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House Elevator

House Elevator

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Migration altitude

Welcome to the house elevator, the one elevator that goes to house.

As you climb, the temperature will proceed to drop.

Cirrus clouds are wispy clouds made out of ice crystals.

Cirrocumulus are patchy clouds that may blanket the sky.

Cumulonimbus are tall, towering clouds that may produce lightning, tornadoes, and hail.


Mil V-12

Largest helicopter ever constructed

Dangle Gliding

Typical altitude

NASA Helios HP01

Winged plane altitude document

Nimbostratus clouds are liable for wet days.

de Havilland Vampire

1948 altitude document

Bell X-1

First plane to interrupt the sound barrier

Vostok 1

On the way in which to house

Learjet 45

Douglas DC-3

Blériot XI

First aircraft to cross the English Channel

Alpine Chough


Typical altitude

White Stork

Cessna 172

Social gathering Balloons

Liolaemus Lizard

Highest-dwelling reptile

Mil Mi-8


Bald Eagle


Wild Yak

Himalayan Leaping Spider

Highest-dwelling spider

Vega 5b

Amelia Earhart’s aircraft


Highest noticed flight

Bell 47

First helicopter to fly over the Alps

Bell X-2

Bar-Tailed Godwit

Flycatcher Sandwort

Himalayan flowering plant

Yellow-Rumped Leaf-Eared Mouse

Highest-dwelling mammal

Bearded Vulture


Max altitude

Above this altitude is called the “demise zone”, as a result of there is not sufficient oxygen for human life.

Whooper Swan

Field Kite

Highest flying kite

Andean Condor

Bar-headed Goose

Sopwith Camel

WWI fighter aircraft

P-80 Taking pictures Star

P-51 Mustang

WWII fighter aircraft


Passenger Jet

Typical cruising altitude

Frequent Crane



An-225 Mriya

Heaviest aircraft ever constructed

Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture

Highest flying hen

SA 315B Lama

Highest flying helicopter

Mountain Goat

Welcome to the stratosphere.

In contrast to the troposphere, the temperature within the stratosphere will increase the upper you go.

The stratosphere is residence to the ozone layer, which protects us from dangerous UV rays.

You might be at the moment within the troposphere, the bottom layer of the environment.

The troposphere incorporates 99% of the water vapor within the environment.

This elevator experience wants some music…

Jet streams are bands of sturdy winds within the environment. They will attain speeds of as much as 450 km/h.

Don’t fret, the elevator is fairly sturdy… I feel.

The air within the mesosphere may be very skinny. It has lower than 1% of the stress because the air at sea degree.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the mesosphere and at the moment are midway to house.

Sounding Rocket

V-2 Rocket

Peak altitude

That is the coldest a part of Earth’s environment.

Since climate balloons cannot attain this top, rockets with sensors are used to study extra in regards to the mesosphere.

Welcome to the thermosphere, the ultimate layer on our journey to house.

At 100 km excessive, the Kármán line is often accepted as the beginning of outer house.

You might be about to achieve a spot fewer than 1,000 people have ever been.

Temperatures within the thermosphere can attain 2,500°C, however molecules are to this point aside that you simply would not even really feel it.

Highest Plane Ejection


That is the Armstrong restrict – above this altitude your saliva and tears will boil if you do not have a stress swimsuit.

Nacreous clouds are uncommon clouds present in polar areas. They’re fabricated from small ice particles that scatter gentle in colourful methods.


1933 balloon altitude document

Sizzling Air Balloon

Airbus Zephyr

Excessive-altitude platform station

Monarch Butterfly

As air stress drops, so does the temperature wanted to boil water. At this altitude, water boils at simply 54°C.

Because the air will get thinner, there are fewer molecules to scatter gentle. So the sky begins getting darker.

The SR-71 is among the quickest planes ever made. It might probably fly at over 3 occasions the pace of sound.

Now can be a very good time to pick your house swimsuit.

It’s kind of chilly, decide a shawl to remain heat.

Perlan II

Highest altitude glider

Sud-Ouest Trident II

1958 rocket aircraft altitude document

House Shuttle Re-entry

Most warmth

The mushroom cloud from the biggest ever nuclear check, the Tsar Bomba, reached this altitude.

Climate Balloon


Experimental hypersonic plane

The ash cloud from the eruption that destroyed Pompeii reached this top.

In case you’ve ever puzzled the place your misplaced balloons went, at this top a typical social gathering balloon will pop.

Highest paper airplane flight

Launched from a balloon, that is the best a paper airplane has flown.

Felix Freefall

Felix Baumgartner was the primary particular person to interrupt the sound barrier in freefall. He reached a prime pace of 1,356 km/h.

Congratulations! You’ve made it 0.01% to the moon.

House Shuttle

Reaches max aerodynamic stress

The mushroom cloud from the Citadel Bravo nuclear check reached this altitude.

Chelyabinsk Meteor

Airburst altitude

House elevators are literally a doable concept being thought of by scientists.

They may probably provide a less expensive and safer manner of attending to house.

The laborious half is making a powerful sufficient cable. And discovering sufficient elevator music…

Sutter’s Mill Meteor

Breakup altitude

Sprites are a uncommon type of lightning noticed over thunderstorms that solely final a fraction of a second.

Whereas regular lightning is round 4 km lengthy, sprites can attain lengths of as much as 50 km.

Because the pace of sound will depend on the temperature, sound travels 15% slower up right here.

The world’s quickest elevator travels at 74 km/h. An area elevator with the identical pace would take 80 minutes to achieve house.

Blue jets are a uncommon type of lightning that arc upward in an excellent blue flash.


Spy aircraft

Noctilucent clouds are the best altitude clouds within the environment. They’re solely seen at night time and at increased latitudes.

Most meteors fritter away within the mesosphere. It is estimated that over 48 tons of meteors hit the environment every single day.

SR-71 Blackbird

1976 altitude document

Caproni Ca.161

1938 altitude document

Venture Excelsior

1960 skydive altitude document

With nothing however a duct-taped stress swimsuit, Joseph Kittinger jumped from an open gondola and set a document that might final greater than 50 years.

Sukhoi Su-9

Explorer II

1935 balloon altitude document

Douglas Skyrocket

First plane to achieve Mach 2

Saturn V

First stage seperation


Excessive altitude balloon document

As particles from the solar hit the environment, they excite the atoms within the air.

These excited atoms begin to glow, creating sensible shows of sunshine known as auroras.


Highest flying rocket aircraft


Chilean Flamingo

Alan Eustace’s Skydive

Present document for highest skydive

House Shuttle

Boosters eject

VSS Unity

Falcon 9

First stage separation

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