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Neobuthus factorio – Wikipedia

Neobuthus factorio – Wikipedia

2023-04-17 12:41:06

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Species of scorpion

Neobuthus factorio is a species of scorpion from the household Buthidae present in Somalia.


Specimens of N. factorio could have been collected and quickly categorized as Neobuthus ferrugineus since 2012.[1] They had been outlined as a separate species as soon as a bigger variety of samples might be collected between 2016–2018. The species was named after Factorio, a online game created by the son of one of many researchers who described the species.[1][2]


The males are a lot smaller in measurement, being a median of 17–19 mm in size, whereas females are 24–27 mm. The pedipalps are comparatively slender, with a matte, finely granulated texture in males, and easy and shiny on females. The physique’s base color is of a pale yellow, with darkish patterns within the metasoma, pedipalps and legs.[1]

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N. factorio will be present in Somalia, on rocky areas of semi-desert, sometimes close to river beds. The localities of Neobuthus factorio are close to to the localities of Neobuthus berberensis.[1]


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