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The Making of a Mona Lisa Hologram

The Making of a Mona Lisa Hologram

2023-06-03 13:14:37

From the Journal: Applied Physics Reviews

A deep studying algorithm and metasurface mix to recreate a high-resolution picture of the well-known portrait.

Holographic reconstruction of the Mona Lisa by a megapixel acoustic metasurface.
Holographic reconstruction of the Mona Lisa by a megapixel acoustic metasurface.

WASHINGTON, Could 30, 2023 – Holograms are sometimes displayed in science fiction as colourful, life-sized projections. However what looks like the know-how of the longer term is definitely the know-how of the current, and now it has been used to recreate the Mona Lisa.

In Utilized Physics Evaluations, by AIP Publishing, researchers from Tianjin College, the Beijing Institute of Expertise, Rowan College, the College of Missouri, Qingdao College, Shijiazhuang Tiedao College, and Beijing Jiaotong College developed an acoustic metasurface-based holography approach that makes use of a deep studying algorithm to generate and iteratively enhance a hologram of the Mona Lisa.

Holograms are pictures created by recording and reconstructing the interference sample of sunshine or sound waves. They supply sensible and immersive visible or auditory experiences and might be utilized in leisure, medical imaging, and communication, amongst different fields.

Metasurfaces, or two-dimensional supplies product of an array of tiny antenna-like elements, may help rather a lot with the holography course of.

“A metasurface-based hologram works by exactly controlling the section and amplitude of the waves interacting with the metasurface,” stated writer Yue-Sheng Wang. “Because of this, the outgoing waves at every pixel exhibit a sure amplitude and section, which ends up in the specified holographic picture primarily based on their interference.”

The staff needed to develop a metasurface holography optimization methodology to reinforce effectivity and precision. They used a deep neural network-based algorithm to customise the antenna-like constructions inside their metasurface. By iteratively decreasing inconsistencies between the unique and holographic picture, they tweaked the metasurface and created a high-quality hologram.

“We selected to recreate the Mona Lisa as a proof of idea,” stated Wang. “It’s so well-known that nearly everybody is aware of about it. It’s full of numerous delicate and delicate transitions of layers, which reinforces the softness, haziness, and thriller of the portray. So it’s a good way to show the effectiveness of our methodology.”

The holographic methodology efficiently reconstructed the Mona Lisa, and, in much more element, her left eye. Whereas the Mona Lisa hologram is two-dimensional, the approach might be prolonged to create three-dimensional pictures as properly.

“The exact management of sound waves supplied by our holography methodology is essential for advancing non-invasive medical therapies, efficient noise management, and optimizing acoustic environments like live performance halls,” stated Wang. “These enhancements have the potential to reinforce high quality of life and varied technological purposes.”

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The authors consider their approach might revolutionize the sector of holography. They plan to discover methods to generalize it, make it suitable with 3D printing, and scale back coaching time.

Article Title

Deep-Learning-Aided Metasurface Design for Megapixel Acoustic Hologram


Xuan-Bo Miao, Hao-Wen Dong, Sheng-Dong Zhao, Shi-Wang Fan, Guoliang Huang, Chen Shen, and Yue-Sheng Wang

Writer Affiliations

Tianjin College, Beijing Institute of Expertise, Rowan College, College of Missouri, Qingdao College, Shijiazhuang Tiedao College, Beijing Jiaotong College

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