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Plain Textual content Accounting portal –

Plain Textual content Accounting portal –

2023-05-21 10:35:52

Plain textual content accounting is a method of doing bookkeeping and accounting with plain textual content information and scriptable, command-line-friendly software program, resembling Ledger, hledger, or Beancount.

Welcome! This web site along with is an entry level to the PTA neighborhood’s instruments, docs and practices. It’s maintained by Simon┬áMichael (hledger challenge chief, Ledger contributor, PTA fan) and contributors such as you. Updates are useful; be part of the chat or send an edit. github

2022-06: FAQs and Frequent Duties hyperlinks have moved to the wiki.

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PTA apps

To do Plain Textual content Accounting, select one of many apps under. Typically it is comparatively simple emigrate information from one to a different.

Editor plugins

Helpers which make your textual content editor or IDE extra conscious of PTA apps and file codecs. These typically additionally work nicely for PTA apps apart from the one they’re named for.

Atom language-ledger, ledger
Emacs beancount-mode, hledger-mode, ledger-mode
IntelliJ Ledger Plugin
Nano scopatz/nanorc
Chic sublime-ledger-syntax
TextMate Ledger.tmbundle
VIM vim-ledger, vim-beancount, hledger-vim, cmp-beancount
VS Code hledger-vscode, ledger, vscode-beancount

Information import/conversion

Extra helper instruments complementing the PTA apps, by class.

See Also

  • Ledger and hledger have CSV conversion in-built. Additionally:
  • bean-identify, bean-extract, bean-file – Beancount built-in instruments
  • banks2ledger – CSV to *ledger converter
  • beancount-import net app/framework for changing numerous codecs to beancount (python)
  • beancount-ynab Import YNAB4 (legacy desktop-based model) into beancount
  • beancount-ynab5 Import YNAB5 (cloud-based model) transactions into beancount
  • buchhaltung CSV/FinTS/HBCI/OFX to *ledger conversion/deduplication (haskell)
  • Costflow convert one line message to beancount/*ledger format
  • csv2beancount CSV to beancount converter (clojure)
  • CSV2Ledger CSV to *ledger converter (perl)
  • double-entry-generator Rule-based double-entry bookkeeping importer (from Alipay/WeChat/Huobi and so forth. to Beancount)
  • fints2ledger FinTS/HBCI to csv to *ledger or beancount journals (python)
  • GNUCash XML to *ledger converter (python)
  • gnucash-to-beancount GNUCash sqlite to beancount converter (python)
  • GNUCash sqlite to *ledger converter (python)
  • grisbi2Ledger Grisbi to *ledger converter
  • hledger-import-dsl alternate, programmable CSV converter for hledger
  • hledger-to-influxdb hledger to InfluxDB converter (haskell)
  • hledger2beancount hledger to beancount converter (haskell)
  • homebank2ledger HomeBank to ledger and beancount converter (perl)
  • icsvledger interactive CSV to *ledger converter (python)
  • into-ledger CSV to *ledger converter
  • invoice2data extract information from PDF invoices (python)
  • jali downloader/importer to *ledger (python)
  • kmymoney2hledger KMyMoney to *ledger converter (clojure)
  • kmymoney2ledgers KMyMoney to *ledger/beancount converter (python)
  • kmymoney2ledgers.awk KMyMoney to *ledger/beancount converter (Awk)
  • ldgclip import financial institution transactions by way of the clipboard with one click on (bash/awk)
  • Ledger in Go has limport, a CSV to *ledger converter
  • ledger-autosync OFX obtain, OFX to *ledger conversion, deduplication
  • ledger-guesser neural community for producing entries like previous ones, can be utilized with ledger-autosync (javascript)
  • ledger-myexpenses MyExpenses android app sqlite db to *ledger conversion (python)
  • ledger-to-beancount one more easy ledger to beancount converter (python)
  • ledger-tutorials convert Pete Eager’s tutorials to e book format
  • *ledger to beancount converter
  • ledger2beancount/beancount2ledger one of the best converter between h/ledger and beancount codecs (perl).
  • moneymoney-ledger MoneyMoney export extension for *ledger
  • outofit QuickBooks to *ledger converter
  • piecash GNUCash SQL to *ledger converter (python)
  • plaid2qif Obtain transactions from plaid as QIF or CSV information
  • plaid2text Plaid API to *ledger/beancount obtain/conversion
  • qb2ledger QuickBooks Common Journal CSV to *ledger converter
  • QIFtoLedger (Financial institution of America’s) QIF to *ledger converter
  • reckon sensible interactive/non-interactive CSV to *ledger converter
  • slc generates Ledger accounting entries, works with generic CSV information in addition to the Stripe API
  • smart_importer library for constructing smarter CSV to beancount/Fava converters
  • total_recall CSV to *ledger converter
  • ynab-to-ledger You Want A Finances (YNAB) to *ledger converter. Handles a number of currencies, a number of quantity codecs, reconciliation, memos, transfers, and break up transactions
  • ynab_to_ledger You Want A Finances to *ledger converter

Worth fetching

Information technology

  • beancount-extract-price generate costs transactions based mostly in your beancount ledger (python)
  • DepreciateForLedger generate *ledger depreciation transactions (python)
  • hledger-interest generate *ledger curiosity entries (haskell)
  • ledgerbil schedule recurring txns, interactive reconcile, date sorting
  • LedgerScheduler transfer entries from one file to a different once they come due (python)
  • lotter generate postings for capital acquire/loss (go)
  • recurring generate recurring *ledger entries (python)
  • type hledger entries, preserving directives/feedback at high of file (bash)
  • sassetti provides lisp macros to ledger information (widespread lisp)


  • budget_report funds reporting with beancount (python)
  • hledger-diff report differing transactions between two journals (haskell)
  • hledger-irr calculate an account’s inside charge of return (outmoded by roi) (haskell)
  • hledger-sankey Script + HTML information to plot earnings subsequent to expense cash flows from an hledger ledger file (shell + javascript)
  • hledger-vega makes configurable vega-lite charts from hledger (shell)
  • hreports customise hledger studies with templates and PDF output (python)
  • ledger-plot interactive device for making GNUplot charts from Ledger (python)
  • ledger-plots R package deal & script to make charts from Ledger (R)
  • ludget generate charts from Ledger (python)
  • r-ledger an R package deal for studying and reporting on ledger/hledger/beancount information (R)
  • TaxingLots calculates capital features for a ledger journal (python)

Time logging

  • org2tc org to timeclock converter
  • taskwarrior hook for timeclock output
  • t ledger timeclock shellscript
  • tim time logging/reporting device utilizing hledger
  • timekeeping-template time logging/reporting examples/how-to utilizing hledger
  • tito time logging bash scripts that keep away from double clock-in

UI, console

  • bean-add interactive transaction entry device (python)
  • hledger add interactive transaction entry device (builtin command)
  • ladd create and edit a brand new *ledger transaction by fuzzy-matching previous descriptions
  • ldgr command line device so as to add/type/tag ledger information (ruby)
  • ledger xact history-aware transaction generator (builtin command)

UI, curses


  • ledgerble reporting GUI with charts & adjustable studies (Javascript)
  • ledgerhelpers misc. GUI instruments + helper library (Python, GTK)
  • Prudent built-in journal modifying/importing/reporting GUI for Ledger (Javascript, mac solely, closed supply)

UI, net

  • fava net UI for beancount searching (python, demo)
  • hledger-web net UI for *ledger searching, information entry (haskell, demo, Sandstorm app)
  • Ledger in Go net UI for searching ledger transactions, studies, and porfolios
  • Ledger Web ledger HTML reporting system (ruby, postgres)
  • Ledger Web net UI/API for ledger searching, information entry (python)
  • ledger-analytics net UI for ledger information analytics (javascript)
  • ledger-dashboard net UI for ledger searching, information entry (python)
  • ledger-pyreport net UI for traditional accounting statements and unrealised features (python)
  • ledgeraccounting net UI for hledger: information entry, fundamental studies and budgets (javascript)
  • ledgible net UI for ledger searching, information entry (python)
  • node-ledger-web net UI for ledger searching (javascript)
  • WealthPulse net UI for ledger searching, worth fetching (F#)

UI, cellular


  • gledger Go package deal to interface with Ledger (go)
  • hledger-lib library for parsing and producing studies from *ledger information (haskell)
  • hledger-web the online app features a JSON API server for *ledger information (haskell)
  • ledgerhelpers extends Ledger’s python library (python)
  • node-hledger Node.js API for *ledger information (javascript)



Plain Textual content Accounting

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Reddit /r/plaintextaccounting
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