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Lemming Suicide Delusion, Alaska Division of Fish and Sport

Lemming Suicide Delusion, Alaska Division of Fish and Sport

2023-11-01 17:47:58

Lemming Suicide Delusion
Disney Movie Faked Bogus Habits

By Riley Woodford


Lemmings don’t commit mass suicide. It is a delusion, however it’s exceptional how many individuals imagine it. Ask a number of.

“It is a full city legend,” stated state wildlife biologist Thomas McDonough. “I feel it blew out of proportion based mostly on a Disney documentary within the ’50s, and that introduced it to the mainstream.”

Lemmings are a type of brief tailed vole, a mouse-like rodent that favors tundra and open grasslands. Three varieties are present in Alaska, together with the collared lemming, the one rodent that turns white in winter.

In 1958 Walt Disney produced “White Wilderness,” a part of the studio’s “True Life Journey” collection. “White Wilderness” featured a section on lemmings, detailing their unusual compulsion to commit mass suicide.

In accordance with a 1983 investigation by Canadian Broadcasting Company producer Brian Vallee, the lemming scenes have been faked. The lemmings supposedly committing mass suicide by leaping into the ocean have been really thrown off a cliff by the Disney filmmakers. The epic “lemming migration” was staged utilizing cautious enhancing, tight digital camera angles and some dozen lemmings operating on snow lined lazy-Susan type turntable.

“White Wilderness” was filmed in Alberta, Canada, a landlocked province, and never on location in lemmings’ pure habitat. There are about 20 lemming species discovered within the circumpolar north – however evidently not in that space of Alberta. So the Disney individuals purchased lemmings from Inuit kids a pair provinces away in Manitoba and staged the entire sequence.

Within the lemming section, the little rodents assemble for a mass migration, scamper throughout the tundra and ford a tiny stream as narrator Winston Hibbler explains that, “A type of compulsion seizes every tiny rodent and, carried alongside by an unreasoning hysteria, every falls into step for a march that may take them to an odd future.”

That future is to leap into the ocean. As they method the “sea,” (really a river -more tight cropping) Hibbler continues, “They’ve turn out to be victims of an obsession — a one-track thought: Transfer on! Transfer on!”

The “pack of lemmings” reaches the ultimate precipice. “That is the final probability to show again,” Hibbler states. “But over they go, casting themselves out bodily into house.”

caption follows

Life-loving lemming: lemmings don’t commit mass suicide, though in lean instances they might turn out to be cannibalistic. These mouse-like rodents are present in Alaska and in northern international locations around the globe, largely favoring tundra and open grassland.

Lemmings are seen flying into the water. The ultimate shot exhibits the ocean awash with dying lemmings.

Definitely, some scenes in nature documentaries are staged. In Sir David Attenborough’s current documentary, “The Lifetime of Birds,” the close-up footage of a flying duck, filmed razor-sharp from the chook’s wingtip, was shot from a automotive utilizing a mallard drake educated to fly alongside the automotive. However faking a completely legendary occasion is one thing else.

“Disney needed to have gotten that concept from someplace,” stated Thomas McDonough, the state wildlife biologist. Disney seemingly confused dispersal with migration, he added, and embellished a kernel of fact.
Lemming populations fluctuate enormously based mostly on predators, meals, local weather and different components. Below very best situations, in a single 12 months a inhabitants of voles can enhance by an element of ten. Once they’ve exhausted the native meals provide, they disperse, as do moose, beaver and plenty of different animals.

Lemmings can swim and can cross our bodies of water of their quest for greener pastures. Typically they drown. Dispersal and unintentional loss of life is a far cry from the instinctive, deliberate mass suicide depicted in “White Wilderness,” however Hibbler explains that life is hard within the lemmings’ “bizarre world of frozen chaos.” The voice-over implies that lemmings make the leap each seven to 10 years to alleviate overpopulation.

“What individuals see is actually mass dispersal,” stated zoologist Gordon Jarrell, an knowledgeable in small mammals with the College of Alaska Fairbanks. “Typically it is fairly directional. The basic instance is within the Scandinavian mountains, the place (lemmings) have been dramatically noticed. They may come to a physique of water and be briefly stopped, and ultimately they’re going to construct up alongside the shore so dense and they’re going to swim throughout. In the event that they get moist to the pores and skin, they ‘re basically lifeless.”

“There is not any query that at instances they may construct as much as big numbers,” Jarrell added. “One description from Barrow does speak about them drowning and piling up on the shore.”

Jarrell stated when individuals study that he works with lemmings, the mass suicide concern usually comes up.

“It is a frequent query,” he stated “‘Do they actually kill themselves?’ No. The reply is unequivocal, no they do not.”

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