Energy Adjustable Pedal Retrofit

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Energy Adjustable Pedal Retrofit


Again in the summertime of 2002, I used to be on the salvage yard in search of some
Ford Crown Victoria associated elements and got here throughout a newly arrived 2001
Mercury Grand Marquis that was geared up with energy adjustable brake and
accelerator pedals. The automobile had been hit exhausting damaging most each
physique panel in a method or one other, however the portion of the firewall that
housed the accelerator and brake pedals was comparatively untouched by the
collision. I had seen a number of commercials and brochures from Ford
stating the convience and luxury of getting adjustable pedals, so I
determined to accumulate the elements so as to add the function to my 1998 Ford Crown
Victoria Police Interceptor.

Energy adjustable pedal assemblies are manufactured for Ford
by KSR Worldwide ( and TeleFlex ( Crown
vics use pedals from KSR, as do the ford expedition and lincoln
navigator. Different ford automobiles such because the taurus, freestar, f-series
truck and explorer use pedals from teleflex.

Crown victorias first acquired the choice of getting energy adjustable fuel and
brake pedals within the 2001 mannequin 12 months however solely on LX and Police fashions.
In 2002 all trim ranges of crown victorias had been avaliable with energy
adjustable pedals as an possibility.

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Determing required elements:

First query is what modified between 1998 and 2001.

The steering column brackets in the direction of the underside of the column are
similar when the 1998 and 2001 columns when the 2 columns are
positioned aspect by aspect.
The ability brake booster is completely different.
The ability brake booster vacuum examine valve is similar
The accelerator cable is similar

The trim panels that on 1998 fashions maintain the defroster change and
encompass the heater controls had been redesigned for the 2001 mannequin 12 months.
On 2001 and later automobiles, the defroster change is in the direction of the suitable
the steering column very near the local weather controls, the traction
and energy pedal adjustment switches are in the direction of the left of the
column the place the defroster change was once. If one desires to make use of the
ford energy pedal adjustment change, the trim panels from the 2001+
will must be acquired.

Are two distinct revisions of the brake booster in a given mannequin 12 months:
ABS geared up vehicles and Non-ABS geared up vehicles. Fortunately the each the 2001
donor marquis and my 1998 police interceptor had been abs geared up.

Be certain to bodily measure each the Brake Booster to Grasp
Cylinder Push Rod size on the donor and in your automobile to ensure
they’re according to one another. A rod that’s too brief will trigger
issues, so will one that’s too lengthy:

“The ability brake booster (2005) has an adjustable push rod (output rod)
which is used to compensate for dimensional variations in an assembled
energy brake booster . The push rod size is adjusted after it has been
assembled in manufacturing. A correctly adjusted push rod that continues to be
throughout the energy brake booster after it was assembled in manufacturing
ought to by no means require a service adjustment.

An influence brake booster that’s suspected of getting an improper push rod
size will point out both of the next:

A push rod which is simply too lengthy will stop the brake grasp cylinder
piston from fully releasing hydraulic stress inflicting brakes to
A push rod which is simply too brief will improve brake pedal journey inflicting
a clunking or groaning noise from the ability brake booster.”

Instruments Required:

1/2″ drive ratchet
1/2″ drive ratchet extension bars
1/2″ drive metric sockets
1/2″ drive swivel adapter

Components Required From Donor Automobile:

brake pedal meeting
fuel pedal meeting
brake booster (connecting rod is completely different on automobile with adjustable
pedals than on automobile with out adjustable pedals)
velocity management deac change (actuating rod is a unique size on
automobile with adjustable pedals than on automobile with out adjustable
electrical connector for motor and brief lead of wire (required)
management change and electrical connector (optionally available)
dashboard trim panels (optionally available)

Ford Half Numbers:

Half Quantity Callout From To Description Instructed Retail
1W7Z-2C335-AA 2C335 2001 2003 Traction Management On/Off Swap $23.62
1W7Z-9G604-AA 9G604 2001 2003 Adjustable Pedal Management Swap $12.32
XF1Z-9F924-AA 9F924 1998 2000 Pace Management Deac Swap $5.29
1F1Z-9F924-AA 9F924 2001 2003 Pace Management Deac Swap $23.91
F0AZ-13480-A 13480 1990 2000 Stoplight Swap Meeting $14.73
YF1Z-13480-AA 13480 2001 2003 Stoplight Swap Meeting $17.47
F0AZ-2B450-A 2B450 1990 2003 Brake Pedal Help Spacer (Plastic spacer in
between the brake pedal meeting housing and the firewall. Energy brake
booster studs move by means of this half.)
C5DZ-2B129-B 2B129 1980 2003 Brake Grasp Cylinder Pushrod Spacer (Plastic
washer that goes over the rod on the brake pedal that the ability brake
booster connects to)
F1VY-9725-A 9725 1992 2000 Accelerator Pedal Fastened $66.06
1W1Z-9725-AA 9725 2000 2002 Accelerator Pedal Adjustable with out Reminiscence $99.11
3W7Z-9725-BA 9725 2002 Accelerator Pedal Adjustable with Reminiscence $169.57
3W7Z-9725-AA 9725 2003 Accelerator Pedal Adjustable $121.13
1W1Z-2455-BB 2455 2001 2002 Brake Pedal Meeting (Motor and cable solely
avaliable in accelerator pedal meeting)
3W1Z-2455-BA 2455 2003 2003 Brake Pedal Meeting (Motor and cable solely
avaliable in accelerator pedal meeting)
1W1Z-2005-AA 2005 2001 2002 Energy Brake Booster Much less Digital Stability
Program (IVD) (use with #1W13-2B195-AC/BC or #1W73-2B195-CC)
3W1Z-2005-AA 2005 2003 2003 Energy Brake Booster Much less Digital Stability
Program (IVD)

Word that on mid-2001+ fashions, the brake booster is similar regardless
of whether or not the automobile has energy adjustable pedals or not. So all you’d
want for this challenge can be the brake and accelerator pedal
assemblies together with the change & trim panel. The sprint electrical
harness will possible have already got the connector for the change and motor
on it.

Photos of the Components:

Energy Brake Booster

On the left is the ability brake booster from the 2001 marquis, on
the suitable is the booster from my 1998 police interceptor. The studs
retain the booster to the firewall are in the identical location on each
boosters, the grasp cylinder studs are additionally in the identical areas.

Above is the booster from the 98′, under is the booster from the
01′. Discover the looks variations within the brake pedal connecting
Photos are to not scale, however the 01′ brake pedal connecting rod is
than the 98′ rod is.

If the 98′ brake booster was left in place and the 01′ brake booster
was not put in when the 01′ energy pedal assemblies had been put within the
automotive, the brake pedal would contact the transmission gear selector cable
and sit too excessive off the ground for most individuals’s liking.

Brake Booster Firewall Spacer:

Above are footage of the back and front of the 2001 brake booster
spacer. The half quantity printed on the spacer begins “F0AC” which
equates to a 1990 half for full dimension fords.

Pedal Assemblies:

On the left is the adjustable pedal meeting, on the suitable is the
stationary pedal meeting. The large spherical gap on the brake pedal
bracket is the place the booster rod passes by means of.

Discover the form distinction between the 2 fuel pedals. The stationary
fuel pedal is flat, the adjustable fuel pedal has a pointy curve to it.

Above are pictured the velocity management deac switches from the stationary
pedal meeting and the one from the adjustable pedal meeting. The
change with the longer actuating rod is from the adjustable pedals.

Cruise management deac change serves as a backup in order that the cruise
management will at all times disengage when the brake pedal is pressed even when
the brake gentle change has failed.

Elimination of Pedal Assemblies:

The fuel pedal is retained to the automotive by two studs welded to the
firewall. After eradicating the 2 nuts from the studs and disengaging
the accelerator cable from the pedal, the pedal meeting slid off the

Merchandise Description
1 Energy Brake Booster
2 Brake Pedal Help Mounting Spacer
3 Pedal Help Bracket
4 Nut (4 Req’d)
5 Bolt
6 Sprint Panel
7 Brake Grasp Cylinder
8 Stoplight Swap
9 Retainer Clip
10 Push Rod Meeting (A part of Brake Booster)
11 Brake Grasp Cylinder Push Rod Bushing
12 Brake Grasp Cylinder Push Rod Spacer (2
A Tighten to 21-29Nm (16-21 Lb-Ft)
B Tighten to 17-27Nm (13-20 Lb-Ft)

The brake pedal meeting is held to the firewall utilizing 4 nuts which
connect to the ability brake booster studs and one bolt which attaches to
the underside of the metallic dashboard help bracket. In spite of everything fasteners
had been eliminated, I proceded to take away the clip from the brake pedal shaft
that held the ability brake booster connecting rod to the brake pedal.
Booster rod and brake gentle change was then slid off the pedal arm.
Save the
washers, bushings and retaining clip from the donor automobile in case you
want a spare.

The fuel and brake pedal are powered by only one motor with a versatile
metallic rod encased in plastic connecting the 2. Steel rod runs very
near the steering shaft which makes eradicating each pedal assemblies
as one unit tough. For the reason that steering field was already faraway from
the donor automobile, I simply loosened the bolt on the u-joint which
the shaft to the steering column after which slid the shaft out from underneath
the hood. Now had loads of clearance to drag each the brake and
pedal assemblies out of the automotive with out seperating the connecting
If eradicating the steering shaft is undesirable and one as an alternative desires to
seperate the brake from the accelerator pedal meeting, it’s best
seperate the tip that attaches to the brake pedal adjuster.

Solely factor now holding the pedals within the automotive is the wiring. Lower
the 2 wires (pink and white) that run to the adjusting motor on the
accelerator pedal ensuring to depart your self a sufficent amount of
wire after {the electrical} connector as a way to splice energy leads
onto them later.

Elimination of Energy Brake Booster:

The nuts are already off the studs that maintain the brake booster to the
firewall, the booster connecting rod is now not linked to the
brake pedal arm both. The one factor holding the brake booster within the
automotive now are the 2 nuts which maintain the booster to the grasp cylinder.
Within the wrecked donor automotive, it’s acceptable to take away the nuts from the
booster and slide the grasp cylinder off the booster letting the
cling in mid-air suspended solely by the brake traces. However if you’re
the booster in your personal automotive, be certain that to help the grasp cylinder
of time in order that the brake traces will not be broken.

Set up:

Lay out your instruments and the required elements in your work floor.

Now help the grasp cylinder so that it’s going to not be hanging solely
by the brake traces when the brake booster is eliminated. The hood has
cross help beams that wire could possibly be run throughout to help the grasp
cylinder, are different strategies too (be artistic). If utilizing the hood to
help the
grasp cylinder, be sure that your hood struts are in good condition
beforehand. It’s undesirable to kink a brake line as a result of the hood
unexpectedly closed in the course of the challenge.

Unbolt the two nuts that safe the stationary fuel pedal bracket to
the firewall and disengage the accelerator linkage. Now slide the ability
adjustable fuel pedal meeting into place, tighten the nuts, and fix
the accelerator linkage.

See Also

Unbolt the 4 nuts which maintain the brake pedal meeting to the firewall
and the 1 bolt which secures it the underdash help bracket. Take away
the clip from the brake pedal and slide the booster rod and brake gentle
change off the brake pedal arm. Unclip {the electrical} connector from
cruise deac change and take away your complete brake pedal meeting from
the sprint.

Take away the two nuts which maintain the brake grasp cylinder to the brake
booster. Now take away the ability brake booster from the automotive being cautious
to not injury the brake traces.

Slide the ability adjustable pedal brake booster into the suitable
cutouts on the firewall. Then place the grasp cylinder again onto the
brake booster and tighten the nuts.

Place the adjustable brake pedal meeting underneath the sprint and line
up the holes on the brake booster with the holes on the brake pedal
bracket. Now slide the brake booster rod, bushings and brake gentle
change onto the brake pedal arm stud safe in place with the manufacturing facility
clip. Loosely tighten the 4 nuts which maintain the brake pedal meeting to
firewall and set up
the 1 bolt that secures the brake pedal to the underdash help
Tighten all fasteners to the suitable torque specs. Clip
velocity management deac electrical connector onto the brand new change.

Adjustment cable that runs from the motor on the fuel pedal to the
brake pedal meeting must be linked, it simply snaps into place.
Be certain to “index” the 2 elements in order that they’ve the right journey

“Adjustable Pedal Indexing —Brake
CAUTION: The adjustable pedal system should be listed each time the brake
pedal meeting or the accelerator pedal meeting is serviced. Function
the change till the accelerator pedal aligns with the bottom place
index mark on the accelerator pedal meeting.

Join the drive cable to the brake pedal meeting.

Verify that the brake and accelerator pedals can alter at the very least 50 mm
(2.0 in) from the bottom place.”

Take away no matter short-term equipment was used to droop the grasp
cylinder in mid air.


In 2001, the trim panel to the left of the steering column that housed
rear window defroster change and the trim panel to the suitable of the
steering column that surrounds the local weather controls had been redesigned.
2001 was
additionally the primary 12 months that energy adjustable pedals had been avaliable within the
crown vic. If a 2001+ donor automobile will be situated with the identical colour
inside as your present automobile, it is going to enable use of the manufacturing facility
pedal management switches. If 2001+ trim panels of appropriate colour can not
be situated, one can lower further holes within the at the moment put in trim
and set up a few pushbutton switches and relays to regulate the
pedal adjuster.

Crown Vics have solely two wires which hook up with the ability pedal
adjustment mechanism. Making use of floor to at least one wire and +12 Volts to the
different will trigger the motor to run. Swapping which wires have the
constructive and detrimental linked to them (reversing polarity) will
change the journey path of the motor.

Some towncars are geared up with a reminiscence mechanism for the ability
seats, mirrors and pedal place. Is a convienent function on a automobile
with a number of drivers, simply faucet a button and the seat, mirror and
will all robotically alter to their preset positions. If utilizing the
reminiscence geared up pedal assemblies from a towncar in a vic, depart the
wires that run to the pedal place sensor disconnected and simply use
the 2 that hook up with the precise motor.



Some main modifications have been made to the automobile.With out correctly
functioning fuel and brake pedals, a automobile is undriveable. So take
one other
fast examine to be sure that all fasteners are correctly put in and
tightened. Additionally be sure that the brake fluid stage sensor connector
is put in on the grasp cylinder reservoir.

The brand new adjustable brake and fuel pedal assemblies have a unique really feel
to them than the outdated stationary assemblies do. Sit within the drivers seat
and press the brand new pedals just a few occasions to get a really feel for them.

Now choose a time of day for the preliminary check drive when visitors shouldn’t be
heavy however visibilty is nice. Earlier than taking the testdrive, have somebody
stand behind the automotive and be sure that the brake lights illuminate
when the brake pedal is depressed.

Whereas on the testdrive, elevate the automobiles velocity to approximatetly
35MPH and examine to see if the cruise management system will interact. If the
system functioned correctly earlier than the ability pedal retrofit, however no
longer capabilities, suspect alignment issues with the cruise deac


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