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Safe Scuttlebutt – Wikipedia

Safe Scuttlebutt – Wikipedia

2023-01-22 12:51:34

Decentralized social community

Safe Scuttlebutt (SSB) is a peer-to peer communication protocol, mesh network, and self-hosted social media ecosystem.[3][4] Every consumer hosts their very own content material and the content material of the friends they comply with, which offers fault tolerance and eventual consistency.[5] Messages are digitally signed and added to an append-only record of messages printed by an writer.[6] SSB is primarily used for implementing distributed social networks, and makes use of cryptography to guarantee that content material stays unforged as it’s propagated by means of the community.[7][8]

In distinction to the most important company social media platforms, consumer knowledge and content material on Safe Scuttlebutt is just not monetized, there aren’t any software program design selections being made so as to maximize consumer engagement or enhance marketing metrics, and there’s no paid promoting.[9] In line with Forbes, “Scuttlebutt itself is not supported by enterprise capital. As a substitute … Scuttlebutt is backed by grants that helped jump-start the method … [and] there at the moment are lots of of customers who personally donate to the trigger and an estimated 30,000 folks utilizing one in every of not less than six social networks on the protocol”.[10]

Historical past[edit]

SSB was created by Dominic Tarr in 2014 as a part of experimental improvement in different databases and distributed methods.[11] Tarr lived on a sailboat with unreliable web connection, and have become excited about creating an offline-friendly secure gossip protocol for social networking.[12][13] The phrase scuttlebutt is slang for “water-cooler gossip” amongst sailors. SSB gained recognition on the wave of privacy controversies elevating towards the normal social media.[14][15]


Safe Scuttlebutt operates as a database of immutable append-only feeds, which permits resilient replication over the Internet, local area networks, and sneakernets. Messages are hashed with SHA256 and verified with an Ed25519 signature; this makes it inconceivable to forge a message with out the private key of the writer.[16] Customers solely obtain messages from friends that they comply with (and optionally friends of friends), which prevents harassment and spam. This makes the community invite-only, which means that new friends who be part of the community aren’t seen till somebody follows them.[17][18]

Person content material in SSB is organized as an append-only sequence of immutable messages, the place messages cryptographically sign adjoining messages for the aim of guaranteeing unforgeabilitity of the sequences as they’re replicated to different friends. SSB friends alternate asymmetric keys and set up authenticated connections between one another utilizing an Authenticated Key Exchange protocol, Secret Handshake.[19][14]

Purposes and documentation[edit]

The reference implementation was written utilizing Node.js, as code that runs on a JavaScript engine.[20] There are lively implementation efforts within the Go programming language, in addition to in Python, and Rust.[21][22][23] Documentation for these implementations might be discovered on the official SSB improvement website.

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Many unbiased purposes have been carried out on SSB, together with a social network, music sharing, chess, a Git subsystem, and an npm registry.[24][25][26][27]

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