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Is it attainable for a lunar eclipse to happen earlier than sundown

Is it attainable for a lunar eclipse to happen earlier than sundown

2023-01-05 13:34:35

Sure, barely.

The environment bends gentle, particularly at rise and set. When the solar seems to be on the horizon, it’s really a few diploma under the horizon. Which means that when the solar and moon are literally aligned they might each be seen.

You may simulate this in Stellarium (or one other planetarium system that simulates atmospheric results)

Set the time to a MJD of 61102.43689, (2026-03-03 10:29:07 UTC) the situation to N 30° 38′ 55.14″, E 111° 52′ 48.64″ and use “Zero Horizon” (quite than the default image of a subject). There’ll at all times be some places at which the moon is rising throughout an eclipse, so that is fairly frequent. However precise places on land the place each horizons are seen and the air is obvious sufficient to see the moon that low are uncommon.

That is strictly an atmospheric impact, it would not be attainable if the Earth had no environment.

enter image description here enter image description here

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This was noticed by the French astronomer Antoine-François Payen, described in his 1666 treatise Selenelion ou apparition luni-solaire en l’isle de Gorgonne. The phrase “Selenelion” (a portmanteau of Greek selene + helion, ie “moon-sun”) has been often been utilized in English to explain this phenomenon.

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