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Frutiger Aero (also called Internet 2.0 Gloss) is a broad design fashion and aesthetic that was prevalent in promoting, media, inventory imagery and expertise from roughly 2004 to 2013, following the tip of the Y2K period and overlapping with the McBling, Surf Crush, and ElectroPop 08 aesthetics. It’s characterised by its huge use of Skeuomorphism, shiny textures, cloudy skies, tropical fish, water, bubbles, glass, lens flare, sprawling patterns, “humanism”, aero glass, bokeh, Frutiger fonts, Abstract Tech, auroras and shiny, vibrant colours (often greens and blues).

This aesthetic was initially unnamed on the time, being extra related to particular kinds (e.g., Windows Aero, iOS’s skeuomorphic icons, and the visuals of Mirror’s Edge and Spore) quite than a broader aesthetic. Some referred to it as “Internet 2.0 Gloss” through the time when the aesthetic was mainstream, nevertheless it was principally used as an adjective to explain the shiny parts of Frutiger Aero quite than the aesthetic as a complete. The time period “Frutiger Aero” was coined in 2017 by Sofi Lee of the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute and went viral in 2022, resulting in renewed curiosity within the aesthetic. Frutiger Aero comprises many sub-aesthetics/related aesthetics; these embrace, however will not be restricted to: Frutiger Metro, Technozen, Frutiger Eco, and Helvetica Aqua Aero.

Frutiger Aero is called after Adrian Frutiger (who created the Frutiger fonts generally used alongside Frutiger Aero) and Home windows Aero (the UI theme of Windows Vista/7), which unfold outward and influenced many different corporations’ design decisions the period.

Historical past[]

Primitive Levels (2001-2004)[]

Frutiger Aero has roots in 2001 to 2004 builds of Microsoft‘s Windows Longhorn (later renamed Windows Vista) and the skeuomorphic design of Mac OS X, which itself was derived from early variations of iMovie. Over time, the “Plex” theme was up to date, the earliest “Windows Aero” glass borders (although they had been technically not true Home windows Aero) had been launched, the glossier “Slate” theme changed the Plex theme, and full Aero results had been launched in Home windows Explorer and Web Explorer by way of the Desktop Window Supervisor (although a registry modification was wanted to make the OS’s whole UI Aero). Because the zeitgeist of the 1990s was fading with occasions such because the Dot-com Bubble Burst, the September 11th Attacks, and the War on Terror, Frutiger Aero started to emerge and ultimately overtake Y2K because the dominant aesthetic of its time as a result of distinguished cultural shift that was occurring through the Early-2000s.

Mainstream Adoption (2004-2007)[]

The mainstreaming of Frutiger Aero started in Late-2004 with the releases of Home windows Media Participant 10 (that includes design concepts present in Longhorn), the Seventh Generation of Video Game Consoles, the PlayStation Portable (XrossMediaBar, in improvement for the reason that PSX in 2003), and Apple’s iPod “Silhouette” promoting marketing campaign (Funky Seasons). Frutiger Aero started to turn into extra widespread in 2005 and 2006, with the discharge of Home windows XP Media Heart Version 2005, Longhorn Construct 5048 (the primary construct the place the system’s whole UI was Aero), Home windows Vista Beta 1, the Xbox 360 (Blades Dashboard), Nintendo DS Lite, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. By 2007, with the discharge of Windows Vista (retail model), the primary iPhone (iPhone OS 1.0), and Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), Frutiger Aero was utterly established.

Prime (2007-2012)[]

Throughout Frutiger Aero‘s prime, most promoting, media, inventory imagery and expertise launched throughout this time embodied the aesthetic or was closely influenced by it. Frutiger Aero additionally shares similarities with the Y2K aesthetic and is taken into account its successor, because it shares an analogous shiny and shiny futuristic look, albeit in a extra refined, corporate type. It was additionally concurrent with the McBling, Surf Crush, and ElectroPop 08 aesthetics, and overlaps with them with various levels. Throughout this time, varied sub-aesthetics started to come up as a result of Frutiger Umbrella turning into more and more broad in nature.

Decline (2012-2017)[]

In 2012, the skeuomorphic look of Frutiger Aero (i.e. Windows 7) began to fade in favor of the Flat Design look (i.e. Windows 8/10). Nintendo’s Wii U (2012) was the final videogame console that used Frutiger Aero in full. Nevertheless, the Wii U was a industrial failure, solely promoting 13.56 million items, additional contributing to Frutiger Aero’s demise. In some instances, corporations switched first to Frutiger Metro, then to Flat Design. By 2013, Frutiger Aero had began to be overshadowed by Flat Design, the discharge of iOS 7 being probably the most main instance of this. In 2017, a minimalist internet/tech aesthetic appeared generally known as Corporate Memphis, formally symbolising the loss of life of Frutiger Aero. Nevertheless, there are nonetheless some areas the place Frutiger Aero remains to be used immediately, particularly in retail containers for medical and cleansing merchandise, in addition to faculty textbooks.

Neo-Aero (2021-present)[]

The time period “Frutiger Aero” was coined by Sofi Lee of the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute in 2017, resulting in a gradual enhance in curiosity within the aesthetic. Since 2021-2023, it has made a slight comeback by way of TikTok movies within the type of nostalgia, the hashtag “#frutigeraero” getting used over 30 million instances[1]. That is just like the Y2K revival, an analogous phenomenon that occurred through the Mid/Late-2010s. Provided that Y2K has been present process a preferred resurgence for the reason that Mid/Late-2010s with Neo-Y2K, it is usually doubtless a “Neo-Aero” motion is presently underway or will likely be underway sooner or later. That is an instance of the “20-year nostalgia cycle”, as Frutiger Aero started triggering mass-nostalgia for folks round 18 years after its emergence.


Key parts of UIs that use Frutiger Aero embrace linear gradients (sometimes seen on buttons and navigation bars), bloom/glow, and a shine/sheen on many parts in effort of constructing them look 3D and reasonable. Frutiger Aero visuals, at first look, may be mistaken for merely being the Y2K aesthetic in motion, however the greatest distinction is that the pictures are likely to have higher-definition visuals and fewer primitive 3D visuals in comparison with most Y2K imagery (largely as a consequence of Frutiger Aero rising simply as HD video started to turn into well-liked). The visuals of Frutiger Aero considerably lack the “something goes” mentality usually related to the Y2K aesthetic (i.e. the “Green Head” of Windows ME’s Media Player), going for extra of a refined look. The Frutiger Aero look is commonly thought of the “midway level” between the busyness of the Y2K period and the minimalism of the Flat Design/Corporate Memphis period. Widespread motifs related to Frutiger Aero are Skeuomorphism, shiny textures, “humanism”, use of nature, bokeh, bubbles, Frutiger fonts, glass, and auroras. Some Frutiger Aero designs prominently use the colour blue to imitate the ocean or to resemble Abstract Tech, whereas others go for a green, more nature-like approach.

Subgenres & Associated Aesthetics[]

Principal article: Frutiger Family

The Frutiger time interval encompassed the zeitgeist of the Mid-2000s (2004) to the Early-2010s (2013). Frutiger Aero and its related aesthetics/subgenres encompassed and dominated promoting, inventory imagery, expertise, internet design, branding, and media through the interval it was mainstream. The Frutiger period succeeded the Y2K period and preceded the Flat Design period, usually being thought of the center floor between the 2. Frutiger Aero itself is more and more broad main the web to assigning sub-categories to it to raised perceive it and its intricacies.


Frutiger Eco[]

Principal article: Frutiger Eco

Frutiger Aero photos centered round environmentalism and nature have come to be generally known as Frutiger Eco. Frutiger Eco is a broad sub-aesthetic of Frutiger Aero. It focuses on renewable power, dwelling in concord with nature, whereas additionally incorporating futuristic themes and structure centered round nature and sustainability. Frutiger Eco was a preferred aesthetic prevalent in photos, promoting, graphic design, and many others., of the Mid-2000s and Early-2010s that attempted to unfold consciousness of local weather change whereas additionally encouraging optimism within the type of photos portraying a utopian, eco-friendly and superior future; these motifs are just like Solarpunk and Cyberparadism. Frutiger Eco is separated from these aesthetics because it extra falls in-line with the visuals and historical past and of Frutiger Aero. Frutiger Eco’s identify comes from its father aesthetic, Frutiger Aero, and the prefix (not used as a prefix on this context) “eco“, that means ecology or the setting.

Helvetica Aqua Aero[]

Principal article: Helvetica Aqua Aero

Helvetica Aqua Aero (also called Frutiger Aqua, Aquacore, Low Frutiger, or just Helvetica Aqua) is a Frutiger Aero and Y2K sub-aesthetic characterised by its use of images associated to the ocean, the ocean and seashores. Widespread imagery embrace aqua life, bubbles, water, aquatic colours and different key parts of the ocean. Helvetica Aqua combines this with shared parts of Y2K and Frutiger Aero reminiscent of gloss, futurism, 3D rendered objects, Early-2000s imagery, and gradients. Attributable to this, it’s thought of the midway level between Y2K (1997-2004) and Frutiger Aero (2004-2013).

Frutiger Aurora[]

Principal article: Frutiger Aurora

Frutiger Aurora is a subgenre of Frutiger Aero that focuses on the aurora visible; an aurora is a pure gentle show in Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude areas (across the Arctic and Antarctic). Auroras show dynamic patterns of sensible lights that seem as curtains, rays, spirals, or dynamic glints masking your complete sky. Frutiger Aurora emerged within the Early-2000s in the direction of the tip of the Y2K period and maintained it is recognition into the Early-2010s.

Dark Aero[]

Principal article: Dark Aero

Darkish Aero, also called Mata Nero or Frutiger Ego, is a sub-genre of Frutiger Aero well-liked from c. 2006-2015. Darkish Aero makes use of a darker coloration palette contrasting the depth-filled colourful motifs attribute of Frutiger Aero. This gave the aesthetic a extra simplistic look, which result in it nonetheless getting used after Frutiger Aero’s decline. One other one among Darkish Aero’s essential signature traits is aero glass. Darkish Aero may be described as the center floor between Frutiger Aero and Skeuomorphism as a consequence of its Frutiger Aero-esque imagery mixed with Skeuomorphism‘s coloration palette. While Frutiger Aero was extra generally used for mass market and industrial merchandise, Darkish Aero centered on high-end and enterprise-oriented gadgets and companies. Darkish Aero was additionally generally used for for contemporary tech reminiscent of smartphones, computer systems, TVs, vehicles, and many others.


Principal article: Technozen

Technozen (also called Techno Kawaii Zen, or alternatively Yuki) is an aesthetic primarily impressed by the aesthetics of Mid/Late-2000s Japanese expertise. It may be described as chilly, sterile, {and professional} wanting, and on the identical time, cozy, pleasant, and cute. It’s the Japanese counterpart of Frutiger Aero and it’s described as a sub-aesthetic of it; nevertheless, Technozen is essentially evocative of Asian design whereas Frutiger Aero is extra world. Technozen was additionally well-liked within the realm of music, examples together with the Wii Main Menu Music (2006) and Golden Sky by Jan Cyrka (2008) featured within the “A Day Made of Glass” movies.

Funky Seasons[]

Principal article: Funky Seasons

Funky Seasons (also called 4 Colours) was a regularly used coloration scheme present in shopper merchandise and shopper expertise through the Mid-2000s to the Early-2010s, first primarily seen round 2004 as part of Apple’s iPod “Silhouette” promoting marketing campaign. It’s a subgenre of Superflat Pop and Frutiger Aero and prominently consists of the colours electrical lime, sky blue, sizzling pink and neon orange. The unique identify, in response to the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute, is 4 Colours. Funky Seasons is well-liked in Japan with shops and types reminiscent of Daiso, Sony and Fujifilm. Funky Seasons‘ coloration palette can be famous as being a reference to the colours of various seasons in Japan, particularly: Pink = Spring, Inexperienced = Summer season, Orange = Autumn, and Blue = Winter.


Principal article: DORFic

DORFic (also called Sunshine Polypunk or PolySunk) is an aesthetic that includes Abstract Tech-esque minimalist imagery that was well-liked from the Mid/Late-2000s to the Mid-2010s. DORFic is an acronym for daylight, orange, futurism, and the final 4 letters of the phrase “graphic” (simplified to “Fic“). This aesthetic is a subgenre of Frutiger Aero, Summary Tech, and may be in comparison with Stecffism (Frutiger Eco subgenre) as a consequence of their shared factor of being corporate.


Principal article: Vectorgarden

Vectorgarden (previously generally known as Floral Metro) is a subgenre of Vectorflourish, Frutiger Aero, and Frutiger Metro. It’s characterised by minimalist summary flourish patterns, flowers, auroras, butterflies, bubbles, as nicely by the heavy use of gradients, clear, and shiny textures. Vectorgarden was well-liked between the Mid-2000s and Early-2010s, sharing a number of overlap with Frutiger Aero since they share a lot of their visible motifs reminiscent of humanism, nature, auroras, and shiny textures.

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Associated Aesthetics[]

Bright Tertiaries[]

Principal article: Bright Tertiaries

Brilliant Tertiaries is a broad aesthetic, graphic design fashion and inside design fashion originating within the Mid-2000s alongside modern and visually related aesthetics reminiscent of Frutiger Aero, Frutiger Metro, and Funky Seasons. It was used for a number of functions (principally by corporations), being extremely well-liked throughout its era. It was utilized for inside décor, structure, graphic design, clothes, shopper electronics, and media. Brilliant Tertiaries is primarily centered round a tertiary coloration palette (lime inexperienced, fuchsia, orange, and teal). It started to fall out of mainstream use within the early 2010s, design traits experiencing a significant shift from Frutiger-esque maximalist designs to Minimalistic philosophies reminiscent of Flat Design.

Frutiger Metro[]

Principal article: Frutiger Metro

Frutiger Metro (also called Flat Frutiger Aero, Vector Metro, or Vector Vomit) is a broad aesthetic that encompasses the “Frutiger” vector-based graphic designs of the 2000s. These designs share loads similarities with Frutiger Aero and different aesthetics of the time. Not like Frutiger Aero which comprises massive quantities of depth and texture, Frutiger Metro is flat. Its identify comes from it is cousin-aesthetic, Frutiger Aero, which it bears a heavy resemblance to; the second a part of it is identify, Metro, is derived from the Metro design language created by Microsoft which was utilised in Windows 8 (Frutiger Metro’s most distinguished look). That is just like Frutiger Aero being named after Windows Aero (featured in Windows 7). Some think about it a sub-aesthetic of Frutiger Aero, nevertheless, Frutiger Metro’s more and more broad nature distinguishes it from Frutiger Aero and establishes it as an aesthetic in its personal proper.


Not like with the Y2K aesthetic of the Late-1990s and early 2000s, which motion pictures, TV, music, and video video games of a science-fiction persuasion had been primarily based round, there was much less overlap between this aesthetic and well-liked tradition. It was and is principally a company design philosophy. The Hexatron aesthetic, with its deal with darkish surfaces, UI and the massive emphasis on blue coloration, ultimately edged out Frutiger Aero to turn into extra well-liked.


  • One Life to Stay (1968-present) (2007-2014 episodes solely)
  • All My Kids (1970-present) (2007-2014 episodes solely)
  • Teletubbies (1997-2001)
  • Make Approach for Noddy (2002-2006)
  • Boohbah (2003-2006)
  • LazyTown (2004-2007)
  • Johnny Take a look at (2005-2014) (2021-2022 episodes solely)
  • Robotboy (2005-2008)
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006-2016)
  • Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (2006-2010)
  • iCarly (2007-2012)
  • Two and a Half Males (2003-2015)
  • Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015)
  • The Recent Beat Band (2009-2013)
  • Fishtronaut (2009-2015)
  • Fantasy Island (2011)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)
  • Bubble Guppies (2011-2023)
  • Sam & Cat (2013-2014)
  • Beginner and the Disasternauts (2013)
  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (2013-2015)


  • Robots (2005)
  • Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (2006)
  • Meet the Robinsons (2007)
  • Bee Film (2007)
  • CJ7 (2008)
  • Wall-E (2008)
  • Astro Boy (2009)
  • Avatar (2009)
  • Despicable Me (2010)
  • Mars Wants Mothers (2011)
  • Automobiles 2 (2011)
  • The Lorax (2012)
  • Tomorrowland (2015)
  • Passengers (2016)
  • Free Man (2021)
  • Avatar: The Approach of Water (2022)
  • Elemental (2023)

Tabletop Video games[]

Video Video games[]

Due to its shiny and minimal design, Frutiger Aero was closely utilized in informal play videogames reminiscent of Wii Play and Purble Place. Portal, Mirror’s Edge, Spore, and The Sims 2 & 3 are notable and well-liked examples of the aesthetic within the AAA gaming world (the latter three being printed by Digital Arts). Engines like Unreal Engine (utilized in Mirror’s Edge) and the Supply Engine (used to create Half-Life, Portal, Garry’s Mod, TF2 and many others.) regularly employed design parts just like Frutiger Aero.

  • Lumines sequence (2004-2018)
  • Kingdom Hearts sequence (2002-present)
  • WarioWare sequence (2003-2021)
  • Electroplankton (2005)
  • Good Darkish Zero (2005)
  • Nintendogs (2005-2011)
  • Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • “Wii” sequence (2006-2014)
  • Purble Place (2007)
  • Tremendous Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 (2007 & 2010)
  • Portal 1 & 2 (2007 & 2011)
  • The World Ends With You (2007)
  • Mario Kart Wii (2008)
  • Mirror’s Edge (2008)
  • My Aquarium (2008)
  • Ps Residence (2008)
  • Spore (2008)
  • .detuned (2009)
  • EyePet (2009)
  • Flower (2009)
  • Vegetation vs. Zombies (2009)
  • Minecraft (2009)
  • The Sims 3 (2009)
  • Last Fantasy XIII subseries (2009-2013)
  • LittleBigPlanet sequence (2009-present)
  • Hatsune Miku: Challenge DIVA (2009-present)
  • Aerox (2010)
  • Artwork of Stability (2010)
  • Blur (2010)
  • Create (2010)
  • Destiny/EXTRA (2010)
  • Sonic Colours (2010)
  • Tumble (2010)
  • Kinectimals (2010)
  • Kinect Adventures! (2010)
  • Kinect Sports activities (2010-2011)
  • Anno 2070 (2011)
  • Baby of Eden (2011)
  • Mario Kart 7 (2011)
  • Dance Dance Revolution (2011)
  • Binary Area (2012)
  • Journey (2012)
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (2012)
  • Pikmin 3 (2013)
  • SimCity (2013)
  • Subnautica (2014)
  • Anno 2205 (2015)
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2016)
  • P.A.M.E.L.A. (2020)
  • WeFly (Cancelled)

Web sites[]

  • ToonTown On-line (2001-2013)
  • Webkinz (2005-present)
  • Animal Jam Traditional (2010-present)
  • YouTube (2005-present)
  • MySpace (2003-present)
  • Moshi Monsters (2008-2019)


Parts of Frutiger Aero are scattered round web fiction, too. For instance,
the Zoeific Biopolity from Orion’s Arm doesn’t have one aesthetic, on condition that many trillions of individuals reside in it, however its brand could possibly be thought of Frutiger Aero. It’s an authoritarian surveillance capitalist empire primarily based on environmentalism and 2000s-era right-wingers.

One other instance is Homestuck‘s Jade Harley, a personality who likes nature and expertise, just like Frutiger Aero’s core philosophy.


This aesthetic was used within the expertise and visible design of the time, and is commonly related to iOS 1 to six and the early days of Internet 2.0.

  • PlayStation Moveable (2004-2011)
  • Xbox 360 (2005-2013)
  • Gizmondo (2005-2006)
  • Nintendo DS Lite (2006)
  • PlayStation 3 (2006-2017)
  • Nintendo Wii (2006-2017)
  • Nintendo Wii U (2012-2017)
  • Intel-based iMac (2006-2020)
  • Home windows Vista (2007-2017)
  • Home windows Cell 6.0-6.5 (2007-2009)
  • LG Sensible TV “NetCast” working system (2007-2014)
  • iOS 1-6 (2007-2014)
  • iPhone 1 – iPhone 4S (2007-2011)
  • Mac OS X 10.5-10.9 (2007-2013)
  • PlayStation 2 Tremendous Slim fashions (2008-2013)
  • Leapfrog Didj (2008-2010)
  • Nintendo DSi (2008-2010)
  • Samsung Sensible TV “Orsay” working system (2008-2012)
  • Android 1.0-4.4 (2008-2013)
  • Zeebo (2009-2011)
  • Home windows 7 (2009-2020)
  • Samsung Galaxy S (2010)
  • PlayStation Vita (2011-2019)
  • Nintendo 3DS (2011-2020)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II-Notice (2011)
  • Samsung Galaxy S III-Notice II (2012)
  • Nintendo Wii U (2012-2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4-Notice 3 (2013)
  • HP OfficeJet printers (Nineteen Nineties-2015)
  • Furby (2012)


  • YouTube (2005-2013)
  • Bing Consumer Interface (2023)
  • Droid Razr M XT907 wallpapers (2014)
  • 10.5 Leopard wallpapers (2007)
  • Water pc mice
  • BMW Imaginative and prescient EfficientDynamics (2008)
  • Nissan Townpod (2010)
  • Toyota FT-CH Idea (2010)
  • Daihatsu Pico Idea (2011)
  • Toyota Enjoyable-Vii Idea (2012)


See additionally: Technozen (Music)

It may be troublesome to discern what sort of music falls underneath the Frutiger Aero class and is in the end as much as interpretation. Examples of sounds and music that could possibly be thought of to be a part of the style present up throughout promoting and media from 2004-2013. Pay attention to the sounds utilized in video games, motion pictures and tv exhibits of the time just like the basic iPhone ringtone and the Wii Menu Theme. The Wii Menu Theme specifically can fall underneath the Technozen subgenre. The sounds current in 2004-2013 popular culture in addition to fashionable examples of Frutiger Aero adjoining music embrace marimbas, piano, violins, chimes, synths, samples, distortion, velocity and pitch adjustments (nightcore & daycore), bitcrush, MIDI and heavy bass. Genres like Vaporwave, Trance, Techno, EDM, Ambient, Synthpop, Electroclash, Digital Hardcore, Hyperpop, Bubblegum Bass, PC Music, Vocaloid, Utopian Digital, Seapunk, Cloud Rap, Jungle, DnB, and Breakcore all have songs that resonate sonically with Frutiger Aero‘s aesthetic.

The resurgence in Frutiger Aeros recognition within the Early-2020s led many musical artists to launch work impressed by the aesthetic. Most of those albums fall underneath one of many genres listed above



Songs & Singles[]


Music Movies[]



Home windows’ acknowledgement of Frutiger Aero[]

Some consider Home windows 11 is expounded to Frutiger Aero or comprises a successor-aesthetic (Glassmorphism), as seen on this promotional materials. In August 2023, a TikTok post specifically about the aesthetic was posted on the official Windows TikTok account.

Wikipedia’s acknowledgement of Frutiger Aero[]

Ukrainian Wikipedia article[]

On Ukrainian Wikipedia (, a totally fledged article has appeared describing Frutiger Aero, together with a historical past, visuals, and listing of makes use of part.

Home windows Aero article (“Legacy” part)[]

Within the “Legacy” part of the Windows Aero Wikipedia article, Frutiger Aero is acknowledged to have existed. The part contains a small description of the aesthetic.


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