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The Grug Brained Developer

The Grug Brained Developer

2023-10-30 17:33:26

The Grug Brained Developer

this assortment of ideas on software program growth gathered by grug mind developer

grug mind developer not so good, however grug mind developer program many lengthy 12 months and study some issues
though principally nonetheless confused

grug mind developer attempt acquire learns into small, simply digestible and humorous web page, not just for you, the younger grug, but additionally for him
as a result of as grug mind developer become old he neglect necessary issues, like what had for breakfast or if put pants on

massive brained builders are many, and a few not anticipated to love this, make bitter face

THINK they’re massive brained builders many, many extra, and extra even positively in all probability possibly not like this, many
bitter face (such is web)

(notice: grug as soon as suppose massive brained however study laborious means)

is ok!

is free nation kind of and finish of day not likely matter an excessive amount of, however grug hope you enjoyable studying and possibly study from
many, many mistake grug make over lengthy program life

apex predator of grug is complexity

complexity dangerous

say once more:

complexity very dangerous

you say now:

complexity very, very dangerous

given alternative between complexity or one on one towards t-rex, grug take t-rex: at the least grug see t-rex

complexity is spirit demon that enter codebase by means of well-meaning however in the end very clubbable non grug-brain
builders and undertaking managers who not concern complexity spirit demon and even learn about someday

in the future code base comprehensible and grug can get work accomplished, all the things good!

subsequent day unattainable: complexity demon spirit has entered code and really harmful scenario!

grug no in a position see complexity demon, however grug sense presence in code base

demon complexity spirit mocking him make change right here break unrelated factor there what!?! mock mock mock ha ha so humorous
grug love programming and never changing into shiney rock speculator like grug senior advise

membership not work on demon spirit complexity and dangerous concept really hit developer who let spirit in with membership: generally grug

sadly, typically grug himself

so grug say once more and say typically: complexity very, very dangerous

greatest weapon towards complexity spirit demon is magic phrase: “no”

“no, grug not construct that function”

“no, grug not construct that abstraction”

“no, grug not put water on physique every single day or drink much less black suppose juice you cease repeat ask now”

notice, this good engineering recommendation however dangerous profession recommendation: “sure” is magic phrase for extra shiney rock and put in
cost of huge tribe of developer

unhappy however true: study “sure” then study blame different grugs when fail, superb profession recommendation

however grug should to grug be true, and “no” is magic grug phrase. Onerous say at first, particularly should you good grug and do not like
disappoint folks (many such grugs!) however simpler over time despite the fact that shiney rock pile not as excessive as would possibly in any other case be

is okay: what number of shiney rock grug actually need anyway?

generally compromise essential or no shiney rock, imply no dinosaur meat, not good, spouse firmly remind grug
about younger grugs at residence want roof, meals, and so forth, little interest in complexity demon spirit rant by grug for
fiftieth time

on this scenario, grug suggest “okay”

“okay, grug construct that function”

then grug spend time consider 80/20 solution to drawback and construct that as a substitute.
80/20 answer say “80 need with 20 code” answer possibly not have all bell-whistle that undertaking supervisor need, possibly a
little ugly, however work and ship most worth, and hold demon complexity spirit at bay for many half to extent

generally in all probability greatest simply not inform undertaking supervisor and do it 80/20 means. simpler forgive than permission, undertaking managers
thoughts like butterfly at instances overworked and coping with many grugs. typically neglect what even function imagined to do or transfer on or
stop or get fired grug see many such circumstances

anyway is in undertaking managers greatest curiosity anyway so grug to not really feel too dangerous for this method normally

subsequent technique very more durable: break code base up correctly (fancy phrase: “issue your code correctly”) right here is difficult give common
recommendation as a result of every system so totally different. nonetheless, one factor grug come to imagine: not issue your utility too early!

early on in undertaking all the things very summary and like water: little or no stable holds for grug’s struggling mind to hold
on to. take time to develop “form” of system and study what even doing. grug attempt to not consider early a part of undertaking
after which, in some unspecified time in the future, good cut-points emerge from code base

good minimize level has slender interface with remainder of system: small variety of features or abstractions that conceal complexity
demon internally, like trapped in crystal

grug fairly happy when complexity demon trapped correctly in crystal, is greatest feeling to lure mortal enemy!

grug attempt watch patiently as minimize factors emerge from code and slowly refactor, with code base taking form over time alongside
with expertise. no laborious/ quick rule for this: grug know minimize level when grug see minimize level, simply take time to construct
talent in seeing, persistence

generally grug go too early and get abstractions improper, so grug bias in the direction of ready

massive mind builders typically not like this in any respect and invent many abstractions begin of undertaking

grug tempted to succeed in for membership and yell “massive mind no keep code! massive mind transfer on subsequent structure committee
depart code for grug take care of!”

however grug study management passions, main distinction between grug and animal

as a substitute grug attempt to restrict injury of huge mind developer early in undertaking by giving them factor like
UML diagram (not damage code, in all probability throw away anyway) or by demanding working demo tomorrow

working demo particularly good trick: pressure massive mind make one thing to truly work to speak about and code to have a look at that do
factor, will assist massive mind see actuality on floor extra shortly

bear in mind! massive mind have massive mind! want solely be harness for good and never in service of spirit complexity demon on
accident, many instances seen

(greatest grug mind capable of herd a number of massive mind in proper path and produce many complexity demon lure crystals, massive
shiney rock pile awaits such grug!)

additionally generally name demo method “prototype”, sound fancier to undertaking supervisor

grug say prototype early in software program making, particularly if many massive brains

grug have love/hate relationship with take a look at: take a look at save grug many, many uncountable time and grug love and respect take a look at

sadly additionally many take a look at shamans exist. some take a look at shaman make take a look at idol, demand issues like “first take a look at” earlier than grug
even write code or have any concept what grug doing area!

how grug take a look at what grug not even perceive area but!?

“Oh, don’t be concerned: the exams will present you what you must do.”

grug as soon as once more catch grug slowly reaching for membership, however grug keep calm

grug as a substitute choose write most exams after prototype part, when code has begun agency up

however, notice nicely: grug should right here be very disciplined!

straightforward grug to maneuver on and never write exams as a result of “work on grugs machine”!

this very, very dangerous: no assure work on different machine and no assure work on grug machine in future, many instances

take a look at shaman have good level on significance of take a look at, even when take a look at shaman typically generally not full helpful
function in life and speak solely about take a look at all time, deserve of membership however coronary heart in proper place

additionally, take a look at shaman typically speak unit take a look at very a lot, however grug not discover so helpful. grug expertise that superb exams are usually not
unit take a look at or both end-to-end take a look at, however in-between take a look at

unit tests high-quality, okay, however break as implementation change (a lot in contrast api!)
and make refactor laborious and, frankly, many bugs anyway typically due interactions different code. typically throw away when code change.

grug write unit take a look at principally at begin of undertaking, assist get issues going however not get too hooked up or count on worth very long time

end to end exams good, present complete system work, however! laborious to
perceive when break and drive grug loopy fairly often, generally grugs simply find yourself ignoring as a result of “oh, that break all
time” very dangerous!

in-between exams, grug hear shaman name “integration tests” someday
typically with bitter look on face. however grug say integration take a look at candy spot in keeping with grug: excessive stage sufficient take a look at correctness
of system, low stage sufficient, with good debugger, straightforward to see what break

grug choose some unit exams particularly at begin however not 100% all code take a look at and positively not “first take a look at”. “take a look at alongside
the best way” work fairly nicely for grug, particularly as grug determine issues out

grug focus a lot ferocious integration take a look at effort as minimize level emerge and system stabilize! minimize level api hopefully secure
in contrast implementation and integration take a look at stay helpful many very long time, and simple debug

additionally small, nicely curated end-to-end take a look at suite is created to be stored working religiously on ache of clubbing. focus of necessary
end-to-end take a look at on most typical UI options and few most necessary edge circumstances, however not too many or grow to be unattainable keep
after which ignored

this superb set of take a look at to grug

it’s possible you’ll not like, however this peak grug testing

additionally, grug dislike mocking in take a look at, choose solely when absolute essential
to (uncommon/by no means) and coarse grain mocking (minimize factors/methods) solely at that

one exception “first take a look at” dislike by grug: when bug discovered. grug all the time attempt first reproduce bug with regression take a look at
then repair bug, this case just for some motive work higher

grug suppose agile not horrible, not good

finish of day, not worst strategy to arrange growth, possibly higher than others grug supposes is ok

hazard, nonetheless, is agile shaman! many, many shiney rock misplaced to agile shaman!

each time agile undertaking fail, agile shaman say “you did not do agile proper!” grug notice this awfully handy for agile
shaman, ask extra shiney rock higher agile prepare younger grugs on agile, hazard!

grug tempted attain for membership when an excessive amount of agile speak occur however all the time keep calm

prototyping, instruments and hiring good grugs higher key to success software program: agile course of okay and assist some however generally damage taken
too severely

grug say no silver club repair all software program issues it doesn’t matter what agile
shaman say (hazard!)

refactoring high-quality exercise and sometimes good concept, particularly later in undertaking when code firmed up

nonetheless, grug notice that many instances in profession “refactors” go horribly off rails and find yourself inflicting extra hurt than good

grug unsure precisely why some refactors work nicely, some fail, however grug discover that bigger refactor, extra
possible failure seem like

so grug attempt to hold refactors comparatively small and never be “too far out from shore” throughout refactor. ideally system work
total time and every step of end earlier than different start.

end-to-end exams are life saver right here, however typically very laborious perceive why broke… such is refactor life.

additionally grug discover that introducing an excessive amount of abstraction typically result in refactor failure and system failure. good instance
was J2EE introduce, many massive mind sit round considering an excessive amount of abstraction, nothing good got here of it many undertaking damage

one other good instance when firm grug work for introduce OSGi to assist
handle/lure spriit complexity demon in code base. not solely OSGi not assist, however make complexity demon rather more highly effective!
took a number of man 12 months of greatest builders to transform as nicely besides! extra advanced spirit and now options unattainable
implement! very dangerous!

smart grug shaman chesterton as soon as say

right here exists in such a case a sure establishment or legislation; allow us to say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected throughout a highway. The extra trendy sort of reformer goes gaily as much as it and says, “I don’t see the usage of this; allow us to clear it away.” To which the extra clever sort of reformer will do nicely to reply: “For those who don’t see the usage of it, I actually received’t allow you to clear it away. Go away and suppose. Then, when you’ll be able to come again and inform me that you simply do see the usage of it, I could let you destroy it.”

many older grug study this lesson nicely not begin tearing code out willy nilly, irrespective of how ugly look

grug perceive all programmer platonists at some stage want music of spheres perfection in code. however hazard is right here,
world is ugly and gronky many instances and so additionally should code be

humility not typically come massive brained or suppose massive brained
simply or grug even, however grug typically discover “oh, grug no like look of this, grug repair” lead many hours ache grug and no higher or system
worse even

grug early on in profession typically cost into code base waving membership wildly and smash up all the things, study not good

grug not say no enhance system ever, fairly silly, however suggest take time perceive system first particularly greater system is and
is respect code working at present even when not excellent

right here exams typically good trace for why fence to not be smashed!

grug surprise why massive mind take hardest drawback, factoring system appropriately, and introduce community name too

appear very complicated to grug

grug love software. software and management ardour what separate grug from dinosaurs! software permit grug mind to create code that
not doable in any other case by doing considering for grug, all the time good reduction! grug all the time spend time in new place studying
instruments round him to maximise productiveness: study instruments for 2 weeks make growth typically twice quicker and sometimes
have dig round ask different builders assist, no docs

code completion in IDE permit grug not have remembered all API, essential!

java programming almost unattainable with out it for grug!

actually make grug suppose a while

good debugger price weight in shiney rocks, in truth additionally extra: when confronted with bug grug would typically commerce all shiney rock and
maybe few youngsters for good debugger and anyway debugger no weigh something far as grug can inform

grug all the time suggest new programmer study accessible debugger very deeply, options like conditional break factors, expression
analysis, stack navigation, and so on train new grug extra about laptop than college class typically!

grug say by no means be not bettering tooling

grug very like sort methods make programming simpler. for grug, sort methods most worth when grug hit dot on keyboard and
checklist of issues grug can do pop up magic. this 90% of worth of sort system or extra to grug

massive mind sort system shaman typically say sort correctness fundamental level sort system, however grug notice some massive mind sort system
shaman not typically ship code. grug suppose code by no means shipped is right, in some sense, however not likely what grug imply
when say right

grug say software magic pop up of what can do and full of code main most good thing about sort system, correctness additionally good however not
so almost a lot

additionally, typically generally warning beware massive brains right here!

some sort massive mind suppose in sort methods and speak in lemmas, potential hazard!

hazard abstraction too excessive, massive mind sort system code grow to be astral projection of platonic generic turing mannequin of
computation into code base. grug confused and agree some stage very elegant but additionally very laborious do something like
document variety of membership stock for Grug Inc. process at hand

generics particularly harmful right here, grug attempt restrict generics to container courses for many half the place most worth add

temptation generics very massive is trick! spirit demon advanced love this one trick! beware!

all the time most worth sort system come: hit dot see what grug can do, always remember!

grug as soon as like to attenuate traces of code a lot as doable. write code like this:

  if(contact && !contact.isActive() && (contact.inGroup(FAMILY) || contact.inGroup(FRIENDS))) {
    // ...

over time grug study this tough debug, study choose write like so:

  if(contact) {
    var contactIsInactive = !contact.isActive();
    var contactIsFamilyOrFriends = contact.inGroup(FAMILY) || contact.inGroup(FRIENDS);
    if(contactIsInactive && contactIsFamilyOrFriends) {
        // ...

grug hear screams from younger grugs at horror of many line of code and pointless variable and grug put together defend self with membership

membership battle begin with different builders assault and grug yell: “simpler debug! see results of every expression extra clearly and good identify! simpler
perceive conditional expression! EASIER DEBUG!”

positively simpler debug and as soon as membership battle finish settle down and younger grug suppose a bit, they understand grug proper

grug nonetheless catch grug writing code like first instance and sometimes remorse, so grug not choose younger grug

DRY imply Do not Repeat Self, highly effective maxim over thoughts of most

grug respect DRY and good recommendation, nonetheless grug suggest stability in all issues, as gruggest massive mind aristotle suggest

grug notice humourous graph by Lea Verou correspond with grug ardour not repeat:

code concerns over time

over time previous ten years program grug not as involved repeat code. as long as repeat code easy sufficient and apparent
sufficient, and grug start really feel repeat/copy paste code with small variation is healthier than many callback/closures handed arguments
or elaborate object mannequin: too laborious advanced for too little profit at instances

laborious stability right here, repeat code all the time nonetheless make grug stare and say “mmm” typically, however expertise present repeat code
generally typically higher than advanced DRY answer

notice nicely! grug encourage over literal developer not take does work line too critical, is joke

Separation of Concern (SoC) one other highly effective concept over many developer
thoughts, concept to separate totally different elements of system into distinct sections code

canonical instance from net growth: separation of favor (css file), markup (html file) and logic (javascript file)

right here grug rather more bitter confronted than DRY and in reality write massive brained essay on different design precept
locality of behavior (LoB) towards SoC

grug a lot choose put code on the factor that do the factor. now when grug take a look at the factor grug know the factor what the
factor do, alwasy good reduction!

when separate of concern grug should typically throughout tarnation many file look perceive what how button do, a lot confuse
and time waste: dangerous!

grug like closures for proper job and that job normally abstracting operation over assortment of objects

grug warn closures like salt, sort methods and generics: small quantity go good distance, however straightforward spoil issues an excessive amount of use
give coronary heart assault

javascript builders name very particular complexity demon spirit in javascript “callback hell” as a result of an excessive amount of closure
utilized by javascript libraries very unhappy but additionally javascript developer get what deserved let grug be frank

grug large fan of logging and encourage plenty of it, particularly in cloud deployed. some non-grugs say logging costly
and never necessary. grug used suppose this manner no extra

joke: grug study idol rob pike engaged on logging at google and determine:
“if rob pike engaged on logging, what grug do there?!?” so not pursue. end up logging very necessary to google so
after all greatest programmer work on it, grug!

do not be such grug mind, grug, a lot much less shiney rock now!

oh nicely, grug find yourself at good firm anyway and rob pike costume behavior
increasingly erratic, so all work out in finish, however
level stand: logging essential!

grug tips about logging are:

  • log all main logical branches inside code (if/for)
  • if “request” span a number of machine in cloud infrastructure, embody request ID in all so logs could be grouped
  • if doable make log stage dynamically managed, so grug can activate/off when want debug challenge (many!)
  • if doable make log stage per person, so can debug particular person challenge

final two factors are particularly helpful membership when preventing bugs in manufacturing methods fairly often

sadly log libraries typically very advanced (java, why you do?) however price investing
time in getting logging infrastructure “excellent” repay massive later in grug expertise

logging want taught extra in colleges, grug suppose

grug, like all sane developer, concern concurrency

as a lot as doable, grug attempt to depend on easy concurrency fashions like stateless net request handlers and easy
distant job employee queues the place jobs no interdepend and easy api

optimistic concurrency appear work nicely for net stuff

See Also

often grug attain for thread local variable, normally when
writing framework code

some language have good concurrent information construction, like java ConcurrentHashMap
however nonetheless want cautious grug work to get proper

grug has by no means used erlang, hear good issues, however language
look wierd to grug sorry

extremely greatest of mind developer as soon as say:

untimely optimization is the foundation of all evil

this everybody principally know and grug in humble violent settlement with extremely greatest of huge mind

grug suggest all the time to have concrete, actual world perf profile displaying particular perf challenge earlier than start optimizing.

by no means know what precise challenge is perhaps, grug typically shock! fairly often!

beware solely cpu focus: straightforward to see cpu and far massive o notation considering having been accomplished at school,
however typically not root of all slowness, shock to many together with grug

hitting community equal of many, many hundreds of thousands cpu cycle and all the time to be minimized if doable, notice nicely massive mind
microservice developer!

inexperienced massive mind developer see nested loop and sometimes say “O(n^2)? Not on my watch!”

complexity demon spirit smile

grug love good apis. good apis not make grug suppose an excessive amount of

sadly, many apis very dangerous, make grug suppose fairly a bit. this occur many causes, right here two:

  • API creators suppose when it comes to implementation or area of API, quite than when it comes to use of API
  • API creators suppose too summary and large brained

normally grug not care too deeply about element of api: need write file or kind checklist or no matter, simply wish to name
write() or kind() or no matter

however massive mind api builders say:

“not so quick, grug! is that file open for write? did you outline a Comparator for that kind?”

grug discover self restraining hand reaching for membership once more

not care about that stuff proper now, simply need kind and write file mr massive mind!

grug acknowledge that massive mind api designer have level and that someday this stuff matter, however typically don’t.
massive mind api builders higher if design for easy circumstances with easy api, make advanced circumstances doable
with extra advanced api

grug name this “layering” apis: two or three totally different apis at totally different stage complexity for varied grug wants

additionally, if object oriented, put api on factor as a substitute of elsewhere. java worst at this!

grug need filter checklist in java

“Did you change it to a stream?”

high-quality, grug convert to stream

“OK, now you’ll be able to filter.”

OK, however now want return checklist! have stream!

“Nicely, did you acquire your stream into an inventory?”


“Outline a Collector<? tremendous T, A, R> to gather your stream into an inventory”

grug now swear on ancestor grave he membership each single individual in room, however rely two as a substitute and stay calm

put widespread factor like filter() on checklist and make return checklist, hear nicely massive mind java api developer!

no person care about “stream” and even hear of “stream” earlier than, shouldn’t be networking api, all java grugs use checklist mr massive mind!

grug love make programming language at drop of hat and
say recursive descent
most enjoyable and exquisite means create parser

sadly many massive mind college train solely parser generator software. right here grug common love of software shouldn’t be: parser
generator software generate code of terrible snakes nest: unattainable perceive, backside up, what? conceal recursive nature of
grammar from grug and debug unattainable, very dangerous in accordance grug!

grug suppose this as a result of whereas complexity demon dangerous for code base and perceive, complexity demon superb for era
of a lot tutorial papers, unhappy however true

manufacturing parser nearly all the time recursive descent, regardless of ignore by colleges! grug livid when learn the way easy parse
is! parsing not massive mind solely magic: so are you able to!

grug very elated discover massive mind developer Bob Nystrom redeem the massive mind tribe and write glorious e book on recursive
descent: Crafting Interpreters

e book accessible on-line free, however grug extremely suggest all grugs buy e book on common precept, present
a lot massive mind recommendation and grug love e book very a lot besides customer sample (lure!)


some non-grugs, when confronted with net growth say:

“I do know, I will cut up my entrance finish and again finish codebase up and use a sizzling new SPA library speaking to a GraphQL JSON API again finish
over HTTP (which is humorous as a result of I am not transferring hypertext)”

now you have got two complexity demon spirit lairs

and, what’s worse, entrance finish complexity demon spirit much more highly effective and have deep non secular maintain on total entrance finish
business so far as grug can inform

again finish builders attempt hold issues easy and may work okay, however entrance finish builders make very advanced in a short time and
introduce plenty of code, demon advanced spirit

even when web site simply want put type into database or easy brochure web site!

everybody do that now!

grug unsure why besides possibly fb and google say so, however that not appear superb motive to grug

grug not like massive advanced entrance finish libraries everybody use

grug make htmx and hyperscript to keep away from

hold complexity low, easy HTML, keep away from heaps javascript, the pure ether of spirit complexity demon

possibly they be just right for you, however no job put up, sorry

react higher for job and likewise some sort utility, but additionally you grow to be alcolyte of complexity demon whether or not you want
or no, sorry such is entrance finish life

grug notice plenty of fads in growth, particularly entrance finish growth at present

again finish higher extra boring as a result of all dangerous concepts have tried at this level possibly (nonetheless retry some!)

nonetheless making an attempt all dangerous concepts in entrance finish growth so nonetheless a lot change and laborious to know

grug suggest taking all revolutionary new method with grain salt: massive brains have working for lengthy
time on computer systems now, most concepts have tried at the least as soon as

grug not saying cannot study new tips or no good new concepts, but additionally a lot of time wasted on recycled dangerous concepts, plenty of
spirit complexity demon energy come from placing new concept willy nilly into code base

notice! superb if senior grug keen to say publicly: “hmmm, this too advanced for grug”!

many builders Concern Of Trying Dumb (FOLD), grug additionally at one time FOLD, however grug study recover from: essential senior
grug say “this too difficult and confuse to me”

this make it okay for junior grugs to confess too advanced and never perceive as nicely, typically such case! FOLD main supply of
complexity demon energy over developer, particularly younger grugs!

take FOLD energy away, superb of senior grug!

notice: necessary to make considering face and look massive brained when saying although. be put together for giant mind or, worse and
rather more widespread, thinks is massive mind to make snide comment of grug

be sturdy! no FOLD!

membership generally helpful right here, however extra typically humorousness and particularly final failed undertaking by massive mind very helpful,
so acquire and be calm

grug notice many such impostor feels in growth

all the time grug one in all two states: grug is ruler of all survey, wield code membership like thor OR grug don’t know what doing

grug is usually latter state most instances, conceal it fairly nicely although

now, grug make softwares of a lot work and moderate open source success
, and but grug himself typically really feel not any concept what doing! fairly often! grug nonetheless concern make mistake break everybody code and
disappoint different grugs, imposter!

is possibly nature of programming for many grug to really feel impostor and be comfortable with is greatest: no person imposter if everyone imposter

any younger grug learn this far in all probability do high-quality in program profession even when frustrations and fear is all the time to be there, sorry

grug like these:

you say: complexity very, very dangerous

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