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Low Value CO2 Sensors Comparability: Picture-Acoustic vs NDIR

Low Value CO2 Sensors Comparability: Picture-Acoustic vs NDIR

2023-03-22 09:02:16

In relation to low value CO2 sensors, there are mainly three totally different strategies to measure CO2.

  1. Estimated CO2 (eCO2) by means of TVOC sensors
  2. NDIR sensors
  3. Picture-acoustic sensors

The primary technique through TVOC sensors is extraordinarily unreliable. Some TVOC sensors just like the Sensirion SGP30 estimate CO2 through natural parts within the air. While you breathe out, you add natural parts to the air which these sensors decide up and attempt to calculate a corresponding CO2 ppm worth. The issue is that additionally different indoor sources like deodorizers add these chemical parts to the air and thus the estimated CO2 rises -even although no one could be within the room. We strongly advise in opposition to utilizing TVOC sensors for CO2 estimation and thus may even not analyse it additional in the remainder of this text.

CO2 gasoline absorption precept

Each NDIR in addition to photo-acoustic sensors are rather more correct than eCO2 from TVOC sensors as these sensors measure the CO2 instantly and each are primarily based on the absorption precept of gases. Completely different gases soak up gentle at particular ranges of wavelengths. So if the sunshine is tuned at a sure wavelength and a receiver measures the incoming gentle ranges, the speed of absorption might be calculated and with this the focus of the gasoline established.

Completely different gases have totally different absorption bands:

Absorption wavelengths of various gases.

To measure CO2, the sunshine is tuned to emit a light-weight of near 4.26 micron (μm) which corresponds to the absorption of CO2.

NDIR CO2 Sensors

NDIR stands for “nondispersive infrared” and is a standard expertise to measure CO2. Thereby an infrared gentle emitter, sometimes an LED, sends gentle in a chamber crammed with ambient air to a receiver.

NDIR working precept.

Some NDIR sensors have twin channels, one for the measurement of the CO2 ranges within the ambient air and one with a management gasoline as a reference. This enables to detect drifts within the measurements and will increase accuracy.
One of many disadvantages of NDIR sensors is their dimension. There must be a sure minimal distance between the sunshine emitter and receiver to attain a sure degree of accuracy and thus fashionable NDIR sensors just like the SenseAir S8 that we use in our air high quality kits are greater than 3 cm lengthy. This isn’t too huge however would stop sure functions, e.g. in a cell phone.

Picture-Acoustic Sensors

Picture-acoustic sensors use the identical working precept of the absorption wavelengths however in contrast to the NDIR sensors that measure the receiving gentle from an emitting LED, picture accoustic sensors measure the absorption with a microphone. When the CO2 molecules soak up the IR gentle, they begin to “humm” and this sound might be picked up by a microphone.
The most important benefit of this precept is that the detection doesn’t depend on line-of-sight anymore and thus these sensors might be constructed a lot smaller. Some are smaller than 1 cm3.

Picture-Acoustic working precept.

Comparability between SenseAir S8 (NDIR) and Sensirion SCD40 (Picture-Acoustic)

Now we have examined two very fashionable low-cost CO2 sensors, the SenseAir S8 and the Sensirion SCD40. Earlier than trying on the outcomes, here’s a comparability of the official specs.

Standards Sensirion SCD 41 SenseAir S8
Working Precept Picture-Acoustic NDIR
Accuracy ±(40 ppm + 5 %) ±(75 ppm +3%)
Vary 400 ppm – 5000 ppm 400 ppm – 5000 ppm
Working Temperature -10 – +60 °C 0 – +50 °C
Connectivity I2C UART
Measurement 10.1 x 10.1 x 6.5 mm 33.5 x 20.0 x 8.5 mm

Aside from the scale and connectivity, the specs are fairly related. They do additionally value across the identical (USD 20).

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Aspect-By-Aspect Comparability

We examined the SenseAir S8 and Sensirion SCD40 / SCD41 for just a few weeks and noticed them behaving very equally. Beneath is a chart over 14 days in a typical indoor residence setting (bed room).

Timeline comparability SenseAir S8 and Sensirion SCD40.

Each sensors ship very dependable outcomes and the one distinction that may be noticed is that the S8 appears to be a bit extra delicate and picks up greater values extra. This may be seen on an X Y chart:

X Y comparability SenseAir S8 and Sensirion SCD40.

Now we have been utilizing the SenseAir S8 in our air high quality monitor and open source kits for just a few years and have made excellent expertise with. The Sensirion SCD4x appears to present an identical accuracy in a smaller type issue and is an effective various.

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