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Widespread Lisp and Music Composition

Widespread Lisp and Music Composition

2023-01-17 11:54:26

1 Introduction

As soon as upon a time, there have been many music composition software program
packages, principally written in Widespread LISP. To call just a few I do know,
Widespread Music, Symbolic Composer (not associated to the Symbolics Lisp
Machine). Widespread Music continues to be accessible in supply code however I
doubt if anybody continues to be capable of setup that. Symbolic Composer simply
vaporized a long time in the past, which some archived applications scattered over
the Web. The package deal can also be a 32bit Intel program so newer
macOS variations wouldn’t assist it and it’s license protected
anyway. Yet one more is Patchwork, a extra graphic oriented composing
program, and I might be shock if it is ready to survive from bit

The one I truly makes use of is Opusmodus, comparable within the spirit of
Symbolic Composer. Opusmodus has launch 3.0 primarily based on LispWorks on
Dec 2022 which has Apple M1 assist, and the Home windows port is on the

2 Modulate Modulation

Earlier than introducing all the flowery phrases about algorithm
composition, let’s first see a short instance that generates melody
from modulation of sin wave.

  |(setq pitch
  |      (filter-repeat 1 (quarter-tone-closest
  |                        (vector-to-pitch
  |                         '(g3 g5)
5 |                         (add-sine-waves
  |                            12 120 9 4.2 :part 7
  |                            :modulation (gen-sine 120 1 0.4 :part 60))
  |                         :quantize 1/2))))
Plot of the generated sine wave

Determine 2.1 Visualized

Then add some traditional euclidean rhythm. Since this can be a
randomized course of, a :seed argument
is supplied to provide constant consequence.

See Also

  |(setq rythm
  |      (euclidean-rhythm (gen-repeat 18 8) 1/2 8 1/16 :seed 9941))
The music score of generated snippet.

Determine 2.2 The generated

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