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Extra notes about ache as a sport mechanic

Extra notes about ache as a sport mechanic

2023-05-19 13:28:29

More notes about pain as a game mechanic

In a current article on rarely-seen sport mechanics, I steered a
variation on chess wherein a participant can drive their opponent to
retract their final transfer and play one other, by slicing off considered one of their
fingers. This provoked some attention-grabbing dialogue. First some
peripheral issues.

Bloody Knuckles

A few individuals jogged my memory of the sport
Bloody Knuckles, a simple ache
tolerance sport wherein gamers take turns pumching one anothers’
knuckles till somebody offers in.


Daniel Wagner additionally jogged my memory in regards to the sport of Slaps,
additionally known as “Crimson arms”. Wikipedia describes it this fashion:

One participant extends their arms ahead, roughly at arm’s size, with
the palms down. The opposite participant’s arms, additionally roughly at arm’s
size, are positioned, palms up, below the primary participant’s arms. The
object of the sport is for the second participant to slap the again of the
first participant’s arms earlier than the primary participant can pull them away.

I loved this sport after I was youthful however so far as I recall we didn’t play it
as a ache tolerance sport. For the second participant to win it was sufficient
to the touch the primary participant’s arms evenly. The primary participant’s arms
are held within the air, so there’s a agency restrict on how a lot harm the
second participant would have the ability to do.


Rik Signes talked about
PainStation, a
mixture arcade sport and conceptual artwork piece that may be present in
(Laptop Video games Museum) in Berlin.

PainStation is a sport of Pong whose interface
incorporates a “ache execution unit” for every participant that may ship
electrical shocks, excessive warmth, or strikes from a small wire whip. A
participant who removes their hand from the ache execution unit loses

Official website

Scorching Canine Chilly Canine

Jeb Boniakowski instructed me a few curious sport they performed on lengthy
winter journeys within the automobile. First there’s a “Chilly Canine” spherical: the warmth
is turned off and the home windows opened till one of many vacationers offers
up. Then there’s a “Scorching Canine” spherical: the home windows are rolled up and
the warmth is turned on full blast till another person offers up. Rounds
proceed to alternate till the automobile arrives at its vacation spot, or
everybody barfs, I suppose.

Finger-cutting in Chess

I wasn’t positive this might be an truly helpful possibility, however Hacker
News user fwlr
me that it will be. They’ve kindly given me permission to
republish their HN comment:

Numerous improbable chess moments are about one participant discovering the
solely transfer that’s good, and excessive stage chess is basically about
creating these extremely tense board positions the place there are a
lot of potential strikes however just a few are secure. For instance,
Sesse’s analysis of the last [18th] championship game
(can’t hyperlink to a particular transfer, use the bar chart or the
Earlier/Subsequent hyperlinks to go to “evaluation after 58… a3”).

Screenshot of chess position after Black's move 58, with analysis
of possible replies.

That is
50+ strikes into a quick paced sport and based on supercomputer
evaluation it’s a completely tied place. There are two potential
strikes that hold the sport tied or near tied [Bxg7, h4], and yet another
potential transfer [Qd5] that solely offers up a really slight benefit (0.5 factors
is roughly “half a pawn’s worth” and is near the restrict of what a
human participant can confidently detect, this strikes offers 4 tenths of
a pawn). Each different transfer offers up 3 factors or extra (roughly a full
piece, like a bishop) — not at all times instantly, perhaps 5 or ten
strikes down the monitor.

See Also

[Nepomniachtchi], taking part in white, makes a kind of “dangerous” strikes (Qc7), theoretically
dropping the equal of virtually 4 complete pawns, a horrible blunder
within the eyes of the all-seeing laptop. However use the ‘Subsequent’ hyperlink to
take a look at the place in “evaluation after 59 Qc7”.

Screenshot of chess position after White's move 59, with analysis
of possible replies.

There’s one transfer,
black Queen to g6, that takes benefit of the “blunder”. There’s a
second transfer, black Bishop to f8, that fully cedes the blunder
and returns to a mostly-tied place. The third absolute best transfer
loses 32 factors (going from -4 to +28…). Then there’s two dozen extra
potential strikes, all of which accurately lose the sport on the spot.
[‘M 6’ means that black can force mate in six moves; ‘M 1’ means that black can mate on the next move.]

So to recap: one transfer will get your opponent forward, one transfer retains him
tied, and twenty-four strikes lose him the whole sport. With the ability to
minimize off your finger to undo and stop that one good transfer would
change the whole dynamic from “a horrible blunder” to “a daring
stroke of pure brilliance”.

In reality Ding did reply with 59…Qg6, the one transfer that took benefit of the
blunder. He received the sport, and with it, the world championship. Had
Nepomniachtchi minimize off a finger at that time, issues might need gone
otherwise. (Though his clock had solely 23 seconds left, not a lot
time for finger-chopping. Robust so say.)

It is unlucky that the gorgeous evaluation web page that fwlr hyperlinks to
is so unsuitable. (For one factor, we won’t hyperlink on to the half
of curiosity; for one more, the one manner for the consumer to navigate there
is to click on a teeny tiny crimson bar that’s in a cluster of comparable bars;
for one more, it appears seemingly that the evaluation won’t stay at its
present URL. For this reason I included screenshots, that are otherwise
unsatisfctory. If anybody is aware of of a hyperlink goal with out these
drawbacks, please let me know.

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