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Exploding Forges – A Assortment of Unmitigated Pedantry

Exploding Forges – A Assortment of Unmitigated Pedantry

2023-01-24 03:22:20

This week we’re going to return to Amazon’s Rings of Energy, as promised in the first post there have been a plethora of smaller believably and realism points with within the present that I needed to debate however which didn’t rise to the storytelling issues of these main points. These are the types of small points that many viewers could not discover (though some viewers very clearly did discover a lot of them) however which I believe add up over the course of a season to injure the suspension of disbelief and the viewers’s belief in logical consequence in the identical approach (although to not the identical diploma) because the a lot bigger issues of scale and social construction do. There was apparently such a plethora of smaller nitpicks that I’ve opted to separate this put up in two; this week we’ll cope with armor and smithing, whereas subsequent week we’ll cope with ships and ways.

As soon as once more earlier than we dive in I need to word that it’s advantageous in the event you nonetheless loved Rings of Energy; most audiences appear to have been upset, however I don’t need to take anybody’s pleasure from them. On the similar time, serious about failure is how we get success. There’s a frequent retort to this sort of evaluation that audiences don’t care or know what’s real looking and what isn’t and so the entire endeavor is pointless.

However I believe a detailed have a look at the way in which fiction – particularly visible depictions in fiction – have modified over time suggests the other: over time the emphasis positioned on verisimilitude and even realism has elevated. Evaluate, as an illustration, the costume work in Gladiator (2000), particularly the opening battle scene, with comparable ‘sword and sandal’ epics from the 1940s and 1950s in a single path and with HBO’s Rome (2005-7) or Netflix’s Barbarians (2020) within the different. After all there are initiatives that completely abandon any sense of realism, however for movies, video games and TV that need to really feel actual, the bar has been going up. Partially I believe this can be a product of data being a lot extra obtainable in our age, but additionally a product of realism being a strong marketing point: it’s one thing viewers worth.

Consequently, I believe that these sorts of critiques, whereas ‘nitpicky’ have some worth. Additionally they’re simply plain enjoyable and everyone knows it. So whereas these complaints of mine aren’t ‘story crucial’ and aren’t the ‘motive why Rings was dangerous,’ I believe they’re price speaking about.

And if you suppose that is price speaking about, you possibly can assist by sharing it or supporting this challenge on Patreon. Regardless of my dedication to nitpicking, I nonetheless haven’t matched Rings‘ completely wild finances of $57.75m per episode (or put up) so there’s nonetheless work to do to assist us attain that laudable purpose. And if you’d like updates every time a brand new put up seems, you possibly can click on beneath for electronic mail updates or comply with me on twitter (@BretDevereaux) for updates as to new posts in addition to my occasional historic historical past, international coverage or army historical past musings, assuming that, by the point this put up goes stay, there’s nonetheless a Twitter.

Issues with Scale (Armor)

You don’t know the way exhausting I discovered it, taking this continuation of the earlier put up’s joke part title theme and eradicating it for coherency and size. Alas!

We are able to begin with arms and armor, one among my favourite locations for nitpickery. There are a set of interrelated issues with the armor within the present, most of which come all the way down to consistency. On the one hand, armor costumes hardly ever do a superb job telling us a lot concerning the individuals and societies who produced them as a result of they’re not constant by the societies that made them. Then again the high quality of those costumes can be wildly inconsistent, with some trying rigorously crafted (typically regardless of being on display for less than moments) whereas others look very low cost. Lastly, this can be a setting which is comparatively low on implausible or magical issues, it’s comparatively grounded in comparison with some settings, so we’d anticipate the armor to thus be grounded as nicely, rooted in actual world designs, and the execution of that is additionally inconsistent.

Maybe the worst offender (which sadly will get a lot of screentime) is the odd Númenórean scale armor. Now scale armor was not essentially a foul concept right here (it might make for an fascinating visible motif connecting the seafaring Númenóreans with fish-scales, as an illustration), however there are two fast issues with this armor. First, it doesn’t appear structured like scale armor. The robust cording across the edges and inflexible spaulders make it appear like inflexible armor made to look like it’s composed of scales. The impact is barely elevated as a result of the backing is formed to offer it pectoral muscular tissues (and chests for ladies, which is doubly foolish). However that’s not how historic scale armor hangs on the physique. This can be a key distinction between scale armors and the associated types of lamellar and brigandine – within the latter the metallic plates (which can nonetheless be scale formed and sized) are hooked up to one another making a semi-rigid armor since every row of plates connects to the row each above and beneath. With scale armor in contrast – which is clearly what that is supposed to be, lamellar would look fairly totally different – every scale attaches to a backing materials. That materials is commonly natural (textile or leather-based) however we even have examples the place the scales have been linked by wire (primarily serving as sturdy thread) to a backing of mail, creating what is typically referred to as ‘plumed’ mail (or lorica plumata, a phrase not unique to the traditional world).

One of many photographs that reveals the armors from a wide range of angles. From behind you possibly can actually see clearly that these are inflexible breastplates embellished to look like scale armor somewhat than precise scale armor, however given the scale-armor-patterned shirts everybody wears beneath to cowl their arms, I believe we’re speculated to assume that is truly scale armor. Ultimately I don’t suppose the impact works.

In each circumstances that signifies that scale armor is much more versatile (with the draw back that the very flexibility of the scales signifies that a strike from beneath can move beneath them and thru the armor) and would thus grasp and form to the physique. This armor doesn’t do this. As a substitute as famous what this seems to be like are stable plates which are made to look like they’re made out of scales. And that’s additionally not a horrible concept besides that the actors are then additionally carrying scale-armor-print shirts beneath the armor which makes it clear that we’re to know a versatile scale armor protecting the entire of the higher physique, which this clearly isn’t.

The queen’s clearly bronze scale armor, in distinction to everybody else’s plastic-colored white armor. Her model can be essentially the most blatant instance of utilizing flat, printed sleeves to look to increase the armor over the arms. I’m not positive why the showrunners thought that resolution was adequate for a serious character who will get plenty of close-ups; it seems to be very low cost.

That is compounded by questions of fabric. What on earth is that this armor made out of? The queen’s armor seems to be prefer it is likely to be bronze, albeit much less nicely polished than I’d anticipate for royalty, however everybody else’s scale armor is made from this uninteresting off-white materials that appears like plastic or pressed foam, presumably as a result of it’s plastic or pressed foam. Certainly these items needs to be made from iron?

Now video video games and such typically play very quick and free with armor supplies, inventing all types of made up supplies for armor to be made out of, however keep in mind that Rings is kind of grounded: the invention of simply one legendary materials is a serious even and a giant plot-point. Tolkien’s bigger legendarium doesn’t have every other fantasy supplies past mithril: in any other case tools is made out of iron and metal for principally everybody. So this can be a setting, each for the present and the bigger Center Earth legendarium, the place I don’t suppose you possibly can play so quick and free inventing new supplies; if the Númenóreans have a bunch of fantasy metals to work with, these armors are the solely time we see them: every thing else seems to be to be iron and bronze.

Extra views of the totally not scale armor. Additionally you possibly can see clearly on the left how the ladies on this group have had their armor apparently formed to emphasise the bust. I’d be much less bothered by this if armor emphasizing sexual traits (large cod-pieces, and many others.) was merely a factor the Númenóreans did, but it surely appears as an alternative fairly selectively directed on the girls.

Extra broadly, the armor of the Númenóreans is dreadfully inconsistent. Earlier than embarking on the expedition, Elendil wears a bronze breastplate over a padded coat. The breastplate has some ‘muscle cuirass’ parts and a little bit of ornamental scale-work but it surely seems to be little just like the later scale armor we see; it lacks the scale-work over the entire armor, the pauldrons and in addition seems to be made from an precise metallic. It additionally seems to be form of low cost and awkward becoming, which is unusual as a result of within the present Elendil at the least appears to be an vital individual of the kind who might get his armor customized fitted. Elendil’s armor terminates on the pure waist with nothing to cowl his hips or groin (which is not a good way to armor an individual), however we see palace guards carrying what appears to be the identical armor however with a protracted skirt extension which is coloured equally to their breastplates however pretty clearly textile, although it has rivets in it. Now, the concept of ‘studded’ armor has a protracted half-life in fantasy, but it surely isn’t an actual factor; what was an actual factor was brigandine, which was composed of a set of riveted plates the place the rivets handed via the textile backing, creating that ‘thick shirt with rivets’ look that will get mistaken for ‘studded’ armor. But when these fellows are carrying brigandine (skirts?) that raises all types of different questions as a result of that’s not a form of armor we see anyplace else within the present. Why on earth is anybody carrying scale armor once they might have a way more efficient brigandine!?

Elendil’s earlier bronze breastplate. That is awkwardly badly becoming (it seems to be to be a tricky too large for him) and doesn’t function any form of extension over the groin (just like the bell of a bell cuirass or a fauld). THis can be a kind of examples the place, if the Númenóreans have been going to do armor that emphasised secondary sexual characters (like their boob-plate scale mail) we’d have put Elendil in something closer to a Greek muscle cuirass, with full pretend pecs and abs and really outlined musculature.

I believe the distinction right here with the armor of the Rohirrim from the movies is actually instructive. That armor isn’t at all times excellent however there’s a powerful consistency to it. The troopers put on scale with spaulders, whereas the the Aristocracy put on mail with cuir boulli or breastplates over it, with the armor at all times trailing down (normally as scales) in a skirt that covers the legs. The shapes of the spaulders are constant, the shapes of the helmets are constant, and the supplies used are constant (iron, with gilt decorations). There isn’t one fellow within the military randomly exhibiting up with armor made from bronze or twigs or what have you ever. As a substitute the supplies, the final form, and the essential rules are very constant so that you simply get the sense that these fellows have a tradition and that this tradition makes armor a sure approach.

In contrast take a look at the Men of Rohan, starting from the poorer basic levy-men in restricted armor to the king within the again together with his full harness of cuir bouilli and but everybody’s armor appears to come back from the identical tradition, utilizing the identical supplies and custom.

Additionally with valuable few exceptions every of these characters has only one set of armor that they put on for the complete set of movies. Which brings us to…

Character Stock

One protection of the present – that each one of those costumes are very costly and the finances simply couldn’t cowl all of them – doesn’t work for me for a single motive: Galadriel inexplicably has three full units of armor on this movie. Galadriel, as an illustration, initially wears a coat of mail in her opening motion scenes (frankly an odd alternative for a tradition that, as we see, makes use of plate armor quite a bit). She then modifications right into a set of very heavy trying alwyte plate that looks like parade armor for the boat experience. I don’t notably like this plate armor, by the by; it isn’t absurd (large pauldrons have been, at instances, a factor), however the lack of decrease protection on the legs or a fauld or tassets is actually unusual. The arm-harness reveals articulation, however then there’s none of it on the collar so nobody can evidently bend their neck or flip their heads, issues one desires to have the ability to do in a combat. Then she loses that armor and leads to Númenór the place they evidently make her (or she simply will get) a whole new set of armor for the ultimate sequence.

Galadriel: Armor I. That is, for my part, one of the best of her armors, a reasonably straight mail hauberk with some ornamental stars labored in among the many armor rings, and they need to have saved it for the entire present. These swords, nevertheless, are foolish, with large overwrought guards and broad blades regardless of ostensibly being one-handed weapons.

This looks like a personality in an MMORPG reaching into their ‘costumes’ menu or bottomless stock and simply choosing out the armor they need to use. The state of affairs together with her final set of armor, a mixture of plate and mail, is essentially the most absurd: that model of armor is fully inconsistent with the armor the Númenóreans make. The place did she get it? She washed up on ship with nothing however her garments so she actually didn’t deliver it together with her. And it seems to be to be made out of metal, a fabric the Númenóreans don’t appear to make use of to make armor. We’ve already mentioned how briskly and free the collection performs with timing questions in a second, however I’ve a tough time believing that the smiths in Númenór had time to whip up a customized armor in a method they’d by no means made earlier than with a fabric they don’t typically use within the days or even weeks that the expedition appears to have to organize.

Galadriel: Armor II.

In the meantime we now have poor Arondir, the elf soldier. First off, he’s given armor which seems to be made from wooden in a tradition that’s evidently succesful of manufacturing plate armor. Picket armor like this has change into one thing of a staple for elves in some fantasy settings (I blame Dwarf Fortress), however in opposition to opponents with iron weapons and mail armor (just like the orcs we see!) Arondir would have most likely been higher with an affordable layered textile protection (like a gambeson). There’s a motive wooden was by no means a lot used as armor in Eurasia: in opposition to metallic weapons it’s virtually nugatory for the burden. And but Arondir’s wood breastplate is lovingly carved and formed to his physique, with a face and leaf decorations, an amazing period of time and take care of armor that’s, once more, principally ineffective (but additionally seems to be commonplace difficulty for these elves).

A quick break from Galadriel Of Many Armors for Arondir, a person of only one armor and it’s inexplicably horrible. The Elves clearly have each textiles and metallic manufacturing, why on earth are these fellows in extremely embellished standard-issue wood armor?

However what is actually irritating is that that is once more a really distinctive form of armor. Solely Arondir and his troop of scouts have it. However then Arondir and his elf buddies get captured and stripped of their armor and I used to be pondering – ever hopeful as I’m – that this may be a chance to have Arondir borrow some human armor for the massive battle (after he escapes, pointedly with out his armor) which might parallel actually properly together with his rising attachment to the people. However no! As a substitute his outdated armor magically reappears as a result of as soon as once more we’re engaged on MMORPG logic the place for the ‘jail scene’ you don’t lose your superior degree 50 tremendous raid armor (as a result of that may suck) however the recreation simply prevents you from equipping it. The second you’re outdoors, you simply have to enter your stock and reequip all of that armor that has been in your pockets the entire time.

Galadriel Armor III. This was presumably produced for her in Númenór regardless of being made from a fabric (metal, it seems to be like) that they don’t use for armor, utilizing motifs (her star) that they don’t use on armor and in a sample (a full plate harness) that they have no idea find out how to make.

The choice, that this armor is simply getting churned out for these characters as they want it’s little higher, so let’s comply with that into…

Issues with Steel

Lengthy-time readers will know I’ve already achieved a protracted collection on pre-modern ironworking, so I’m going to imagine you all have the fundamentals and I can proceed straight into the whinging right here. Now metalworking scenes in movie and TV are typically horrible (far too many ‘casting of the swords’ scenes), so it could appear a bit unfair to single this present out because it not a very egregious offender. The issue with that’s that this present’s plot on this season facilities fully on an act of metal-working, the manufacturing of the Three Rings. Which means metal-working, metal-working abilities and every thing associated to them are central to this plot and thus vital to get proper.

And they don’t seem to be proper.

We get two main metalworking scenes: Halbrand making a sword (ep. 5) after which the creation of the rings (ep. 8). Let’s begin with the sword-making scene, which is by far the higher of the 2.

We don’t see the entire course of however somewhat just a few snippets in gradual movement which aren’t ‘casting the sword‘ horrible, however do have some issues. The fundamentals of what we see aren’t too far off for as soon as (I believe the explanation we don’t see Halbrand’s face within the precise hammering and quenching scenes is as a result of which may be an precise blacksmith working as a double). The hammering bit confuses me as a result of I’m unsure why we’re hammering the blade that approach; we must be drawing and bending, besides the blade is already curved and we now have the false edge flush in opposition to the anvil so no bending goes to happen. All we’re doing is upsetting the blade (thickening it) on the level of impression, in a spot the place we wish the blade to be skinny.

We then get a quenching scene, which skips lots of steps however the metallic seems to be to be the appropriate temperature for an preliminary quenching (orange-yellow scorching, so maybe 1000°C) which is about the appropriate temperature, although we’re additionally quenching it in what seems to be to be water somewhat than oil which, as I perceive the method dangers the blade cracking as a result of the metallic is in fact fairly skinny; oddly we instantly pull the blade again out earlier than it’s totally cooled, which to my information isn’t how quenching works. Lastly we get one run of a sharpening instrument and ‘ta-da’ the blade is finished and handed over for inspection. Besides the blade we get is bimetallic, with what seems to be engraved gilding (or bronzework?) alongside its decrease finish. That form of ornamental work would have been achieved by a distinct artisan, whereas the swordsmith would typically be answerable for becoming the guard, hilt and pommel to the sword, which has not been achieved right here. Nonetheless as smithing scenes go this one isn’t horrible in what it reveals; somewhat the context is what bothers me.

Not less than they didn’t soften or solid it. They’ll do this in a minute to a distinct ostensibly metal weapon, however at the least they didn’t do it right here!

For one, the impression we get is that that is all taking place in pretty brief order. The inspector appears to have been ready for Halbrand to complete, simply standing there. Producing a sword like this may not be so fast a job! As an illustration, in Iron for the Eagles (2002), D. Sim and I. Ridge report forging time for a gladius of 36 hours, 46 minutes, so most likely one thing like a 5 day job. Extra to the purpose, whereas we see lots of smithing right here and only a contact of sprucing, they word that the majority of that point (roughly 30 hours) was spent ending: submitting off extraneous materials, sharpening the blade after which sprucing the entire surfaces. This inspector fellow has apparently been simply standing round for days ready for Halbrand to complete!

The bigger downside I’ve is the social context: that is apparently a guild entrance examination. Halbrand is producing what we might time period a ‘masterwork’ so named as a result of it was a required step to turning into a ‘grasp’ (unbiased, guild-approved workshop proprietor/operator) in a guild. And at this level that’s simply nonsense! Guilds don’t provide entrance exams to anybody who simply reveals up as a result of the complete level of guilds was exclusivity, to block entry right into a closed market (on this see Ogilvie The European Guilds: An Economic Analysis). Normally a majority of recent guild members would have been shut kin of current members as a result of, once more, the purpose of a guild is to maintain individuals out. Furthermore attending to the stage of really producing a masterwork was a protracted course of requiring years as an apprentice after which journeyman, not merely for the aim of coaching however as a way to limit entry. The concept that this guild is simply going to supply such an elevated place to a random foreigner with no credentials or social attachment isn’t very plausible; it cuts in opposition to the very motive guilds existed.

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The guild consultant inspecting the sword. He shouldn’t be right here as a result of the way in which that guilds operate just about calls for excluding the random foreigner, but when he’s right here he needs to be amazed not by the craftsmanship however by the truth that Halbrand is clearly mendacity about his previous if he can produce this sword.

And that leads into the bigger downside which is that nobody is stunned that Halbrand is outwardly able to producing a masterwork sword. Sure, we the viewers know (or ultimately discover out) that it’s as a result of he isn’t who he appears, however everybody paying consideration ought to have figured that out immediately. The true world isn’t like Skyrim; knights and displaced nobles didn’t take up blacksmithing as a passion and also you couldn’t degree it as much as 100 in your spare time. Turning into an completed blacksmith who might produce a masterwork was a full time occupation that required a few years of coaching and observe. I believe the online game calls for of ‘crafting programs’ have in some methods distorted public notion right here: blacksmiths, armorers, swordsmiths, bowyers, and so forth – these have been specialist artisans with a life-long funding right into a single craft. Halbrand has simply uncovered himself in an apparent, flagrant form of approach and but nobody appears to note!

And but one way or the other that is the much less objectionable occasion of metal-working!

Issues with Rings

Let’s begin with the central conceit of this scene: Halbrand suggests the concept of utilizing an alloy to Celebrimbor as a approach of ‘amplifying’ the mithril and their dialog is only a mess. First, they proceed speaking about combining ores. An ore is a metal-bearing rock, not a metallic; one doesn’t alloy ores collectively however metals with different metals (and typically with non-metallic parts like carbon), however an ore is stuffed with all types of rubbish impurities you would wish to eliminate. Bronze isn’t an alloy of copper-ore and tin-ore, however of copper and tin.

Extra broadly, the way in which Halbrand presents the concept of alloys is nonsense; alloys aren’t a technique to side-step the rarity of sure sorts of metals (a lot much less ‘valuable’ metals and the instance he makes use of of valuable metals is iron, the most typical metallic), however a technique to get particular qualities out of the ensuing alloy. And we all know that Celebrimbor is aware of this as a result of the Elves very clearly use plenty of metal, which is an alloy of iron and carbon. We’ve additionally seen a good bit of bronze-work within the present (copper and tin). His instance can be nonsense including a ‘hint’ of nickel to iron to make it ‘stronger and lighter.’ There are alloys of nickel and iron (nickel is a part in stainless steels in addition to maraging metal) however the helpful ones require each a good quantity of nickel, not ‘traces,’ and in addition require different metals which might be a lot scarcer than the supposedly valuable metals he’s so frightened about. Chrome steel wants substantial quantities of chromium (and can be poorly suited to the issues individuals in this sort of society use metal for, like swords), whereas maraging metal is c. 20% nickel however requires cobalt, molybdenum and titanium. Good luck with that.

Then we bounce a bunch of scenes to the forge, which is for some inexplicable motive on the high of a tower (forges are heavy you set them on the bottom) and which explodes. Explosions aren’t about warmth, they’re about strain and no a part of pre-modern metalworking processes are achieved underneath strain so there isn’t any approach for them to blow up! They will catch fireplace (certainly, too robust a warmth could make even iron burn, which makes a multitude of its chemistry), however they received’t explode. Now Celebrimbor declares that he ‘used sufficient strain to fuse the heavens and the earth’ which explains the explosion however simply makes Celebrimbor an fool (the theme of all of his scenes) as a result of once more that’s…not how pre-modern metalworking works. Alloys aren’t pressed collectively, however somewhat heated and combined, since you want the secondary supplies to each be evenly distributed within the ensuing alloy however to additionally take specific places in the microscopic structure of the metal, which you’ll most actually not get by simply urgent actually exhausting.

As a result of how will the viewers know our Science isn’t working except we now have an ‘exploding lab’ pratfall which additionally doesn’t appear to really injure anybody even if a excessive strain vessel exploding in a confined area with plenty of staff is an extraordinarily harmful occasion that’s prone to kill fairly just a few individuals.

Celebrimbor’s realization on this scene is that perhaps brute drive isn’t the answer right here however that’s additionally an fool’s realization for a smith. Metalworking is a kind of crafts the place extra isn’t at all times higher. An excessive amount of warmth and iron burns, too speedy cooling and it cracks, an excessive amount of carbon and it turns into brittle. For the grasp smith of the setting to not have cottoned on to the notion that perhaps what he wants is a mild, exact set of circumstances is just foolish. I additionally discover it foolish on this scene that everybody is carrying plenty of protecting gear (gloves, aprons with metallic reinforcements, and many others.) as a result of anybody who has spent any time at throughout a standard blacksmith will know that they often don’t hassle with any of that and simply settle for plenty of little burns as a part of the job.

Celebrimbor everybody, ostensibly the world’s best and apparently dumbest craftsman. Additionally that bronze protecting plate is foolish but additionally reveals that Celebrimbor already is aware of how alloys work.

We then flash ahead once more to the Elves selecting three rings. This isn’t a smithing downside, it simply bothers me as a result of they undergo this complete ‘one corrupts, two divides, with three there’s steadiness’ bit as if there’s no different motive why a bunch of Elves may assume three is the appropriate quantity during which to make magical gemstone bearing rings, like there is likely to be some set of three, I don’t know, gems perhaps, that have been maybe vital to a few of these very Elves. And the worst half is they launched the concept of the three ring’s stones as Center Earth’s pale imitation of the Silmarils earlier on this very episode however then don’t use it right here. Additionally Celebrimbor ‘wants gold and silver from Valinor,’ and evidently Galadriel’s dagger is the one choice which is a bit odd as a result of Celebrimbor was born in Valinor and is the only inheritor of the Home of Fëanor. Certainly he has just a few tchotchkes left?

We bounce forward once more and the subsequent factor we see is Galadriel’s dagger being melted. Now melting gold and silver is ok, however presumably the blade of that dagger is metal (if the entire thing is silver, it could be a reasonably horrible dagger), which this little furnace of theirs is most actually not going to have the ability to soften and but there’s the blade melting complete as a result of we needed to have at the least one ‘casting of the sword‘ moments of stupidity, simply in reverse. The combination is then spun, which is the other of what you need right here: spinning goes to trigger the totally different supplies to separate by density, whereas you need them to combine evenly and so ought to stir, not spin the combination. The combination is then solid into tiny billets that are then labored and the gems (uncut for some motive?) are then positioned within the rings.

This could soften the gold and silver out of the dagger, positive, however the metal core of the particular blade needs to be extremely popular however unmelted.

Now I perceive that exhibiting the viewers a magical forging course of to supply magical rings is tough as a result of it depends on magical interactions that don’t exist in our world. And on the similar time this may be tough to jot down as a result of Halbrand wants to offer some key parts of the method for the plot to work (though I can’t assist however discover how the choice to play hide-the-Sauron with the plot has created this downside that the writers have then failed to unravel). However taking parts of actual world metallurgy and making a multitude of them actually doesn’t work.

And I believed that this may be it for Rings of Energy however this put up is already too lengthy and we haven’t but mentioned any of the particular battle scenes. So we’ll be again subsequent week for one final have a look at Rings of Energy and absolutely the mess that’s the present’s ways and one final have a look at the design of the present’s ships.

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