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Information to Discovering Lemmy Communities (Subreddits)

Information to Discovering Lemmy Communities (Subreddits)

2023-06-11 11:55:57

This text will present reddit refugees tips on how to simply search-for and subscribe-to to standard lemmy subreddits communities throughout all lemmy cases.

tl;dr use the Lemmy Community Browser

Lemmy is a federated reddit various that began in 2019. Due to funding from NLNet, Open Collective, Patreon, and Librapay, the undertaking has two full-time builders.

How To Find Lemmy Communities

In contrast to Reddit, all of Lemmy’s code is open-source below the AGPL.


In 2008, Reddit launched an API that allowed third-party purchasers to make use of Reddit. This API has been free for 14 years.

In April 2023, Reddit announced that they might start charging to be used of their API, beginning simply 3-months later. This made headlines when one developer calculated that reddit’s proposed price construction would price them $20 million per year. Because of this, hottest reddit apps together with Apollo, RIF, ReddPlanet, and Sync are all shutting down in July.

In protest, a whole lot thousands of subreddits are collaborating in a reddit blackout on June twelfth.

On the time of writing, all of the apps nonetheless work and protest hasn’t even began but, however already 1000’s of reddit refugees have flocked to lemmy — at a fee of about 2,000 new customers per day. And since lemmy is federated, quite a few new cases have appeared, so the community has dealt with the sudden reddit-to-lemmy migration surprisingly effectively.

Chart shows exponential growth of lemmy users

Since Reddit introduced their API modifications, lemmy customers has exploded by ~2,000 new customers per day

So that you’re fed-up with Reddit and need an alternate? Step one, in fact, is to register an account.

Decide a Lemmy Occasion

Lemmy is a bit totally different from Reddit in that it is federated (by way of ActivityPub). Because of this, not like reddit, there is not a single firm that has complete management of the Lemmy. And it implies that, like Mastodon, anybody can run their very own lemmy server.

So the very first thing that you must do is choose a Lemmy occasion the place to register your account. Do not overthink this. It would not matter which occasion you utilize. You may nonetheless have the ability to work together with communities (subreddits) on all different cases, no matter which occasion your account lives ????

For a listing of cases, see my GitHub repo awesome-lemmy-instances. Simply click on on one a number of down from the highest.

Create Lemmy Account

After you’ve got loaded your lemmy instance-of-choice in your internet browser, click on ‘Signal Up‘ on the top-right of the Lemmy web site.

Screenshot of with the "Sign Up" link highlighted

To create an account in lemmy, click on the ‘Signal Up‘ button within the top-right of the web site

To mitigate spam, most lemmy cases require new person accounts to be explicitly accredited. This will likely take a couple of minutes or a number of hours.

Within the meantime, go for a stroll, learn via the official Lemmy documentation, or flick thru all of the obtainable Lemmy Subreddits Communities when you wait.

Discover Subreddits Communities

In lemmy, subreddits are known as “communiites”. Every occasion has many communities. Generally, you may subscribe, remark, vote, and publish new hyperlinks to communities from any lemmy occasion to another lemmy occasion.

One of the best ways to search out communities is with the Lemmy Community Browser run by Feddit.

Screenshot of Feddit's "Lemmy Community-Browser" homepage with a search bar at the top and listings for the most popular Lemmy Communiites below (technology, lemmy, gaming, memes)

The Lemmy Community Browser permits you to see the entire Subreddits Communities on Lemmy, ordered by hottest

The Lemmy Community Browser reveals you all lemmy communities throughout all lemmy cases, sorted by reputation.

Scroll-down the listing to search out standard lemmy communities. Or seek for the title of your favourite subreddit. As soon as you discover one you are focused on, click on the hyperlink to go to the lemmy neighborhood.

If the neighborhood you’d wish to subscribe-to is “native” (that’s — it lives on the identical lemmy occasion as your account lives), then you may simply click on the “Subscribe” button. But when the neighborhood is “distant” (that’s — it lives on a totally different lemmy occasion than your account does, then that you must first seek for the distant neighborhood on your occasion in-order to subscribe to it.

There’s 3 ways discover a distant occasion from your lemmy occasion:

  1. Search by URL
  2. Search by shorthand identifier
  3. Manually assemble the URL

In our instance, we registered for an account on, however we’re attempting to subscribe to the distant lemmy neighborhood ‘cryptography‘ that lives on

Our lemmy occasion:

The distant neighborhood:

Technique One: Search by URL (

Most likely the simplest solution to discover the distant lemmy neighborhood from our lemmy occasion is to only copy & paste the URL of the distant neighborhood into our lemmy occasion.

First, login to your lemmy account and click on the “search” button on the top-right of the web page.

Screenshot of the website with the "search" button on the top-right highlighted

To search out communities, click on the search button on the top-right of your lemmy occasion

Paste-in the URL to the distant neighborhood, and press the ‘Search‘ button.

Click on the ‘‘ hyperlink, and you can view “/c/cryptography” from inside ``.

Screenshot of the website showing the remote community

Now you can click on the ‘Subscribe‘ button to subscribe to this distant subreddit neighborhood.

Technique Two: Search by shorthand (!

One other solution to seek for the distant lemmy neighborhood out of your lemmy occasion is to make use of the shorthand identifier, which begins with a bang/exclamation level (!), followed-by the subreddit neighborhood title, {followed} by the at-sign (@), {followed} by the area of the occasion the place the neighborhood lives.

For /c/cryptography, the shorthand identifier is ‘!

See Also


Click on the ‘‘ hyperlink, and you can view “/c/cryptography” from inside ``.

Screenshot of the website showing the remote community

Now you can click on the ‘Subscribe‘ button to subscribe to this distant subreddit neighborhood.

Technique Three: Manually assemble the URL (

Lastly, you may as well simply manually type-out the URL to view the distant subreddit in your native occasion into your internet browser’s deal with bar.

To view ‘‘ on ‘‘, the URL is ‘

Screenshot of Firefox with '' typed into the address bar

You’ll be able to view a “distant” Lemmy Neighborhood by manually typing it into the deal with bar of your internet browser

When the web page masses, you may click on the ‘Subscribe‘ button.

Your Lemmy Frontpage

To view posts from all of the subreddits communities that you have subscribed-to, click on the picture of your lemmy occasion on the top-left of the web site to return to the homepage.

Screenshot of the website with the logo on the top-left of the screen higlighted

Click on the brand of your lemmy occasion (on the top-left of the web site) to go to the house web page

Click on the ‘Subscribed‘ tab to see a feed of posts from all of the communities that you have subscribed-to.

Type Technique

If you’d like a extra reddit-like expertise, change the sort method from “Lively” to “Scorching”.

Welcome to the Fediverse

That is it! You’ll be able to hold discovering new communities from all throughout the lemmyverse utilizing the Community Browser and subscribing to more-and-more communities till your “subscribed” feed meets your liking.

Welcome to the fediverse ???? Get pleasure from!

Here is some hyperlinks that you could be discover useful if you would like to study extra about Lemmy:

  1. Official Lemmy Documentation
  2. Lemmy Community Browser – Discover standard lemmy communities throughout all cases
  3. awesome-lemmy-instances – My comparability of lemmy cases
  4. Lemmy Map – Information visualization of lemmy cases
  5. The Federation Info – One other desk evaluating lemmy cases (with fairly charts)
  6. Federation Observer – Yet one more desk evaluating lemmy cases
  7. FediDB – Yet one more web site evaluating lemmy cases (with fairly charts)
  8. Lemmy Sourcecode
  9. Jerboa (Official Android Client)
  10. Mlem (iOS Client)

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