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Mamihlapinatapai – Wikipedia

Mamihlapinatapai – Wikipedia

2023-03-29 06:08:45

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Phrase within the Yaghan language

The phrase mamihlapinatapai is derived from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in The Guinness Book of World Records because the “most succinct phrase”, and is taken into account one of many hardest words to translate. It has been translated as “a glance that with out phrases is shared by two individuals who wish to provoke one thing, however that neither will begin” or ” one another hoping that the opposite will supply to do one thing which each events want however are unwilling to do”.[1]

A romantic interpretation of the which means has additionally been given, as “that look throughout the desk when two persons are sharing an unstated however non-public second. When every is aware of the opposite understands and is in settlement with what’s being expressed. An expressive and significant silence.”


The phrase consists of the reflexive/passive prefix ma- (mam- earlier than a vowel), the foundation ihlapi (pronounced [iɬapi]), which suggests “to be at a loss as what to do subsequent”, the stative suffix -n, an achievement suffix -ata, and the dual suffix -apai, which in composition with the reflexive mam- has a reciprocal sense.[3]

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The time period is cited in books and articles on game theory related to the volunteer’s dilemma.[4][5]

It’s also referenced in Defining the World in a dialogue of the difficulties going through Samuel Johnson in attempting to reach at succinct, but correct, definitions of phrases.[6]

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