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Sensible Scheme

Sensible Scheme

2023-01-20 06:28:02

This web page is a group of libraries and extensions
to make use of Scheme as a manufacturing device.
By “manufacturing instruments” I imply the instruments to course of day by day
chores for programs engineers and programmers—parsing information,
generate experiences, watching processes,
offering small GUI wrappers, and all kinds of these issues.
At present I am utilizing Perl for
these goal, however I am all the time longing to make use of Scheme for them.
So I started this page.

Most stuffs on this web site are finished as my non-public
mission at house, besides those explicitly acknowledged in any other case.
I add libraries even in its alpha/beta stage, since
I would like to check and use them at work, too. In a approach, my major
curiosity is to make my life happier.
No guarantee comes with them, as standard, however it’ll be good
if any individual else finds they’re helpful.

In case you can learn Japanese, go to the Japanese
which accommodates some translations of Lisp/Scheme
associated articles.

I wrote a Wiki Clone in Scheme (Gauche).
Come and take a look at it:


Functions and instruments

Scheme-related stand alone applications.

GaucheCurrent version 0.9.12 (2022/06/26)

An R7RS Scheme implementation aimed toward a useful
script engine. Fast startup, built-in system
interface, and native multilingual help
are among the targets.

WiLiKiCurrent version 0.6.2 (2014/11/28)

A wiki engine written in Scheme.

ChatonCurrent version

A Comet-based Webchat system.

escmCurrent version 1.1 (2014/11/28)

A filter program which copies the enter textual content to output,
with processing embedded Scheme expressions.
This program itself is unbiased from any Scheme
implementation; you should utilize your favourite one.
Helpful to course of textual content information with a little bit of dynamic
components. This web page itself is processed by escm
to embed info such because the replace time of
libraries, and synchronize with Japanese model.
An entire new model of escm, named aescm,
is being developed by TAGA Yoshitaka


Libraries and Extensions

The next libraries and extensions are written for
See here for libraries written for STk.

Gauche-glDownload  Document  Present model 0.6 (2014/08/09) 

OpenGL binding for Gauche. Helps most of OpenGL 1.0 to 4.1 APIs
(together with OpenGL Shading Language API),
and a few of GLU and GLUT API.
Requires Gauche 0.9.4 or later.

Gauche-gtk2Download  Document  Present model 0.6.1 (2022/3/20) 

GTK2 binding for Gauche.



Scheme Cross Reference

A cross reference of library procedures of assorted
Scheme implementations. Up to date continuously.

Shooting A Moving Target—
An Experience In Developing A Production Tracking Database

An software of CommonLisp in observe.
(yeah, it is not Scheme… anyway, I put it right here).

Tracking Assets in the Production of ‘Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within’

A follow-up of the article above, a sort of autopsy
of the manufacturing.

Gluing Things Together –
Scheme in the Real-time CG Content Production

A paper introduced at Worldwide Lisp Convention 2002
at San Francisco, October 2002.
(there’s additionally a pdf version).

Multibyte character string processing in Scheme

A paper introduced at Worldwide Lisp Convention 2003
at New York, October 2003.
(there’s additionally a pdf version).

Schemer’s Way

Making an attempt to clarify Scheme’s deserves to non-Scheme programmers.


See Also

This checklist no approach covers every thing, however you’ll be able to comply with
hyperlinks in these hyperlinks.
anchor level to gather info of Scheme.
You will get R*RS, the language commonplace.
The positioning can also be a middle of
Scheme Request For Implementation—which gives
frequent interface of libraries throughout varied implementations.

A compact, quick and moveable implementation of Scheme

A big assortment of moveable Scheme libraries.
The contents spans from small utilities enhances the
commonplace conformance, to the full-featured relational

Programming Languages
by Dai Inukai
Scheme-related paperwork by Dai Inukai, the creator of
“Nyuumon Scheme (Scheme Primer)” in Japan.
Examine this out for those who’re focused on processing
Japanese in Scheme.

A scheme system with compiler and built-in growth
setting. In case you’re planning to put in writing an enterprise
software program fairly than only a bunch of scripts, take a look at it.

GNU adopted Scheme for the bottom of extension language
a number of years in the past. The trouble turned Guile.
If in case you have one among in style Linux distributions, you might
have already got it.

I have not used this one a lot, however appears good for those who’re
on the lookout for a device to do syste programming.

The Internet Scheme Repository
Because the identify suggests.

Kawa – the Java-based Scheme System
A Scheme setting written in Java by Per Bothner.
Scheme code is compiled to Java bytecode, therefore has
the property “write as soon as run all over the place”.

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