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Bun v0.8.0 | Bun Weblog

Bun v0.8.0 | Bun Weblog

2023-08-23 20:21:02

Bun v0.8.0 provides debugger help, implements fetch streaming, and unblocks SvelteKit. ReadStream and WriteStream from node:tty are applied, and .setRawMode() now works on course of.stdin, unblocking a number of interactive CLI instruments. Plus Node.js compatibility updates, bug fixes, stability enhancements.

Bun 1.0 is approaching September seventh! Register for the launch stream at

Bun is an extremely quick JavaScript runtime, bundler, transpiler, and bundle supervisor — multi function. We have been releasing quite a lot of modifications to Bun lately. This is a recap of the previous few releases. In case you missed it:

  • v0.7.0 – Net Employees, --smol, structuredClone(), WebSocket reliability enhancements, node:tls fixes, and extra.
  • v0.7.1 – ES Modules load 30-250% quicker, fixes, and many node:fs compatibility enhancements.
  • v0.7.2 – Implements node:worker_threads, node:diagnostics_channel, and BroadcastChannel.
  • v0.7.3 – Protection reporting in bun take a look at, plus take a look at filtering with bun take a look at -t.

To put in Bun:


curl -fsSL up | bash


docker run --rm --init --ulimit memlock=-1:-1 oven/bun

To improve Bun:

Bun now implements debugger help through WebKit’s Inspector Protocol. To make use of it, run your file or script with the --inspect flag. Take into account the next easy HTTP server.


const server = Bun.serve({
    return new Response("Good day world!");

console.log(`Listening on http://localhost:${server.port}`);

After we run this file with --inspect, it begins our HTTP server and spins up a localhost WebSocket server on an unused port. This WebSocket server makes use of the Inspector Protocol to speak with debugging instruments, which may introspect and management the operating bun course of.

Listening on http://localhost:3000
------------------ Bun Inspector ------------------
Listening at:

Examine in browser:
------------------ Bun Inspector ------------------


The --inspect flag may even print a URL to the console. This area hosts a stripped-down model of Safari Developer Instruments designed for debugging Bun. Open the hyperlink in your most popular browser and a brand new debugging session will begin mechanically.

Bun Developer Instruments at

From the net debugger, you’ll be able to examine the at the moment operating code and set breakpoints. As soon as a breakpoint is triggered, you’ll be able to:

  • View all variables in scope
  • Execute code within the console, with full entry to in-scope variables and Bun APIs
  • Step by means of your code step-by-step
screenshot of Bun debugger

Learn the Debug Bun with the web debugger information for extra full documentation.

The brand new bun replace command will replace all venture dependencies to the most recent variations which can be appropriate with the semver ranges in your bundle.json.

To replace a selected dependency:

Word — In contrast to npm, the bun improve command is reserved for upgrading Bun itself. It’s not an alias for bun replace.

Because of @alexlamsl for implementing this function.

Improved help for environment variables in Worker has unblocked SvelteKit. Scaffold your venture with create-svelte.

bunx create-svelte my-app
create-svelte model 5.0.5

┌  Welcome to SvelteKit!

◇  Which Svelte app template?
│  SvelteKit demo app

◇  Add kind checking with TypeScript?
│  Sure, utilizing TypeScript syntax

◇  Choose further choices (use arrow keys/area bar)
│  none

└  Your venture is prepared!

✔ Typescript
  Inside Svelte parts, use <script lang="ts">

Set up community-maintained integrations:

To put in dependencies and begin the dev server:

Open localhost:3000 to see the demo SvelteKit app in motion.

A SvelteKit app operating on Bun

With improved node:tty and node:fs help, the Nuxt growth server now works with the Bun runtime. To get began, use the nuxi command-line instrument.

bunx --bun nuxi init my-app

As soon as dependencies are put in, begin the event server with the "dev" bundle.json script.

 $ nuxt dev
Nuxt 3.6.5 with Nitro 2.5.2
  > Native:    http://localhost:3000/
  > Community:
  > Community:  http://[fd8a:d31d:481c:4883:1c64:3d90:9f83:d8a2]:3000/

✔ Nuxt DevTools is enabled v0.8.0 (experimental)
ℹ Vite shopper warmed up in 547ms
✔ Nitro inbuilt 244 ms

The --bun flag ensures the server is utilizing the Bun runtime as an alternative of Node.js. By default the nuxt CLI makes use of Node.js.

Then go to http://localhost:3000 to see the default Nuxt welcome display.

Nuxt app operating on Bun

Word — There are nonetheless some points with Nuxt’s construct command. When doing a manufacturing construct, use bun run construct as an alternative of bun --bun run construct. This can use Node.js to run Nuxt’s construct pipeline. Observe this problem here.

Confer with the Building an app with Nuxt and Bun for a extra full walkthrough.

Bun now implements fetch() response physique streaming, due to @cirospaciari. This implies you could now stream information from a fetch response, as an alternative of ready for the complete response to be downloaded.

const res = await fetch("");

// learn the response chunk-by-chunk!
for await (const chunk of res.physique) {

Use OpenAI in Bun

Streaming is very helpful when working with APIs that take awhile to reply. Now you’ll be able to stream responses from OpenAI’s API in Bun.

import OpenAI from "openai";

const openai = new OpenAI({
  apiKey: "my api key",

const stream = await{
  mannequin: "gpt-4",
  messages: [{ role: "user", content: "Say this is a test" }],
  stream: true,

for await (const half of stream)  "");

Beforehand, the next would buffer the response physique, which means it will solely ship the response as soon as the complete physique had been generated.

import { serve, sleep } from "bun";
  fetch(req) {
    return new Response(
      new ReadableStream({
        async pull(controller) {
          for (let i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
            controller.enqueue("Good day world!");
            await sleep(42);


// Good day World!Good day World!Good day World!...[~840ms]

That is not what folks need! Now, the response physique is streamed, which means it is despatched to the shopper because it’s generated.

import { serve, sleep } from "bun";
  fetch(req) {
    return new Response(
      new ReadableStream({
        async pull(controller) {
          for (let i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
            controller.enqueue("Good day world!");
            await sleep(42);


// Good day world! [42ms]
// Good day world! [42ms]
// Good day world! [42ms]

Beforehand, streaming was solely supported when utilizing ReadableStream with kind: "direct", a Bun-specific quick path for streaming.

import { serve, sleep } from "bun";
  port: 3000,
  fetch(req) {
    return new Response(
      new ReadableStream({
        // bun particular choice
        kind: "direct",

        async pull(controller) {
          for (let i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
            controller.write("Good day world!");

            // in bun < 0.8.0, flush() was required

            // now bun will mechanically flush pending writes as soon as the microtask queue is drained
            await sleep(42);


// Good day world! [42ms]
// Good day world! [42ms]
// Good day world! [42ms]
// Good day world! [42ms]

We nonetheless have optimization work forward to make streaming utilizing the default ReadableStream kind quick. For now, we advocate utilizing kind: "direct" to get the quickest attainable streaming.

Inquirer npm bundle in Bun

The ReadStream and WriteStream courses from node:tty have been applied, and course of.stdin is now an occasion of ReadStream. Accordingly, it is now attainable to allow “uncooked mode” on course of.stdin.

course of.stdin.setRawMode(true);

Support for inquirer and other prompt libraries

This makes it attainable to learn keypresses with out ready for a newline character, which is essential for interactive CLI instruments. The favored libraries inquirer, enquirer, and prompts are actually totally supported.

Run the next command to interactively scaffold a Remix app utilizing Bun and the interactive create-remix command-line instrument.

Because of @dylan-conway for implementing this function.

test.each and describe.each

Because of @jecquas, Bun now helps take a look at.every and describe.every from Jest. This makes it simple to run the identical take a look at with completely different inputs.

  [1, 1, 2],
  [1, 2, 3],
  [2, 1, 3],
])("add(%i, %i)", (a, b, anticipated) => {
  take a look at(`returns ${anticipated}`, () => {
    count on(a + b).toBe(anticipated);

.toSatisfy() and .toIncludeRepeated()

Because of @TiranexDev, bun take a look at now helps additional matchers. These matchers are a part of jest-extended and are actually natively supported by bun take a look at.

Pattern utilization of .toSatisfy():

const isOdd = (worth: quantity) => worth % 2 !== 0;
it("toSatisfy", () => {
  count on(1).toSatisfy(isOdd);
  count on(2).not.toSatisfy(isOdd);

Pattern utilization of .toIncludeRepeated():

take a look at("toIncludeRepeated", () => {
  // verify if string incorporates substring precisely 2 instances
  count on("howdy howdy").toIncludeRepeated("howdy", 2);
  // works with .not
  count on("howdy howdy world").not.toIncludeRepeated("howdy", 1);

The Node.js Buffer.toString("hex") perform will get optimized with SIMD, resulting in 40x quicker efficiency.

See Also

Objects can now be augmented with customized formatters utilizing the Bun.examine.customized image. For compatibility causes, util.examine.customized from Node.js’s node:util works too.

class Password {
  worth: string;
  constructor(worth: string) {
    this.worth = worth;
  [Bun.inspect.custom]() {
    return "Password <********>";

const p = new Password("secret");
// => "Password <********>"

The File constructor has been added as a brand new international. File situations will be constructed.

const file = new File(["hello world"], "howdy.txt", {
  kind: "textual content/plain",
  lastModified: - 1000,

file.dimension; // 11
file.title; // "howdy.txt"
file.kind; // "textual content/plain"
file.lastModified; // 1693597759310573


A JIT crash in Buffer-related capabilities has been mounted. This crash was brought on by incorrect unwanted effects when handed to DOMJIT which led to a crash throughout kind validation when the capabilities have been known as. This impacted a number of libraries and the crash started after a JavaScriptCore improve in Bun v0.7.3.

This crash would trigger EXC_BREAKPOINT to be thrown after sufficient calls to Buffer.alloc, Buffer.allocUnsafe, Buffer.isBuffer have been known as.

Buffer.toString(“hex”) reminiscence leak repair

A reminiscence leak has been fixed within the implementation of buffer.toString("hex").

NAPI fixes and help for resvg, sharp

A pair bugs within the NAPIClass constructor and napi_create_external_arraybuffer/napi_create_external_buffer have been mounted. The resolves points when utilizing resvg-js or sharp.

Higher error when this is invalid

When calling a technique with an sudden worth for this, Bun now reports an informative error.

const { json } = new Response(`"howdy"`);
// ^ TypeError: Anticipated `this` to be instanceof Response

Deal with cross-device file copies

Bun now detects when a file copying operation (e.g fs.copyFile) is making an attempt to repeat recordsdata throughout units or partitions and falls again to a handbook file copy syscall.

Repair Bun.deepEqual URL comparability

#4105 fixes a bug the place URLs we’re not correctly in contrast by their inside href.

10% Regression in async-await efficiency on macOS has been mounted

  • The daylight financial savings time cache is now not up to date on every microtask name. This regression started in v0.7.x.

A number of fixes to streams

#4251 contains quite a lot of enhancements and bugfixes within the implementation of ReadableStream have been mounted. This contains:

  • Pending writes to HTTP response our bodies are mechanically flushed as soon as the microtask queue has been drained, fixing #1886
  • Improved error dealing with inside pull.

As Bun 1.0 approaches, we have been monitoring down remaining reminiscence leaks and crashes.

#4028 [install] Deal with bun add of present peerDependencies accurately by @alexlamsl
#4026 Operating lacking scripts exits with non-0 by @YashoSharma
#4030 Bind require.resolve`() by @Jarred-Sumner
#4034 Normalize Request URLs by @Jarred-Sumner
#4042 Repair path.normalize edge case. by @Hanaasagi
#4043 Compile Bun’s transpiler to WASM and add take a look at analyzer by @Jarred-Sumner
#4048 Repair iterating headers with set-cookie by @dylan-conway
#4000 implement fetching information urls by @dylan-conway
#4054 Repair Bun.hash capabilities by @jhmaster2000
#4064 Repair path.format compatibility problem. by @Hanaasagi
#4073 Repair require(“console”) #3820 by @paperdave
#4076 Set exports to {} in user-constructed CommonJSModuleRecords by @paperdave
#4086 Repair XLSX.learn coredump by @Hanaasagi
#4027 Add help for bun –revision by @YashoSharma
#4106 Repair segfault in base64url encoder #4062 by @Jarred-Sumner
#4109 Deal with thundering herd of setInterval by @Jarred-Sumner
#4111 Repair reminiscence leak in Buffer.toString(‘base64url’) by @Jarred-Sumner
#4113 Run recordsdata with out extensions by @dylan-conway
#4117 Make astro construct barely quicker
#4125 Assist TypeScript’s export kind * as Foo from 'bar' by @Jarred-Sumner
#4126 bun-wasm fixes & enhancements by @jhmaster2000
#4131 Deprecate loading node_modules.bun by @Jarred-Sumner
#4129 Repair customized config path not working. by @Hanaasagi
#4114 Repair employee occasion loop ref/unref + leak by @paperdave
#4152 Make builtins’ supply origin use a legitimate url by @paperdave
#4155 Repair importing too lengthy of strings by @paperdave
#4162 Repair methodology title typo by @Hanaasagi
#4157 Repair occasion loop problem with Bun.join by @paperdave
#4172 Replace docs our present standing of node compatibility by @paperdave in
#4173 Create domjit.take a look at.ts by @dylan-conway in
#4150 Repair prisma linux era by @cirospaciari in
#4181 Repair leaking .ptr by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4192 right information’s bunfig instance choice by @xxxhussein in
#4193 refactor: transfer HTMLRewriter to c++ bindings by @bru02 in
#4191 Repair(node:fs): add buffer parameter in fs.learn callback. by @Hanaasagi in
#4154 Permit IncomingRequest.req to be overwritten. by @paperdave in
#4098 Assist Nitro by @paperdave in
#4194 Add util.examine.customized help to util.examine/Bun.examine/console.log by @paperdave in
#4187 Take away most C API usages, add debugger fairly printers for Headers, URLSearchParams, FormData, Employee, EventTarget by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4208 Implement BigIntStats by @paperdave in
#4206 feat: add self-closing & can-have-content by @bru02 in
#4213 Add inline sourcemaps when --inspect is enabled by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4220 Fixes #172 by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4221 Repair crash impacting sharp & resvg by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4210 Add unsupported (but) remark to distroless picture by @o-az in
#4163 Repair(bundler): use completely different alias mappings based mostly on the goal. by @Hanaasagi in
#4231 Repair take a look at failures from 3a9a6c63a by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4222 Implement --inspect-brk by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4230 Fixes #1675 by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4235 Repair reminiscence leak in buffer.toString("hex") by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4237 Buffer.toString(‘hex’) will get 40x quicker by @Jarred-Sumner in
#4243 feat: Implement Bun.examine.customized by @paperdave
#4156 Implement napi_ref_threadsafe_function by @paperdave
#4242 Repair crypto.EC constructor by @paperdave
#4226 Repair(bundler): enable producing exe file in nested path. by @Hanaasagi
#4245 Repair emitKeyPresses with backspace + quote by @paperdave
#4127 fetch(stream) add stream help for compressed and uncompressed information by @cirospaciari
#4244 import errors have code set to ERR_MODULE_NOT_FOUND and require errors have code set to MODULE_NOT_FOUND by @Jarred-Sumner
#4250 repair stdin stream unref and resuming by @dylan-conway
#4247 repair fsevents and stub for qwikcity by @paperdave
#4264 repair(parser): yield earlier than ]should not be a syntax error by @paperdave
#4256 Ask for bun --revision as an alternative bun -v in PR template by @xHyroM
#4273 Repair extra sorts. by @xxxhussein
#4251 Bunch of streams fixes by @Jarred-Sumner

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