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Incus 0.2 has been launched – Information

Incus 0.2 has been launched – Information

2023-10-30 16:38:22

The Incus workforce is happy to announce the discharge of Incus 0.2!

This model incorporates most adjustments that went into LXD 5.19 in addition to introduce just a few extra options and enhancements.

Screenshot from 2023-10-28 19-01-17

You’ll be able to attempt it for your self on-line: Linux Containers – Incus – Try it online

Get pleasure from!

NVME storage support in virtual machines

A new io.bus configuration key was added to disk type devices of virtual-machines.

This defaults to virtio-scsi but can also now be set to nvme in order to have the disk appear as an NVME SSD inside the virtual machine.

Cluster support for migration from LXD

The lxd-to-incus migration tool now supports clustered environments.
Additionally, it’s also been updated to support LXD 5.19 as a source release.

This means that anyone on LXD version 4.0 and higher (up until 5.19) can now easily move over to Incus by installing Incus and running lxd-to-incus!

New image requirement for unprivileged containers

When adding support for NixOS as a container image, it came out that this particular image cannot currently work inside of a privileged container.

Rather than just let it silently fail for those users, a new image requirement was added.
requirements.privileged can be set to false in order to prevent the image from being used with a privileged container.

stgraber@dakara:~$ incus launch images:nixos nixos-priv -c security.privileged=true
Creating nixos-priv
Starting nixos-priv
Error: The image used by this instance is incompatible with privileged containers. Please unset security.privileged on the instance
Try `incus info --show-log local:nixos-priv` for more info

Server-side custom volume copy

Incus now supports server-side copies of custom volumes. This significantly speeds up copies of custom volumes by eliminating the need for the client to act as a relay.

The command line tool automatically detects support for this and uses it when available.

This feature was first introduced in LXD.

Static binaries now available for 64-bit Arm

All static binaries provided as part of our releases and tests are now provided for both Intel 64-bit as well as Arm 64-bit.

Complete changelog

Here is a complete list of all changes in this release:

Full commit list

The Incus documentation could be discovered at:

There aren’t any official Incus packages as Incus upstream solely releases common launch tarballs. Beneath are some obtainable choices to get Incus up and operating.

Zabbly packages for Debian and Ubuntu

Zabbly provides both daily and stable builds of Incus to Debian and Ubuntu users:

Homebrew package for the Incus client

The client tool is available through HomeBrew for both Linux and MacOS.

Chocolatey package for the Incus client

The client tool will soon be available through Chocolatey for Windows users.

Until then, binaries can be found here: Release Incus 0.2 · lxc/incus · GitHub

At this early stage, every Incus launch will solely be supported up till the subsequent launch comes out. It will change in just a few months as we’re planning an LTS launch to coincide with the LTS releases of LXC and LXCFS.

Group help is offered at:
Bugs could be reported at: Issues · lxc/incus · GitHub

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