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nebullvm/apps/speed up/chatllama at important · nebuly-ai/nebullvm · GitHub

2023-02-27 08:30:40

Meta has not too long ago launched LLaMA, a group of foundational giant language fashions starting from 7 to 65 billion parameters.
LLaMA is creating a number of pleasure as a result of it’s smaller than GPT-3 however has higher efficiency. For instance, LLaMA’s 13B structure outperforms GPT-3 regardless of being 10 instances smaller. This new assortment of elementary fashions opens the door to quicker inference efficiency and chatGPT-like real-time assistants, whereas being cost-effective and operating on a single GPU.

Nonetheless, LLaMA was not fine-tuned for instruction process with a Reinforcement Studying from Human Suggestions (RLHF) coaching course of.

The excellent news is that we introduce ChatLLaMA, the primary open supply implementation of LLaMA based mostly on RLHF:

  • An entire open supply implementation that allows you to construct a ChatGPT-style service based mostly on pre-trained LLaMA fashions.
  • In comparison with the unique ChatGPT, the coaching course of and single-GPU inference are a lot quicker and cheaper by profiting from the smaller measurement of LLaMA architectures.
  • ChatLLaMA has built-in assist for DeepSpeed ZERO to speedup the fine-tuning course of.
  • The library additionally helps all LLaMA mannequin architectures (7B, 13B, 33B, 65B), in an effort to fine-tune the mannequin in response to your preferences for coaching time and inference efficiency.

If you happen to just like the venture, please present your assist by leaving a star .

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 10 56 13 PM

Picture from OpenAI’s blog.

⚠️ Please word this code represents the algorithmic implementation for RLHF coaching means of LLaMA and doesn’t include the mannequin weights. To entry the mannequin weights, it is advisable to apply to Meta’s form.

ChatLLaMA permits you to simply prepare LLaMA-based architectures in the same technique to ChatGPT, utilizing RLHF.
For instance, under is the code to begin the coaching within the case of ChatLLaMA 7B.

from import RLTrainer
from chatllama.rlhf.config import Config

path = "path_to_config_file.yaml"
config = Config(path=path)
coach = RLTrainer(

Notice that you must present Meta’s unique weights and your customized dataset earlier than beginning the fine-tuning course of. Alternatively, you’ll be able to generate your individual dataset utilizing LangChain’s brokers.

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We’ve open-sourced the entire code to duplicate the ChatLLaMA implementation, opening up the likelihood for every consumer to fine-tune their very own customized ChatLLaMA assistants. The library is in its very early levels. It may be additional prolonged with the next additions:

  • Checkpoints with fine-tuned weights
  • Optimization methods for quicker inference
  • Assist for packaging the mannequin into an environment friendly deployment framework

All builders are invited to hitch Nebuly’s efforts towards extra environment friendly and open ChatGPT-like assistants.

You’ll be able to take part within the following methods:

  1. Submit a problem or PR on GitHub
  2. Be part of our Discord group to speak

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