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Google search partial outage whereas rolling out new search?

Google search partial outage whereas rolling out new search?

2023-04-18 20:03:45

I searched for a specific string I copied out of a log file.

Google returned only one result and under it where it usually says what parts of your query it ignored to allow this result through it just had my entire query in full.

So basically I said “find me this” and Google went “I can’t find that, here’s something completely random from the internet that has nothing to do with anything”

Just searched for Docker Swarm, and got [0] one “People also ask” card, one section for images, some related searched, and a button that says “More Results” that doesn’t work. Moreover, the formatting of the CSS in the footer also looks weird. Seems like there’s definitely been some issue with the deployment.

Edit: using brave and chrome on an Intel Mac, same results for both.


Well I mean it’s not down, it’s just… broken.

Kind of like when your’re nodding off and someone asks if you’re asleep. “No,” you say, and have no memory of it the next day.

I was literally in the process of searching for comparisons about MSFT vs Google search dominance as it relates to GPT when this happened. I thought I was using specific queries that were giving me intentionally worse results. Wow! I have never seen a Google outage prior to this. It better be one hell of an update or the writing on the wall is becoming clear.

Is it far fetched to say that OpenAI is behind this panic at Google?

Well Google has been really good for better part of its time but they have been slacking for few years. I think it’s good that OpenAI rocked their boat.

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I am doing research on a product I want to buy, and it’s just showing buy-now ads. It used to do that right before the regular searches, but now it’s buy-now ads, all the way down.

When this settles down, I’m pretty sure search is going to show worst results when it comes to specific questions, and will instead show more generalized results. That’s going to be hell for anyone still writing a blog.

Same here. When I’m logged into my account, the results are empty, but in incognito mode everything is fine. First, I thought it was one of my extensions, but now I see other people have this too.

The results displayed (when it works) seem to be cards which contain results subsets of similar searches. Which is kind of bizarre. Not displaying websites that match the actual search terms is a radical change in functionality. I assume this is the result of some misguided attempt to integrate LLMs into search. Guess we’ll see.

What a jumbled mess!

It’s just throwing whatever media it has on any topic you input so it splatters the SERPs with normal results (links), images, video, news, “cards”, etc… It hurts!

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