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fogus: Code Riffs

fogus: Code Riffs

2023-01-06 13:57:31

Code Riffs

Jan 6, 2023

As soon as upon a time I used to be deep into the MD/DC/VA space punk scene, and consider it or not I performed in my share of bands and took part in my share of punk exhibits — each within the crowd and typically even on stage. I look again on this time fondly, however to be trustworthy I can’t say that I ever contributed any music to the universe of music that was value listening to. That mentioned, whereas I can’t declare to have been a gifted song-writer, like many aspiring musicians I did uncover my fair proportion of riffs alongside the way in which.

A riff is an fascinating little musical phrase that one typically comes throughout while taking part in round with a guitar in an off-the-cuff style. Fairly often riffs kind the seeds of what turns into fully-realized songs. Generally these songs are good and typically they’re not, however normally they’re grown like crystals from the unique musical fragment discovered on the fret-board. For musicians, each training and aspiring, the riff represents a universe of potential out of which any variety of potential works of musical artwork could spawn.

A number of years in the past I devised a phrase that I known as Code Painting describing supply code that: advised a narrative, was often not typically helpful, was superbly summary, and created within the spirit of exploration. Not like a code portray, a code riff is extra atomic and sometimes addresses a singular notion. If I had been to characterize the attributes of a code riff then maybe the next will suffice:

  • A code riff exists impartial to a undertaking narrative
  • A code riff needn’t be helpful
  • A code riff is usually “discovered” throughout the act of playful programming or sprung forth from one’s thoughts
  • A code riff ought to be lovely, summary, and as amusing if potential
  • A code riff ought to invoke Huh? A ha! Ha ha! 1

In my time I’ve created my share of code riffs; some that impressed one thing extra and a few nonetheless ripe with potential. If you happen to’re fascinated about some code riffs then just a few can be found on Github as Tori Lisp, Evalive, and Unfix and moreover the break macro in chapter 17 of The Joy of Clojure.

Right here’s a Clojure code riff from a presentation that I gave a few years in the past known as “The Magnificent Seven”:

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(def NIL ((fn [x y] (if (= x y) x)) = (= = =)))

(def CAR (fn [[h & _]] h))
(def CDR  (fn [[_ & t]] t))

(def CONS
  (fn [h t]
    (fn ([] h)
        ([_] t))))

(def FIRST (fn [s] (s)))
(def REST (fn [s] (s NIL)))

;;=> 1

;;=> 2

Do you will have any code riffs to share?


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