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Neskowin Ghost Forest – Wikipedia

Neskowin Ghost Forest – Wikipedia

2023-10-24 23:35:54

Remnants of a Sitka spruce forest on the Oregon Coast within the U.S.

Stumps of bushes on the Neskowin Ghost Forest

The Neskowin Ghost Forest is the remnants of a Sitka spruce forest on the Oregon Coast of the US. The stumps have been probably created when an earthquake of the Cascadia subduction zone abruptly lowered the bushes, that have been then lined by mud from landslides or particles from a tsunami.[1] Lots of the stumps are over 2,000 years previous.[2]

The stumps have been unearthed when turbulent storms swept away sand throughout the winter of 1997–1998.[3][4] It’s one in all over thirty ghost forests alongside the Oregon and Washington Coast, although many seem as flat roots and never stumps.[5] Most notably, Washington’s ghost forest of purple cedars was integral to the invention of the Cascadia fault line.[6] These ghost forests are proof of serious, fast modifications in shoreline – usually on account of seismic occasions such because the 1700 Cascadia earthquake.[7]

The stumps at Neskowin are 2,000 years previous, based on carbon dating.[8] Whereas dwelling, the bushes that make up the Neskowin Ghost Forest have been much like present-day coastal rain forest.[8] They stood 150–200 toes (46–61 m) excessive[3] and have been no less than 200 years previous when buried.[9] Nevertheless, it is troublesome to find out when or how the bushes died, as a result of it occurred earlier than written historical past within the area. It was initially believed that these bushes died slowly, because the roots have been progressively submerged in saltwater on account of modifications within the sea ranges. But analysis by geologists revealed that the soil, nonetheless current on the roots of the stumps, was buried abruptly[8] – indicating a extra sudden and dramatic occasion, like an earthquake, because the trigger.

The ghost forest is close to Proposal Rock. It’s a part of the Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site.[10] The perfect time to see the stumps is low tide, throughout winter (on account of January, February and March bringing the bottom tides of the yr.)[11]


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