promos.

One of many hardest issues imo for blogs/newsletters is getting extra viewers over time. Was significantly exhausting for my Rust weblog. I have been rising it quick by way of cross collabs, therefore making this

If anybody’s acquired a weblog or e-newsletter they want to develop quicker, test it out. Completely satisfied to reply questions too

A few years ago (~2017) I created a tool in the biomedical domain to design peptide vaccines.

Peptide vaccines will not be very environment friendly, however they are often simply designed to deal with a lot of ailments. Principally I would really like {that a} pharmacist may use this device with simply 2 days coaching.

The way it works? If you recognize {that a} sure protein is produced by a sure kind of malign cell and solely by these cells, a peptide vaccine will trigger the human immune system to attempt to get rid of the cells that produce that protein.

The obvious use is within the case of some cancers cells which produce a sure protein. These proteins are named “tumor particular antigen”. It’s an antigenic substance which is produced solely by tumor cells. Tumor antigens are helpful tumor markers in figuring out tumor cells which are focused by the immune system when it’s primed by a peptide vaccine.

One other attention-grabbing factor is that cancerous cells evolves shortly to attempt to evade therapies, right here it’s totally simple to design a brand new peptide vaccine, for instance each week.

Because the identify hints at, it is a proof of idea, I designed a number of variations. A very good factor is that you do not want quite a lot of CPU energy to run it. I take advantage of an inexpensive VPS from OVH.

I’ve written a big documentation right here:…

(Entry is restricted to 1 per day per IP)

I made (am making) an email inbox for your entire domain – Nice for solopreneurs and small groups who want use case particular emails like leads@area or assist@area however don’t wish to preserve shopping for e mail inboxes.

Listed here are a couple of cool issues you are able to do with it –

1. Reply as anybody @your-domain

2. Comes with a built-in weblog you may put up to out of your e mail very like

3. You possibly can share emails as hyperlinks – nice for sending reminders to individuals on WhatsApp/Messenger to inform them to take some motion on an older e mail and to bookmark helpful emails

I’ve a couple of Chartered Accountant and small legislation companies practices utilizing it however I assumed it could take off in a a lot larger manner within the indie hacker group than it really did.

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