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taggy · GitHub

2023-01-20 09:52:17


taggy is a frontend package deal to mechanically tag (or categorize) textual content material.

???? The issue

Tagging content material in web-based editorial programs –
i.e. assigning content material to a collection of matters
is generally nonetheless achieved manually and subsequently tedious and error-prone. Particularly on the subject of giant quantities of information.
Proprietary programs are sometimes costly and questionable when it comes to information safety.

???? taggy provides you

  • An open, easy-to-start-with, easy-to-integrate and fairly highly effective frontend module to suit your tagging wants.

  • Simply outline some set off phrases or put in your current glossary and begin to tag your content material.

????️ Demo

???? Examples

Web site Types

Assign kind enter by your customers mechanically to the correct inside tracks:

Categorize enter whereas typing:

Information Articles

Tag them mechanically:

See Also

???? Documentation

Getting began

Please go to the main repo of taggy to get going rapidly.

The Glossary

This can be a checklist of phrases in JSON-format with classes and key phrases. taggy categorizes the enter based mostly on that.
The construction is like this:

  "tags": [
      "category": "Herbs and Spices",
      "keywords": [ "Rosemary", "Parsley", "Pepper", "Thyme", "Mint", "Chilli", "Basil", "Dill" ]
      "class": "Greens",
      "key phrases": [ "Potatoes", "Cucumber", "Garlic", "Carrots", "Spinach", "Onion", "Mushrooms" ]
      "class": "Fish",
      "key phrases": [ "Salmon", "Tuna", "Red Snapper", "Sardines", "Herring", "Flounder", "Bass", "Mackerel" ]

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