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The C++ Commonplace Library: The Fourth Version consists of C++23

The C++ Commonplace Library: The Fourth Version consists of C++23

2023-03-07 04:15:42

I am joyful to announce. I up to date my “The C++ Commonplace Library” e-book to C++23.



Many libraries are improved with the present C++23 normal, and some are added. My e-book’s key concept is to provide you concise the mandatory data for all C++ normal libraries.


The C++ Commonplace Library supplies an in depth overview of the C++ Commonplace Library, together with C++23.

Right here is the TOC.

  • Introduction
  • The Commonplace Library
  • Utilities
  • Interface of All Containers
  • Sequence Containers
  • Associative Containers
  • Adaptors for Containers
  • Views on Contiguous Sequences
  • Iterators
  • Callable Items
  • Algorithms
  • Ranges
  • Numeric
  • Strings
  • String Views
  • Common Expressions
  • Enter and Output Streams
  • Formatting LIbrary
  • Filesystem
  • Multithreading
  • Coroutines


Following this hyperlink supplies you with extra data: Leanpub/cpplibrary


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Thanks loads to my Patreon Supporters: Matt Braun, Roman Postanciuc, Tobias Zindl, G Prvulovic, Reinhold Dröge, Abernitzke, Frank Grimm, Sakib, Broeserl, António Pina, Sergey Agafyin, Андрей Бурмистров, Jake, GS, Lawton Shoemake, Animus24, Jozo Leko, John Breland, Venkat Nandam, Jose Francisco, Douglas Tinkham, Kuchlong Kuchlong, Robert Blanch, Truels Wissneth, Kris Kafka, Mario Luoni, Friedrich Huber, lennonli, Pramod Tikare Muralidhara, Peter Ware, Daniel Hufschläger, Alessandro Pezzato, Bob Perry, Satish Vangipuram, Andi Eire, Richard Ohnemus, Michael Dunsky, Leo Goodstadt, John Wiederhirn, Yacob Cohen-Arazi, Florian Tischler, Robin Furness, Michael Younger, Holger Detering, Bernd Mühlhaus, Matthieu Bolt, Stephen Kelley, Kyle Dean, Tusar Palauri, Dmitry Farberov, Juan Dent, George Liao, Daniel Ceperley, Jon T Hess, Stephen Totten, Wolfgang Fütterer, Matthias Grün, Phillip Diekmann, Ben Atakora, and Ann Shatoff.


Thanks specifically to Jon Hess, Lakshman, Christian Wittenhorst, Sherhy Pyton, Dendi Suhubdy, Sudhakar Belagurusamy, Richard Sargeant, Rusty Fleming, John Nebel, Mipko, Alicja Kaminska, and Slavko Radman.



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