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Teardown Body Teardown — Acko.internet

Teardown Body Teardown — Acko.internet

2023-05-01 01:05:09

raytrace diagram

The shader for that is tightly optimized and fairly easy. It can raytrace by means of every quantity, beginning on the boundary, till it hits a strong voxel. It can repeatedly take a step within the X, Y or Z course, whichever is much less.

To hurry up this course of, the renderer makes use of 2 further MIP maps, at half and quarter dimension, which permit it to skip over 2×2×2 or 4×4×4 empty voxels at a time. It can leap up and down MIP ranges because it encounters strong or empty areas. As a result of MIP map sizes are divided by 2 after which rounded down, all object dimensions have to be a a number of of 4, to keep away from misalignment. This implies many objects have a border of empty voxels round them.

Curiously, Teardown facilities every object inside its expanded quantity, which implies the additional border tends to be 1 or 2 voxels on all sides, reasonably than 2 or 3 on one. This implies its voxel-skipping mechanism can not work as successfully. Doubtlessly this challenge could possibly be averted totally by not utilizing native MIP maps in any respect, and as an alternative simply utilizing 3 individually sized 3D textures, with dimensions which might be rounded up as an alternative of down.

screendoor effect for transparency

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As G-buffers can solely deal with strong geometry, the renderer applies a 50% screen-door impact to clear surfaces. This explains the ghosting artifacts earlier, because it confuses the anti-aliasing logic that follows. To render transparency apart from 50%, e.g. to ghost objects in third-person view, it makes use of a blue-noise texture with thresholding.

This might sound unusual, as the everyday method to render transparency in a deferred renderer is to use it individually, on the very finish. Teardown can not simply do that nonetheless, as clear voxels are combined freely amongst strong ones.

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