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This yr in Servo: over 1000 pull requests and past

This yr in Servo: over 1000 pull requests and past

2023-12-18 06:09:48

2023-12-18 Reflections on Servo’s progress in 2023: contributor stats, new options, structure enhancements, WPT go charges, and plans for subsequent yr.

Servo is properly and really again.

Bar chart: 453 (44%) by Igalia, 195 (19%) by non-Igalia, 389 (37%) by bots
Contributors to servo/servo in 2023.

This yr, up to now, we’ve had 53 distinctive contributors (+140% over 22 final yr), touchdown 1037 pull requests (+382% over 215) and 2485 commits (+375% over 523), and that’s simply in our main repo!

Particular person contributors are particularly necessary for the well being of the venture, and of the pull requests made by people (quite than our friendly bots), 30% have been by folks exterior Igalia, and 18% have been by non-reviewers.

Servo has been featured in six conference talks this yr, together with at RustNL, Web Engines Hackfest, LF Europe Member Summit, Open Source Summit Europe, GOSIM Workshop, and GOSIM Conference.

Servo now has a usable “minibrowser” UI, now helps offscreen rendering, its experimental WebGPU assist (--pref dom.webgpu.enabled) has been up to date, and Servo is now listed on once more (click on Edit so as to add Servo).

Our new layout engine is now proving its strengths, with assist for iframes, floats, stacking context enhancements, inline structure enhancements, margin collapsing, ‘place: sticky’, ‘min-width’ and ‘min-height’, ‘max-width’ and ‘max-height’, ‘align-content’, ‘justify-content’, ‘white-space’, ‘text-indent’, ‘text-align: justify’, ‘outline’ and ‘outline-offset’, and ‘filter: drop-shadow()’.

Bar chart: 17% + 64pp in floats, 18% + 55pp in floats-clear, 63% + 15pp in key CSS2 tests, 80% + 14pp in abspos, 34% + 14pp in CSS position module, 67% + 13pp in margin-padding-clear, 49% + 13pp in CSSOM, 51% + 10pp in all CSS tests, 49% + 6pp in all WPT tests
Move charges in components of the Web Platform Tests with our new structure engine, exhibiting the advance we’ve made because the start of our data in April 2023.

Floats are notoriously tricky, to the purpose we discovered them impossible to implement correctly in our legacy structure engine, however because of the transfer from wanting to opportunistic parallelism, they’re now supported pretty properly.
Whereas legacy structure was solely ever capable of attain 53.9% within the floats checks and 68.2% in floats-clear, we’re now at 82.2% in floats (+28.3pp over legacy) and 73.3% in floats-clear (+5.1pp over legacy).

Acid1 now passes within the new structure engine, and we’ve additionally surpassed legacy structure within the CSS2 abspos (by 50.0pp), CSS2 positioning (by 6.5pp), and CSS Place (by 4.4pp) take a look at suites, whereas making massive strides in others, just like the CSSOM checks (+13.1pp) and key components of the CSS2 take a look at suite (+15.8pp).

Next year, our funding will go in the direction of sustaining Servo, releasing nightlies on Android, ending our integration with Tauri (because of NLNet), and implementing tables and higher assist for floats and non-Latin textual content (because of NLNet).

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Servo will even be at FOSDEM 2024, with Rakhi Sharma talking about embedding Servo in Rust projects on 3 February at 16:45 native time (15:45 UTC).
See you there!

There’s much more we wish to do, so when you or an organization are thinking about sponsoring the event of an embeddable, impartial, memory-safe, modular, parallel net rendering engine, we need to hear from you!
Head over to our sponsorship page, or electronic mail [email protected] for enquiries.

In a decade that many individuals feared would turn into the nadir of browser engine variety, we hope we can assist change that with Servo.

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