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On a regular basis Makes use of for PVC Water Pipe

On a regular basis Makes use of for PVC Water Pipe

2023-09-15 15:05:05

2006 – Current

Thai blue PVC water pipeWhat cannot you do with PVC
) pipe? The ever-present blue PVC water pipe could be seen
alongside most streets right here and seems to be one among Thailand’s most
considerable un-natural sources. All kinds of various connectors can be found
and aside from carrying water it is usually used as an affordable development
materials that can be utilized to make all the pieces from garments dryers to Wheel chairs (PDF), Crutches, flagpoles and store indicators.

In fact on the Web you can even discover another very cool
and artistic issues comprised of (non-blue) PVC pipe together with: Halloween
costumes like Ben
Hallert’s Matrix
and Aliens
Exo-skeleton Power Loader
one other power
, single
and multi-guitar
Guitar Hero stands,
a laptop
, flutes,
and even
a shaving

Beneath you’ll discover, in chronological order, a few of my very own (largely unique) creations comprised of PVC water pipe together with:

Marshmallow Shooter

PVC marshmallowshooter

This was the
mission that began my love affair with blue PVC pipe. I had seen
the blueprints
for this marshmallow shooter whereas I used to be in Australia however the fittings
have been prohibitively costly (see the picture proper). Thankfully they
are very reasonably priced right here in Thailand. The shooter is constructed from
roughly 60cm (2′) of 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 2 x T-pieces, 2 x
elbows, 2 x finish caps.

Sadly there are not any mini- marshmallows right here in
Thailand and therefore no ammunition! We introduced two baggage with us which
have been exhausted all too quickly and the weapons have since remained silent
(though we’ve not but tried to beat them into
PVC ploughshares).

pearl tea orbubble tea

Thankfully in Thailand there’s a drink referred to as
cha muk” or
“pearl milk tea” – I feel it is generally known as bubble tea in different
nations. Cha muk is available in a wide range of flavours, it is served with a
straw that’s about 1cm in diameter, and it incorporates black tapioca
balls (pearls).

Invariably while you get to the tip of your drink
you’ve a provide of pearls left over and my son and I found that
the straws make fantastic pearl shooters. Utilizing the identical blow-gun
precept because the marshmallow shooter, you may shoot tapioca pearls at
one another and there is not any denying a success as a result of they stick in a approach
that will make you suppose they have been comprised of velcro. Not solely is
this convenient as proof however you can even pull them off and use them to
re-load within the midst of battle!


My Dad plumbing our kitchen sink

That is maybe the obvious use for PVC water pipe –
plumbing! If you lease a home in Thailand, usually it does not even
include the kitchen sink. Once we moved in my spouse determined the place
she needed the sink to go and armed with my new discovered PVC pipe expertise
that I acquired making the marshmallow
I plumbed water to the faucet.

I used to be a bit reluctant to go smacking holes within the wall to discover a
drainage pipe so for a variety of months we saved a bucket beneath the
sink. My father had no such qualms, nonetheless, and after they got here to
go to he plumbed the drainage for us.

Soccer Targets

PVC soccer goals

I made an identical pair of those indoor soccer objectives for my son utilizing some 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 2 x T-Items and 6 x elbows.

Cricket Wicket

A Thai university students playing cricket with a PVC cricket wicket

Cricket (to not be confused with Brockian Ultra-Cricket) is Australia’s nationwide sport performed with a bat, a ball, and two wickets. This can be a PVC wicket I made for Australia Day 2007 utilizing some 25mm (1″) pipe, 6 x T-pieces, and a couple of x elbows. Some folks would think about using a wicket like this to be dishonest as a result of the bails (two horizontal items that stability on high of the three upright stumps) are glued on!

Basketball Hoop

PVC baketball ring

Persevering with with the sports activities theme, it is a basketball hoop I made in order that my son might practise Basketball. I discovered some dimensions on the Web and made the ring utilizing 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 6 x T-pieces, and 12 x 45-degree elbows. The backboard is a non-regulation dimension piece of plywood that we discovered mendacity round and we used inexperienced duct tape for the markings.

Though the ring is not sturdy sufficient to hold off, the facet helps make it strong sufficient for regular play. Additionally they give it a really Star Trek really feel and I feel the ring seems to be not in contrast to the NCC-31911 Saratoga.

Bookshelf Helps

PVC bookshelf supports

That is maybe probably the most straight ahead use for PVC pipe on this web page. I made some shelf helps for the Pc Science part of our dwelling library utilizing some 20mm (3/4″) pipe, 0 x T-pieces, 0 x elbows, and 0 x finish caps.

There’s an “Easter egg” within the full-size picture – one among our marshmallow shooters could be seen on the highest shelf.

PVC Water Pipe Tron Controller

A friend's son playing GL-Tron with the PVC Tron controller

at all times been a fan of the
film Tron and this
is a controller I made out of PVC pipe to play the lightcycle racing
recreation GL-Tron. The controller is
comprised of 3 sections of 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 2 x 25mm to 18mm
(1″ to 1/2″) reducers, 2 x customized motorcycle hand-grips, 4 x
push-buttons, and a mercury swap that are related to a pc
by way of a hacked USB joystick.

You will discover extra particulars about how I made the controller on
this project page and I’ve additionally
prolonged the identical thought to play GL-Tron utilizing real

PVC Racing Vehicles

Thai students playing Daytona USA in PVC racing cars

A college pupil who performed with
the PVC Water Pipe Tron Controller,
described above, mentioned “That is OK however I wish to play driving
video games”. It received me considering and over the subsequent week I spent my
evenings constructing a PVC racing automobile controller – basically a
wheel-less, PVC go-kart body related to the pc by way of a hacked
USB joystick.

Screenshotof SEGA's Daytona USA in 2 player split-screen mode.

Some Thai college
college students who noticed the primary automobile needed to know the way it all labored and
six of them got here round one Saturday and we spent the entire day
hacking joysticks and constructing a second automobile. By connecting them each
to a laptop computer and a knowledge projector we have been in a position to play
split-screen Daytona

You will discover extra particulars in regards to the design and development of the
vehicles on this project page.

Pinball Desk Leg Extensions

Some Payap University students with the virtual pinball table

The white workplace desk I used for
the virtual pinball machine wasn’t
excessive sufficient to be performed comfortably. Initially, I used some bricks
to lift the desk the extra pinball-like top of 90cm (35″) however
then I made a decision that some PVC leg extensions can be considerably extra

PVC legextensions for the virtual pinball table

Extensions for every finish of
the desk have been constructed utilizing 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 2 x
T-Items, 2 x finish caps, 2 x 40mm to 18mm (1 &
1/2″ to 1/2″) reducers and a couple of x quick lengths of 40mm (1 & 1/2″)
pipe. The horizontal bars aren’t glued so the extensions could be
fitted to tables with totally different dimensions by merely reducing some extra
18mm pipe to the suitable size.

For those who look rigorously you may see the legs in motion round
the 37 second mark in video:

Knowledge Projector Mounts

3 data projector mounting cages

Each the virtual pinball
the Plasma Pong
require vertically mounted knowledge projectors. The digital
pinball desk has made appearances at six totally different venues and as a
consequence I now have a rising assortment of PVC cages used to droop a
variety of totally different projectors beneath stairs, air-conditioners and
numerous ceilings.

Knowledge projectors are costly and nothing dampens recreation of
pinball greater than a knowledge projector unexpectedly crashing on to the
desk (particularly if it isn’t yours!). Be sure that all the pieces is glued
securely and use liberal quantities of duct tape and cable-ties for
backup. Watch out to not impede air inlets/shops and if you’re
borrowing a associates projector ensure you allow them to know what you
intend doing with it first!

PVC data projector mount for the Plasma Pong table
PVC data projector mount for the virtual pinball table

Laptop computer Stand

PVC laptop stand

In Thailand lots of people use USB powered cooling pads
beneath their notepad/laptop computer computer systems. This can be a laptop computer stand I
constructed utilizing some 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 1 x T-piece, and a couple of x elbows
– partially to help air circulation however largely to carry my display up as a result of
the spring within the hinge has damaged.

As simple as this stand seems to be, the “L”-shaped upright
part is definitely a part of an air-conditioner mount for a knowledge projector that I made for one of many
virtual pinball table
installations. The T-piece is not glued and so in a small approach (a really,
very small approach) I wish to suppose that if the air-conditioning mount have been
ever wanted once more then the components might re-combine in
a Voltron
or Captain
and the Planeteers
or Power
approach. In fact if that occurred my laptop computer display would fall down.

PVC stand with laptop - front view
PVC stand with laptop - rear view

Wiimote Holder

PVC Wii-mote holder with Wii-mote
PVC Wii-mote holder parts

I do not personal a Nintendo Wii however I did handle to get my palms on a Wiimote in order that I might check out a few of Johnny Chung Lee‘s cool projects. This can be a Wiimote mount I constructed utilizing a size of 35mm (1 and 1/4″) pipe, some 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 3 x T-pieces, and 4 x elbows.

The 35mm pipe has been lower in order that it matches properly into the
ridges down the facet of the Wiimote which holds it securely. That is
screwed onto a T-Piece which has additionally had its high lower off. The joint
between the 2 topmost elbows will not be glued so the angle of the highest
part could be adjusted.

DIY Wii Zapper

DIY PVC and broken glue-gun Wii-zapper

That is one more DIY Wii Zapper that I constructed utilizing some 35mm (1 and 1/4″) pipe, some acrylic, a cable tie, and a damaged hot-melt glue-gun. Whereas maybe not as cool as a cereal box, Lego, MP5, or AK47 Wii Zapper, it will get the job finished.

The unique set off mechanism within the damaged hot-melt glue-gun is
designed to feed glue ahead however I wanted a mechanism that will pull
again on the “B” button beneath the Wiimote. I lower the deal with off
of the outdated glue-gun and made a customized purple acrylic set off that used
the unique pivot level and had a slot within the high for a cable tie.

The cable tie feeds by means of a slot within the backside of the 35mm pipe
which has been lower in the identical method as
the Wiimote Holder described above. The cable
tie lies beneath the Wiimote and when the set off is squeezed it pulls
again on the “B” button. Two small items of PVC glued behind
the pipe cease the Wiimote from sliding backwards and a one other small
piece glued beneath the “B” button retains the cable tie on the appropriate
top. A second (working) glue-gun was used to connect the deal with to
the underside of the pipe.


workbench made from a door with PVC water pipe legs
at my workbench

It is not as cool
as this
PVC workbench
however my workbench is comprised of a door which has been
bolted to the wall (as all doorways are however in a horizontal moderately than
the traditional vertical vogue) with legs comprised of 25mm (1″) pipe
and T-pieces. The workbench top is 105 cm (3’6″) and there’s
one other “Easter egg” within the left picture – the PVC seen on the bench
is definitely the barrel of a marshmallow

REAL-Tron Controllers

Four people playing GL-Tron indoors with real motorbikes

That is an extension/variation of the PVC
water pipe Tron controller
described above that enables as much as 4
folks to play GL-Tron utilizing actual
motorbikes. The bikes are related to the sport utilizing TACT switches
mounted on sections of 25mm (1″) pipe for the flip buttons.
These sections are merely cable-tied onto the entrance of the motorcycle
handlebars and the gamers squeeze the buttons with their index
fingers to show left or proper. A mercury swap can also be mounted on the precise handlebar so the
accelerator can be utilized to supply increase throughout the recreation and as much as
4 bikes could be related to the pc by way of a
single hacked USB joystick.

Right handlebar of the REAL-Tron controller with PVC pipe section, tact switch and mercury switch
Left handlebar of the REAL-Tron controller with PVC pipe section and tact switch

The centerstands hold the bikes upright throughout play and a
half-round of bamboo is wedged beneath the again tires to cease them
from rocking. You will discover extra particulars in regards to the bikes on this project page and you’ll see them in motion right here:

Music Stand

PVC water pipe music stand

This can be a music stand comprised of three totally different sizes of pipe.
The highest part is comprised of one 43cm (17″) size of 35mm (1 and
1/4″) pipe which is lower in half to carry the bottom of the music.
That is connected utilizing 3 screws to the remainder of the highest which is made
from 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 3 x T-Items, 6 x elbows, 2 x 45-degree
elbows, and 1 x male threaded connector. The joint between the 2
topmost elbows behind the music will not be glued in order that the angle of the
music could be adjusted and the threaded connector permits the bottom to be
eliminated for storage.

The bottom is comprised of 20mm (3/4″) pipe, 3 x T-pieces and 4 x
connector off-cuts (to stabilise the tip of every leg), 1 x 20mm to
18mm (3/4″ to 1/2″) reducer, and 1 x 18mm feminine
threaded connector. Since making the stand I’ve considered a quantity
of attainable enhancements on the design together with top adjustment however
total I am happy with how this primary model got here out.

Espresso Grinder Puzzle Bobble Controllers

The Dean of Science requested if I might make one thing enjoyable for
guests to play with at Payap
‘s thirty fifth Anniversary celebrations. I had been eager to
make some controllers to play the 1994 arcade
recreation Puzzle
(often known as Bust-a-Transfer) that labored just like the
coffee-grinder/pedestal winches that racing yachts use (see the picture
beneath) – so this was the proper alternative.

The pedestal was comprised of 25mm (1″) pipe utilizing 2 x T-Items,
3 x elbows and a couple of x finish caps, with the elbows forming a easy G-clamp to carry
it to the desk (the connection on the tables edge will not be
glued in order that it may be simply eliminated). The crank is comprised of 18mm
(1/2″) pipe utilizing 4 x elbows, and a couple of x finish caps, with 2 x 20mm
(3/4″) joiners for the hand-grips which may rotate freely.

A stripped down optical mouse, housed in
a Clorets container
(see the orange plastic field beneath), acts as a rotation sensor and an
arcade-style button is wired because the left mouse button. As you rotate
the crank a monster within the recreation turns a wheel to purpose the bubble gun.
Urgent the button launches the bubble and if three or extra of the
identical color join then they pop and disappear. It is quite a lot of enjoyable,
particularly enjoying in opposition to another person.

You possibly can see the controllers in motion beneath and you’ll discover
development particulars and extra info on the way it
works here.

Netbook Treadmill Hook

PVC water pipe netbook treadmill standBeing an IT-kind-of-a-guy I’ve by no means actually been into health
however extra not too long ago I’ve began to take my well being extra severely.
Now strolling or operating on a treadmill is nice however the bodily
advantages must be traded off in opposition to the time it takes – time that
could possibly be spent doing one thing else like browsing the online, or watching
a film. Effectively not anymore! Now you may train and be a geek on the
identical time with the superb netbook treadmill hook!

The hook is comprised of 40cm (16″) of 18mm (1/2″) pipe, 6 x
elbows, 2 x T-pieces, and a couple of small rings of 25mm (1″) pipe. The
pipe sections are positioned beneath the netbook in order that they do not
cowl any of the vents and the 2 ring sections stop any attainable
lifting of the netbook’s entrance edge.

The hook on the treadmill and the netbook on the hook each appeared
to be fairly safe however as an added precaution I additionally connected some
small sections of rubber grip mat utilizing hot-melt glue. The really
paranoid might additionally add a velcro strap that loops beneath the hook
and over the netbook on the base of the display.

I am presently engaged on a easy trackball hack comprised of a
plastic roll-on deodorant ball (which seems to be very cool when lit by
LEDs) and an optical mouse which I hope will likely be simpler to make use of whereas
strolling/operating than a touch-pad. Keep tuned!

CD/DVD Holders

PVC water pipe CD/DVD holderThese are some wall-mounted racks I
inbuilt response to the entire CDs/DVDs/CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs I discover mendacity
round our home. I feel what I actually need is a few kind
of storage robot that would
maintain all of my discs and simply “hand” me the one I need in response to
a search question or mount it in a drive for me. Alternatively a robotic
that would convert and backup all my bodily media to a big sufficient
laborious drive can be actually cool (you may
truly buy
or build your own).

The racks are comprised of 10mmm (1/4″) pipe which inserts the
heart gap on the discs completely and I allowed roughly 20cm
(8″) between spindles. I made one for holding motion pictures and
CDs with six spindles (utilizing 8 x T-pieces, 4 x elbows and round 2.6m
(8’6″) of pipe) and one for software program with 4 spindles (utilizing 4
x T-pieces and 4 x elbows). See the images beneath. For those who select a
suitably vibrant disc for the highest of every stack then it seems to be like a
man’s BeoSound

empty CD/DVD holder
PVC pipe CD-ROM holder

The gray PVC pipe is water pipe however it’s usually used for
agricultural irrigation and low-pressure purposes (moderately than
storage racks!). The identical dimension pipe and fittings are additionally obtainable in
yellow which is for electrical and phone cabling however my children voted
for the gray color.

Every of the spindles holds about 50 discs so the CD/DVD rack holds
about 300 discs whereas the software program rack holds about 200 discs. I
needed to have sufficient room on every spindle so you can browse the
discs with out having to
play towers of
however I realise now that I ought to have included no less than one
additional spindle on the rack for motion pictures and CDs – it is already too full!


PVC water pipe
nightstand/shelvesThere was a niche
subsequent to my facet of the mattress that will always fill with books and
papers so I made a decision that I wanted some bedside cabinets – so I might
accumulate much more books and papers. These 3-tier cabinets are made
from 20mm (3/4″) PVC water pipe utilizing 12 x T-pieces (4 per
shelf), 2 lengths of pipe that join the entrance and rear sections, 4
lengths of pipe to attach the perimeters and eight lengths of pipe to separate
the tiers.

The three cabinets are items of 6mm
(appox. 1/4″) medium
density fibreboard
(MDF) with 35mm (1.4″) squares lower into every
nook. Not like most of my tasks I used a small hammer to easily
faucet the pipes and connectors collectively as a substitute of gluing them. The
cabinets simply sit in place and assist hold the stand sq..

If you’re planning on making a free-standing shelf then I might
advocate gluing the items and including one additional shelf in order that there
is one other set of pipes between the entrance and rear faces. This shelf
was made to suit into a selected house so it does not have any room to
transfer and does the job very effectively. You possibly can see an image of it in place

Push Up Bar/Handles

PVC pipe push up handles/bar
Dr Tom doing yet another mighty push up

Folks usually come as much as me on the street and say “Dr Tom, I believed laptop scientists had lengthy beards and bony girl arms however take a look at you – you are so extremely buff! You are like a chiselled Greek statue that is come to life and is ready to assist me with all the issues my laptop’s been having these days. What is the story?”. I inform them that whereas I am far too busy to have a look at their laptop issues all will not be misplaced as a result of they can also have arms which can be the envy of laptop programmers in all places. For under 12 month-to-month installments of $19.99 they will say “Hiya!” to my secret weapon: the Bicepperizer 3000.

Or they may make their very own utilizing:

  • 2 x 35cm (approx. 13 & 3/4″) lengths of 25mm (1″) pipe,
  • 4 x elbows,
  • 4 x T-pieces (lower in half alongside the lengthy axis),
  • approx. 30cm (11.8″)x 105cm (41.3″) of 8mm (5/16″) plywood, and
  • 8 x wooden screws.

Pretend Legs

Fake PVC legs standing upThese free-standing legs seem like one thing that actually simply walked off the set of the music video for Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” however they have been made as a fast prop for a play. Within the scene, the legs have been poking out the tip of stretcher to indicate that somebody was being carried.

The Ray Santilli-esque footage beneath present the development of the legs that are comprised of 18mm (1/2″) PVC pipe utilizing 3 x T-pieces and a couple of x elbows. The “hips” are 30cm (approx. 11&3/4″) extensive with an total top of 90cm (approx. 35&1/2″). I used yellow electrical conduit pipe for the legs just because I had two lengths readily available that have been lengthy sufficient. The middle T-piece within the hips would permit a torso to be connected however this was by no means used.

See Also

A good friend had given me some outdated UV-damaged pool noodles and I used these to pad out the ankles and calves. A pair of thick socks maintain the pool noodle sections in place and a pair of pants and a few sneakers full the phantasm.

Hilbert Dice

A 4 x 4 x 4 (2<sup>nd</sup> order) Hilbert cube made from PVC water pipe.Maybe not fairly an on a regular basis use for PVC pipe however it is a 4 x 4 x 4 (2nd order) Hilbert Cube I made in the course of the 2012 Christmas holidays. A couple of years in the past I noticed this design for a radiator inspired by the Peano space filling curve which was comprised of PVC connectors. I’ve needed to construct one of many curves ever since so when my spouse aked me what I needed for Christmas I requested for 64 x 18mm (1/2″) PVC elbows and 64 x 6cm = 3.84m (12’8″) of 18mm pipe.

The Hilbert dice is a 3D extension of the 2D Hilbert curve which is a variant of the fractal, house filling Peano curve. The radiator design is an 8 x 8 x 8 (3rd order) dice which makes use of 512 connectors like this sculpture or this 3D printed model.

Right here is another 4 x 4 x 4 Hilbert cube that makes use of connectors extra like these within the proposed radiator design and plans for a 3D-printable cube.

Bag of 64 PVC elbows.
Side view of the PVC pipe Hilbert Cube

Once I was an honours pupil again within the late 90’s our analysis lab used Silicon Graphics {hardware} and the first image above of my dice jogs my memory of their outdated “bug” brand. Maybe I will construct one in a future mission.

Mario Kart Steering Wheel

PVC pipe Wii remote holder for playing Mario Kart.This mission is a bit late to the celebration – if you’ll excuse the pun (oh wait, wrong game!) – however I not too long ago thought it may be enjoyable to make a Wii-mote holder for taking part in Mario Kart that offers you a hard and fast axis of rotation so it feels extra like driving.

There are numerous Wii-mote driving equipment you should buy just like the Wii Wheel or DIY variations like this one. Somebody additionally constructed this ingenious self-centering trainer and it needs to be attainable to re-use the rubber-band powered righting mechanism from the PVC cars to do one thing related with this design.

The design consists of two essential components: the “steering wheel” that holds the Wii-mote and a pedestal that helps the wheel. The a part of the wheel that holds the precise Wii-mote is comprised of a 14cm (5 & 1/2″) size of 35mm (1 & 1/4″) pipe with a bit lower out (the identical methodology is used to carry the Wii-mote within the Wii-mote Holder and DIY Wii Zapper tasks described above). That is screwed onto the remainder of the wheel mechanism which is comprised of:

  • 67cm (26 &amp 1/2″) of 18mm (1/2″) PVC pipe,
  • 4 x 45-degree bends,
  • 3 x T-pieces,
  • 2 x elbows,
  • 1 x 4-way piece, and
  • 1 x end-cap.

The highest half of one of many T-Items is lower in half and that is the mounting level for the 35mm pipe part which is connected utilizing 2 x 2cm (3/4″) screws (see the images beneath). The top-cap should not be glued and it may well merely be pushed onto the again of the wheel meeting after it’s inserted into the highest of the pedestal however the remainder of the 18mm components needs to be glued collectively.

The pedestal truly consists of two components – a thicker high part that appears like a sledge-hammer which has a mounting level for the wheel meeting, and a thinner decrease part that’s formed just like the letter ‘T’ (in the course of the image beneath left) which slides into the highest part. The highest part of the pedestal is comprised of:

  • 42cm (approx. 16 &amp 1/2″) of 25mm (1″) pipe,
  • 1 x 25mm T-piece, and
  • 2 x 20mm (3/4″) T-pieces.

The facilities of the 2 smaller 20mm T-pieces are lower out and glued inside the 2 reverse ends of the 25mm T-piece to scale back the interior diameter in order that the wheel will match easily and switch with out an excessive amount of play (for extra particulars see the outline of Coffee Grinder Puzzle Bobble which makes use of the identical approach for its pedestal).

The ‘T’-shaped decrease half of the pedestal is comprised of:

  • 102cm (40″) of 20mm pipe,
  • 1 x 20mm T-piece, and
  • 2 x end-caps (though I simply used two off-cuts from the 20mm T-pieces
    that have been glued inside the highest a part of the pedestal).

The middle a part of the ‘T’ is 62cm lengthy and the 2 sides are every 20cm lengthy.

Drill three or 4 holes within the decrease T-shaped a part of the pedestal perpendicular to the perimeters of the ‘T’ (see the left image above). Then drill a gap parallel to the wheel’s axis by means of the highest pedestal part (about 12cm (4 & 1/2″) from the tip of the pipe) as within the center image above. You possibly can then use a 55mm (2 & 1/4″) lengthy bolt and wing-nut to regulate the peak of the pedestal.

I additionally glued a small part of 25mm pipe to the tip of the pipe on the skin of the decrease a part of the pedestal and one other part on the within of the highest a part of the pedestal (see the image above proper). The 2 small items can slide previous one another while you insert the decrease pipe into the higher pipe and they’ll assist cut back the quantity of motion between the 2 pipes.

Having constructed this Mario Kart Wii-mote holder my son then knowledgeable me that the ‘B’ set off button beneath the Wii-mote is definitely used for power sliding (though it may be set to occur robotically). No marvel I hold shedding! Sadly with this design you may’t entry the ‘B’ set off button on the underside of the Wii-mote (which is beneath the D-pad). You would want so as to add another mechanism – maybe a set off – that mechanically pushes on the ‘B’ button while you press it (apparently the Wii Wheel has a button on the again that works like this).

Guitar Stand

PVC pipe acoustic guitar stand.This can be a stand I made for my acoustic guitar. One of many guitarists at church had a customized made steel stand with a design that I believed was actually cool. I took a photograph of his stand and modified the design to make this PVC pipe model.

The stand is comprised of 180cm (5’11”) of 20mm (3/4″) pipe plus 6 x elbows, 4 x T-pieces and a couple of x finish caps (I truly used some T-Piece offcuts from a few of my different tasks as a substitute of finish caps). As you place the guitar within the stand it’s attainable for the underside of the guitar to catch on the lip of the the other way up T-piece that holds the 2 supporting arms. To assist stop this I lower a bit from an outdated T-piece offcut and tapered it at one finish (see the center picture beneath). That is then glued onto the middle piece of pipe above the T-piece (see the picture beneath proper) so the guitar will now simply slide straight over the lip.

The bottom with splayed legs could be very steady and the facet view beneath will provide you with an thought of the angle I used on the middle assist. I made a decision to spray paint the stand black so it matches my guitar and I additionally glued six small items of grip mat onto the stand on the factors beneath the guitar and the place the again of the guitar touches the stand to assist stop any sideways motion.

Side view showing the angle of the guitar.
The guitar stand spray painted black.

Hockey Sticks

PVC pipe hockey stick.Ice-hockey sticks and pucks are
laborious to return by right here in Thailand so these are some PVC hockey sticks I
made for a Winter Olympics-themed celebration the place we used some wood
drink-coasters as pucks for a slapshot shootout competitors.

PVC is a thermoplastic and I might seen my father bend giant PVC pipes
again dwelling on the farm by heating them over a hearth however that is the primary
time I’ve used bent PVC in any of my tasks. You may discover some
nice tasks on-line that require bent PVC pipe
like these
however earlier than doing this your self it’s best to observe
some safety

The sticks are comprised of 130cm (4’3″) lengths of 20mm
(3/4″) pipe and I put a mark on the pipe about 22cm (approx. 8
1/2″) in from one finish for the beginning of the bend. Utilizing a fuel
stovetop I then moved the tip of the pipe backwards and forwards excessive
above the flame whereas rotating for about 2 minutes till it turned
floppy. I then positioned the pipe down on the ground tiles and flattened
the pipe by urgent on it with a flat-soled rubber shoe (to maintain my
palms cool) whereas additionally holding the pipe at an angle of about 45
levels. After holding for about 30 seconds whereas the PVC cools, it
then retains the brand new form.

Front and rear view of four PVC pipe hcokey sticks
PVC pipe hockey stick slapshot game.

Tank-game (BZFlag) Controller

Chair with PVC pipe levers for playing BZ-Flag. This can be a chair I modified with the assistance of some engineering
college students from Chiang Mai University
to play the free on-line multiplayer 3D tank battle
recreation BZFlag. As a part of an English
camp we ran for the Engineering school I held some workshops the place we
added PVC pipe levers to the perimeters of an outdated chair. Two optical mice
(mouses?) mounted beneath the chair have been used to detect the
rotation of the levers and two buttons (used to fireside and re-spawn) have been
patched into the left mouse buttons on the mice.

The 2 levers management your in-game tank by way of skid steering which is
much like how the unique
1980 Battlezone
arcade recreation labored. Pushing each levers ahead or backward strikes the
tank forwards or backwards whereas pushing the levers in reverse
instructions will trigger the tank to show. I wrote a script
for GlovePIE that
watched the rotation of the levers as seen by the 2 optical mice
beneath the chair. The script then moved a faux mouse accordingly to
steer the in-game tank.

Other than the chair, the opposite components we used are proven within the left
image beneath. The highest row of 25mm (1″) PVC pipe connectors and
the center row of 20mm (3/4″) T-pieces have been used to assemble a
mount for the 2 levers that was screwed beneath the chair (see
the middle picture beneath). The middle sections of the 20mm T-pieces
have been lower out, sanded down, after which glued contained in the horizontal ends
of the 2 25mm T-pieces. This reduces the interior diameter of the
bigger T-pieces in order that the levers that are comprised of 18mm
(1/2″) pipe (see the image on the precise) match easily inside
however can nonetheless rotate. This is identical methodology I used to make the
pedestals for the Coffee Grinder
Puzzle Bobble
controller and the Mario Kart
Steering Wheel

To cease the levers from sliding out of the T-pieces mounted
beneath the chair we made two “rotation sleeves” that match over the
18mm pipe and these have been held in place with a single screw. The
sleeves have been constructed from three rings of plastic with the
inner-piece sanded out so the tip of the lever might slide by means of and
the outer piece was comprised of a 25mm connector off-cut. We wrapped
some masking tape across the sleeve to extend it is visibility to the
optical mouse (see the left image beneath).

Earlier than the workshops began I had modified the optical mice by including
a connector that was patched into the mouse buttons. We merely
hot-melt glued the mice onto the 25mm T-pieces ready the place
they may “see” the tape-covered rotation sleeve and plugged the
buttons into the connectors on the mice (see the middle image).

To construct the controller we labored in three groups. The primary group
constructed and added the mount level to the chair whereas the second
group made the 2 levers. I gave the third group a easy text-based
BZFlag world map which they modified so the tanks have been enjoying on an enormous
model of the Engineering school’s brand (see the display shot beneath

The controls have been a bit flaky as a result of the positioning from the
optical mice was relative. For instance, in case you began with a lever in
the middle place and moved it backwards and forwards shortly a quantity
of instances after which returned it to the middle it might be in a unique
place. It was nonetheless enjoyable to play however required me so as to add an choice to
the script the place you can transfer the levers again to the middle
(stopped) place and press a key to re-center the script. A greater
different can be to make use of joystick potentiometers or simply
potentiometers which might offer you an absolute place for the levers
however this might have additionally required extra work to supply appropriate
lever stops in order that they could not rotate too far.

Prepare Whistle

PVC pipe train whistle.This can be a 3-chime PVC pipe practice whistle I
made for a good friend’s son who actually
likes Thomas
the Tank Engine.
Our children had a very nice sounding wooden whistle after they have been younger and I believed it needs to be attainable to make one out of PVC pipe. Certain sufficient, a fast Google search turned up plenty of information on building PVC train whistles.

The three particular person whistles are comprised of 27.5cm (approx. 10
& 4/5″), 25.5cm (10″), and 22.5cm (approx. 8 &
4/5″) lengths of 10mm (1/4″) gray electrical grade PVC
pipe. I might solely discover a size of half-round wood dowel so I used this to
make the fipple for every whistle and crammed the remainder in
with a part of a wood chopstick and hot-melt glue.

The notches (or “home windows”) are about 3cm in from the tip of
the pipe and I
copied this
for mounting the tubes so they may all be blown collectively.
Extra hot-melt glue was used to connect the 2 acrylic discs however this
glue was too scorching for the plastic water bottle mouthpiece which I
sealed with two-part epoxy resin as a substitute. The top of every pipe was
plugged utilizing two small items of the half-round dowel glued again to
again and sanded to suit.

I picked my pipe lengths at random and initially meant to chop
them or plug them with various lengths of dowel
to tune them. Utilizing
the Tuner
– gStrings
app on my telephone I checked the pitch of the whistles
which have been very near F, G, and A (from longest to shortest).
Nevertheless, ultimately I used to be pleased with how the finished whistle sounded
so I stayed with the unique lengths. This is what the whistle sounds


PVC pipe trident.
This can be a trident I made as a prop for one of many three photoshoots I did in early 2018 for the Guinness World Record: Gamer’s Edition 2019. Guinness engaged the providers of the very gifted Ben MacMahon for the pictures and he was nice to work with. This is the shot they selected to make use of within the e-book and we additionally did a poolside shoot

My spouse and I visited Thailand at first of 2018 and I introduced some 18mm (1/2″) Thai PVC water pipe and fittings again to Australia with me to construct the trident. The top of the trident is made from 4 x 45 diploma elbows and one 4-way piece and the general top is 181cm (6′). I painted it utilizing the identical matte black acrylic paint I used for the diving helmet and the shaft breaks into two items so it matches comfortably into our automobile. A small insert joins the 2 items collectively.

The center image beneath reveals the ultimate picture from this shoot however we did not wish to danger taking (or powering!) the World’s largest playable Recreation & Watch within the water. To make the shot attainable I constructed a stand-in out of corrugated plastic (generally generally known as “corflute” in Australia or “future board” in Thailand) with the identical dimensions as the enormous model of the sport. The sides have been painted utilizing the identical excessive gloss enamel paint because the orginal and this made it simpler for Ben to later photoshop a studio shot he took of the enormous Recreation & Watch’s face onto the stand-in.

Thai blue PVC connectors for the trident head
My wife holding the stunt double in the water
Credit score: Ben MacMahon

My beautiful spouse was sort sufficient to face within the water and maintain the sport’s stunt double in the course of the photoshoot (you may see her legs poking out on the backside within the final photograph above). Ben additionally introduced a group alongside to assist on the day which included three folks holding remotely triggered flashes and somebody on the seashore who would shout out “increase!” when a wave was coming so my spouse might safely raise the stand-in out of the best way. There have been two PVC handles on the again of the stand-in which was made in two halves so it might fit in the back of the car.

The photoshoot crew
My wife holding the stunt double on the beach at Pt Willunga

We took the photograph on the very photogenic Port Willunga Beach and we’re undecided what the opposite folks on the seashore – a pictures membership and a Japanese couple having marriage ceremony pictures – thought we have been doing!

Different Initiatives

You might also be excited about studying extra about a few of the above tasks and/or a few of my different tasks:

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