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Geometry Central

2023-04-15 07:34:30

Geometry-central is a contemporary C++ library of information buildings and algorithms for geometry processing, with a specific give attention to floor meshes.

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Options embrace:

  • A sophisticated floor mesh class, with environment friendly assist for mesh modification, and a system of containers for associating information with mesh parts.
  • Implementations of canonical geometric portions on surfaces, starting from normals and curvatures to tangent vector bases to operators from discrete differential geometry.
  • A set of highly effective algorithms, together with computing distances on floor, producing course fields, and manipulating intrinsic Delaunay triangulations.
  • A coherent set of sparse linear algebra instruments, based mostly on Eigen and augmented to mechanically make the most of higher solvers if obtainable in your system.


// Load a mesh
std::unique_ptr<SurfaceMesh> mesh;
std::unique_ptr<VertexPositionGeometry> geometry;
std::tie(mesh, geometry) = readSurfaceMesh("spot.obj"); 

// Compute vertex areas
VertexData<double> vertexAreas(*mesh);

for(Vertex v : mesh->vertices()) {
  double A = 0.;
  for(Face f : v.adjacentFaces()) {
    A += geometry->faceAreas[f] / v.diploma();
  vertexAreas[v] = A;

For extra, see the tutorials. To get began with the code, see building. Use the sample project to get began with a construct system and a gui.

A introductory discuss on geometry-central was given at SGP 2020, test it out to get began:

Bindings & Plugins:

When you’re interested by creating extra bindings/plugins, be at liberty to achieve out!

Associated alternate options:
Polygon Mesh Processing Library,


See Also

Geometry-central is developed by Nicholas Sharp, with many contributions from
Keenan Crane,
Yousuf Soliman,
Mark Gillespie,
Rohan Sawhney,
Chris Yu,
and plenty of others.

If geometry-central contributes to an educational publication, cite it as:

  title={GeometryCentral: A contemporary C++ library of information buildings and algorithms for geometry processing},
  writer={Nicholas Sharp and Keenan Crane and others},
  12 months={2019}

Improvement of this software program was funded partly by NSF Award 1717320, an NSF graduate analysis fellowship, and presents from Adobe Analysis and Autodesk, Inc.

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