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PIO Meeting VGA Driver for RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico)¶

PIO Meeting VGA Driver for RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico)¶

2023-06-02 08:08:58



The primary take a look at was to attract a checkerboard that included all 8 attainable colours. This confirmed that the HSYNC/VSYNC traces have been secure (no quivering of the checkerboard edges) and it confirmed that the colour data within the colour array was being interpreted and communicated accurately. Project Zip.

Checkerboard to verify colours and horizontal/vertical stability

Mandelbrot Set

The idea behind the Mandelbrot Set is roofed on others of my venture pages, so it is not lined right here. As a second demonstration, the RP2040 computes and renders the Mandelbrot Set. One a single core, it accomplished 79747133 advanced iterations (fastened level) in 86.845272 sec. Project Zip.

Multicore acceleration of Mandelbrot Set

Core 0 is used to calculate the highest half of the Mandelbrot Set, from left-to-right. Core 1 is used to calculate the underside half from right-to-left. This almost halves the overall compute time to 46.458416 sec. Project Zip.

The Barnsley Fern

Computes 100,000 factors within the Barnsley Fern in 308.494 ms. Project Zip.

Conway’s Recreation of Life

The video beneath reveals the RP2040 operating Conway’s Recreation of Life. Every cell is 2×2 pixels, and the computation+rendering runs at simply over 15 frames/second. Project Zip.

See Also

Graphics primitives

I like to recommend utilizing this venture as the place to begin for graphics tasks. This separates the entire VGA configuration and management right into a header file and supplies a library of graphics features (line drawing, textual content, rectangles, circles, and so forth.). It is a translation of the library that we have been utilizing with the PIC32 microcontroller. Download here.

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