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Forty years of programming

Forty years of programming

2023-10-08 16:55:09

Forty years of programming

Oct 8, 2023

Forty years of programming

I’m about to show forty-six. This implies I’ve been programming for forty years, half of them professionally. Throughout most of that point, I used a “normal” setup with 104 keyboard, a flat mouse, and a sitting desk.

My dwelling workstation circa 2011 (porting Doom III to mac)

Issues developed ten years in the past once I began to expertise ache in my forearms and shoulders once I programmed. Here’s what I did to unravel my drawback, it could work for another person.


Utilizing a vertical mouse improved issues so much. My favourite is the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4.

My work workstation circa 2015

Ultimately, I opted for the Magic Trackpad from Apple. It’s nice to change workspace with three fingers, zoom, and extra. Having it within the heart permits me to make use of it alternatively with my left and proper hand.

My dwelling workstation circa 2015

It was annoying to get the drivers for Linux/Home windows however now it’s all sorted out.


The primary ergonomic keyboard I attempted was the KINESIS Freestyle2. It allowed me to unfold every half as wanted, leading to horizontally straight wrist . Nevertheless, the usual Management, Shift, and Alt nonetheless required wrist gymnastics. Similar factor for Esc (I speak about VIM later) which required a left wrist twist. Additionally the tenting angle was too low.

I attempted the KINESIS Advantage2. I preferred the idea of getting so many thumb choices. However the mounted width was a step backward in comparison with the KINESIS Freestyle2.

The keyboard which has all of it for me is the Ergodox EZ. It may be as broad or slim as I want. And the customized firmware is a extremely customizable gem. Amongst many options, it will probably swap all keys into a distinct layer with a single keystroke. The silver bullet for me is the flexibility to have a key perform change should you preserve it pressed.

When you have a look at my layout you may see how capitalization (Shift) may be finished by sustaining pressed both D or Ok. All my symbols {, [, (, … are on one other layer obtainable from a single key maintained pressed.

My work keyboard in 2023

With the Ergodox EZ, my wrists by no means transfer. They’re at all times in a relaxation place, on all three axes. Zero ache and I can program all day.

Moreover, the Ergodox accepts {hardware} tuning, like DROP Carbon keycaps, customized cables by, and Brown Gateron G Pro.

Trivia: As a fan of IBM’s Mannequin M clicky keyboard, I attempted to construct my first Ergo utilizing Cherry MX Blue. That was high-quality for dwelling however made some coworkers upset. I like to recommend going for Cherry MX Crimson that are probably the most silent, or the Cherry MX Brown that are a great center floor between Blue and Crimson.


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As you’ll have guessed my purpose is to maneuver my fingers and twist my wrists as little as potential. That may be an issue to navigate a program since most IDEs require clicking by way of the mouse. Fortunately, most editors have a VIM mode which lets you transfer throughout a file, goto definition, return, all that with out utilizing the mouse.


Standing up improves my posture. I do not slouch once I stand. So I constructed a motorized standing desk with Topsky legs and a House Depot butcher counter top.

My dwelling desk, on the time used for wonderful Diablo 2 Resurrected adventures

The three place reminiscence enable to change from standing to seating inside a couple of seconds. And I attempt to alternate through the day.


I take a break each from time to time and do a bunch of Wall Angel.

Meditation in movement

I handle my stress stage by disconnecting from work once I go away it. Mountain climbing works effectively for me. You may’t consider the rest if you climb. It’s a good way to show off a mind that retains on having nice optimization concepts when it’s not the time anymore.


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