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Ask HN: What different information feeds do you learn moreover Hacker Information?

Ask HN: What different information feeds do you learn moreover Hacker Information?

2023-06-03 05:18:13

Scrolling through that pudding site, right away I notice the tell tale sign of midwit misconception.

– a story makes claims about women in the news, without any controls or comparison to men (i.e. it’s useless)

– a story presents one of those toy economic models about random trades between people, not realizing they are complete nonsense with zero predictive power

This is just what I notice on a first visit. It’s extremely well produced nonsense.

Nothing else comes close tbh.

I probably lack some worthwhile cultural hinterland due to HN’s liberal but sciencey remit. Arts & Letters Daily would be a good addition.

But there’s nothing that really feels of comparable value for me personally and I’ve tried many of the options that are suggested here and have been before in these kinds of threads.

I was going to add Arts & Letters Daily to my other comment as another mention. A&L Daily is an interesting feed but I have to admit I don’t read it as often as something like HN and haven’t kept track of it in awhile. It doesn’t have the “current news” character of something like HN and is a bit hit or miss in terms material feeling compelling enough to read thoroughly, at least for me personally.

At the same time, A&L Daily curates a certain type of content that I haven’t seen targeted anywhere else in a feed/aggregation. There’s a certain amount of overlap with HN, but it’s kind of complementary. I wish there was something like A&L Daily that was updated more often, with more material, but maybe it’s just not out there.

I don’t think it counts as a news feed but I do enjoy browsing the It’s a bit hit and miss on the content but sometimes there are quite interesting projects on there.

I adore hackaday, but it makes me immensely sad that I’m not working more on homebrew robotics / hardware stuff. I’ve been working in robotics for almost 15 years and could probably put out some nice kits / tutorials if I took the time.

Marginalrevolution is a good blog, covering current affairs, economics, finance and technology issues. One of the posters, Tyler Cowen, is great at aggregating and summarising information and it’s a combination of links and quite short thought pieces that get posted daily.

Matt Levine writes an important every day e-newsletter, Cash Stuff. Usually there’s a matter in finance that I don’t actually perceive – current examples are GameStop, FTX, Silicon Valley financial institution. He summarises the difficulty in a really clear but additionally humorous and fascinating method. You possibly can signal as much as the e-newsletter free of charge.…

Unfortunately I don’t since I got heavily downvoted for posting a Crypto Tutorial I made. It wasn’t scam or anything, just a func little tutorial on how to create your own crypto coin.

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Possibly not what you’re asking since it’s nothing like HN, but the other two sites I constantly check for news are and (because I’m German).

Quite hilarious when I read about some Elon Musk drama or similar in the main stream news before it shows up on HN – usually stories I end up finding in both turn up on HN first.

That’s all I read – no social media or anything, too much noise, costs too much time. I’m just trying to keep an eye on what’s going on in my country, the world and my field. Used to read Slashdot and others for the latter, but lately I noticed HN has pretty much everything I find relevant (and the odd delightful oddity, my favourites).

I forgot about because for a while all the frontpage links were found on HN in a nicer format. Lately however, they have had complementary content, which is nice.

I ran a forum that pinned a link collection. They need maintenance and they’re not always things that everyone agrees on. Sporadic threads where everyone posts are a lot easier to interpret and don’t require maintenance.

Ashamed to say still Slashdot, have it in my RSS, old habits die hard. Otherwise various reddit subs since people are quick to post breaking news in whatever field I’m interested in. Then a bunch of newspapers/sources from around the world to try and get a balanced overview of things.

What happened to the comments? Fifteen or so years back you would read things which were occasionally insightful. Now it’s mostly shit posting.

I kept going for way too long before shifting to hn. The comments on slashdot were so adversarial that whatever you post expect to be called an idiot. Plus having to scroll past the ASCII art swastika every day got to me and I wouldn’t want my wife looking over my shoulder.

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