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Transcendental Algebra

Transcendental Algebra

2023-04-19 17:41:35

In 2003, Ksenia Gilyarova wrote a problem a couple of constructed writing system referred to as Transcendental Algebra, created by Jacob Linzbach, for the primary Worldwide Linguistics Olympiad. An simply comprehensible and accessible useful resource documenting the main points of this language has since been unavailable to years of subsequent IOL contestants. 14 years later, now we have positioned a replica of Linzbach’s unique e-book Transcendent algebra, ideografie matematical, experiment de un lingue filosofic, transcribed it, and translated it to English for the advantage of anybody fascinated with studying extra about Linzbach’s work.

The e-book is written in an early model of a global auxiliary language known as Occidental—later renamed Interlingue—which was created by Edgar de Wahl. As Linzbach printed his e-book in 1921 a yr earlier than Wahl printed the official e-book on Occidental in 1922, a few of the phrase varieties and utilization don’t match what’s documented in different sources, of which there are few. However, our interpretation of the e-book is, we hope, as shut as attainable to Linzbach’s unique concepts. He additionally included a 2-page inset giving examples of Transcendental Algebra statements and their translations in German, French, Russian, and Estonian; now we have transcribed these examples as effectively and translated them to English.

We hope you discover the next transcription and translation of Transcendent algebra to be as attention-grabbing as we did, in addition to informative and useful in studying about Linzbach’s “philosophical language”.

Desk of contents

Author’s note
Interpretation of all exponents
Some examples

Writer’s be awareDe autor

The current printed brochure is extracted from detailed work.

Li current brochur autolitografic es extract ex detaliat labor.

Needing to tell the European reader of this new drawback,

Desirante informar li letor European peri ti nov poblema,

I’ve requested the well-known linguist Mr. Edgar de Wahl to translate the textual content of this brochure

mi ha petit li conosset cosmoglottist sr. E. de Wahl traducter li textu de ti ci brochur

to his common auxiliary language “Occidental”,

in composit de il lingue common auxiliari “Occidental”,

which being based mostly on roots and suffixes extracted from worldwide phrases,

quel essent basat sur radicas e suffixes, extractet de paroles worldwide,

and mixed for max simplicity of grammar and phrase formation,

e combinat per max simplic grammatica e parolformation,

is understandable with out research to each individual of western civilization.

es comprensibil sin studia a omni hom de occidental civilisation.

Consequently there has appeared an attention-grabbing symbiosis of two synthetic languages:

In resultat ha apparet un symbiose interessant de du lingues manmade:

one constructed language, aspiring to the function of worldwide auxiliary language,

un pasilalie, aspirant advert function de auxiliari lingue worldwide,

and a potential constructed script, which is, like arithmetic, a typical language;

e un pasigrafie, volent esser, quem matematica, un lingue commun;

the expressions of 1 language clarify right here the expressions of one other.

li expressiones de un lingue explica ci li expressiones del altri.

I will probably be grateful to the reader for communication of remarks.

Mi va esser mersios al letor por communication de remarcas.

Jacob Linzbach.

Jacob Linzbach.


Leibniz writes:

Leibniz scri:

“Part of the key of the success of algebra consists in its attribute;

“Un half del secrete del success de algebra consiste in su caracteristica,

that’s, within the artwork of using symbols.

i.e. in arte utilisar symboles.

Subsequently there seems the likelihood to think about the creation of recent algorithms,

Professional to appare possibilitia imaginar li creation de nov algoritmes,

of recent algebras, which research different relations too, completely different than relations between portions.

de nov algebras, studiant anque altri relationes, completely different de relationes inter quantitas.

Moreover, there seems the hope of lowering all ideas to a mixture of characters,

Mem plu, — appare li espera reducter omni consideration a un mixture de signes,

and there seems the opportunity of pondering over a time when two philosophers, like two mathematicians,

e appare possibilita meditar tremendous tel tempor quande du filosofos, simil du matematicos,

as a substitute of [having] infinite disputes, will take pens in fingers and, sitting at a desk, will exchange disputes with calcuation.

in vice de infinit disputes va prender plumes in manus e sedent advert desk va vicear disput per calculation.

The frequent arithmetic transforms itself thus in calculation of ideas (calculus ratiocinator) and conflates itself with logic.”

Li commun matematica transforma-se talmen in calcul de considerationes (calculus ratiocinatus) e confunde con logical.”

This drawback of common arithmetic is solved by transcendental algebra.

Ti ci problema de common matematica es solvet per transcendent algebra.


To fixed portions a, b, c, d… correspond in transcendent algebra particular ideas represented by figures, for instance:

A quantitas fixed a, b, c, d… corresponde in transcendent algebra definit conceptiones, representat per figures, por exemple:

Variable portions x, y, z, t… characterize themselves with symbols:

Quantitas variabil x, y, z, t… representa se per schemas:

Past figures and symbols, additionally used are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4… and letters a, b, c, d…, x, y, z, t…

Extremely figures e schemas es usat anque cifres 1, 2, 3, 4… e litteres a, b, c, d…, x, y, z, t…

Figures, symbols, numbers and letters be part of themselves utilizing mathematical characters:

Figures, schemas, cifres e litteres junte se per matematical signes:

Ideas that aren’t capable of be expressed instantly [through basic combinations of glyphs] characterize themselves by the use of mathematical operations.

Concepiones, ne possent esser expresset inmediatnen, representase por medie de matematical operationes.

In calculation of ideas the worth of all of the legal guidelines of frequent algebra is conserved.

In calculation de conceptiones conserva valor omni leges de algebra commun.

The outcomes of calculations are discovered intuitively by means of technique of interpretation, utilized in philosophy.

Li resultates del calcul es trovat intuitivnen per medie de metode de interpretation, usat in filosofie.


plus, and, with, current

plus, e, con, presentie

horse and cow

cavall e vacca

home animals

animales home



carpentry instruments

instrumentes de carpintero



I, you, and he/she

mi, tu e il

home #1 and home #2

dom № 1 e dom № 2

June ninth, 1874

9 Juni 1874

massive home and small home

granddom e dometto

large and dwarf

gigant e pigméo

man with umbrella

homo con parapluvie


Subtraction is the reciprocal operation to addition.

Subtraction es operation reciproc a addition.

minus, with out, not, absent

minus, sin, ne, absentie

fats with skinny with out skinny is fats

grossi con tenui sin tenui es grossi








plu lengthy

automobile physique/field




physique, trunk, torso

corpor, trunc, torso

Impossibility of subtraction of adverse ideas:

Impossibilitá de subtraction da negativ conceptiones:



individual with umbrella

homo con parapluvie

individual with out umbrella (throughout rain)

homo sin parapluvie (durante pluvie)

individual with out coronary heart

homo sin cordie

individual with absence of coronary heart is individual with out coronary heart

homo con absentie de cordie es homo sin cordie

individual not with out coronary heart is individual with coronary heart

homo ne sin cordie es homo con cordie

I, not I, remainder of the world

mi, ne mi, mundi

me with out you, solitude

mi sin tu, solitaritá

current with out future, will not be hope

current sin futur, ne es espera

proper with out left, absence of symmetry

destri sin left, absentie de symmetrie

inside with out being outdoors, state of missing freedom

intern sin esser extern, statu de inliberitá





Algebraic addition of figures with symbols, letters, and numbers:

Addition algebraic de figures con schemas, litteres e cifres:

the e-book is on the desk

libre es sur desk

underneath the e-book is the desk

sub libre es desk

on, not on

sur, ne sur

not on, underneath

ne sur, sub

on the desk, not on the e-book, underneath the e-book

sur desk, ne sur [libre], sub libre

the mill is behind the home, in entrance of the mill is the home

molino es dope de dom, avan molino es dom

the mill is in entrance of and to the fitting of the home, the home is behind and to the left of the mill

molino es avan destre de dom, dom es dope left de molino

not in entrance of means behind

ne avan significa dope

I’m in the home

mi es in dom

round me is the home

circum mi es dom

outdoors of me is the home

extern mi es dom

the bench is between the home and the tree

banc es inter dom e arbor

subsequent to the bench is the home and the tree

apu banc es dom e arbor

Algebraic, utilizing letters:

Algebraic, per litteres:

the bench is to the fitting of the home and to the left of the tree

banc es destre de dom e left de arbor

to the left and to the fitting of the bench are the home and the tree

a left e a destre de banc es dom e arbor

15 of some items away from the home

alqui 15 unités distant de dom

from the home

de dom

to the home

advert dom, til dom

from the guts

de cordie

to the guts

advert cordie, til cordie

from above, to above

de supre, advert supre


A. Multiplication of figures by numbers.

A. Multiplication de figures per número.

three horses

tri cavalles

100 homes

100 domes

homes, timber, individuals, horses

domes, arbores, homos, cavalles

7 days is 1 / 4 of a month, per week

7 dies es ¼ mensu, seman



12 hours is half a day

12 hores es demi die

twelve months is a yr

365 dies es un annu

years, occasions

annus, tempores

B. Multiplication of figures by figures

B. Multiplication de figures per figures

Professor John Perry writes the next on the multiplication of vector portions in his ‘Sensible Arithmetic’:

Professor John Perry scri in su Sensible Matematica peri multiplication de quantitas vectora secuent:

If I had been requested to multiply 2 tables by 3 chairs I might not refuse; I might say,

“Si on va petir me multiplicar 2 stules per 3 tables, mi ne var refusar; mi var dir,

6 chair-tables. But when I had been requested to say what I imply by a chair-table, I might refuse to reply

que to var esser 6 stulotables. Ma mi va refusar respoder, quo esse stulotable,

as a result of no person has ever given a that means to the time period.

Proque ancor nequi ha provat attribuer qualcunc signification a tal termin.

However I do know that when this kind of factor comes right into a Bodily Downside,

Tamen mi save que tal productes recontra se in resolution de problemas fisical,

we will at all times give a helpful that means.

e li termines correspondent sempre recive un util logical signification.

That is past extraordinary Algebra,

Ti considerationes sta extremely limites de algebra commun,

and but our processes are carried on by the foundations of Algebra.

quancam li course of self de calculation es operat segun regules de algebra.

Please observe, that I don’t say that 2 tables x 3 chairs = 2 chairs x 3 tables.

Ples remarcar, que mi ne posse asserter que 2 tables x 3 stules = 2 stules x 3 tables.

Whether or not that is or will not be true, depends upon the that means we connect to the entire course of.”

To depende del sense, quel noi attribue al tut course of.”

Here’s a visible interpretation of this drawback:

Ec un aspectiv interpretation de ti problema:

6 locations (to sit down on a chair on the desk)

6 plazzes (por seder sur stul advert desk)

Variant interpretation:

Interpretation variabil:

6 locations, place

6 plazzes, plazz

Different examples:

Altri exemples:

power of sunshine of 150 candelas

fortie de luce 150 candeles

[amount of] work of fifty horse-drawn carriages [50 horsepower]

laboreffect de 50 carretades

100 plates served to company

cent plates servit a hospites

work, laziness [quality of not working]

labor, deslaboritá

armed forces, armed forces armed in numerous methods

fortie armat, f.a. de armatur completely different

marriage, celibacy

mariagie, celibatu


viduagie de marito


viduagie de marita

polygamy, polyandry

polygamie, polyandrie

6 marriages

6 maritagies

household, not-family

familie, ne-familie

household with out kids

familie sin infantes

being orphaned



amicitá, amicagie





consuming [is taking place], no consuming

manjada, nemanjada

hunger, no consuming on account of lack of meals

fame, nemanjada professional manca de pan

abundance, no consuming from lack of consuming, no person to eat

abundantie, nemanjada professional manca de manjant, nequi por manjar

The product is a operate of things.

Product es operate de factores.

Multiplication creates from given ideas a brand new considered one of larger attain/capability, for instance:

Muliplication crea ex dat conceptiones un nov de plugrand capacitá, p.e.:

man, pipe, smoking

homo, pip, fumada

drunkenness, sobriety

ebrietá, sobrietá

meal, diet

nutritura, diet

wine, beer, water

vin, bir, aqua



commerce, carpentry

commercie, carpinterie

astronomy, philosophy

astronomie, filosofie



world, universe

mundi, cosmo

studying (matter), writing, illiteracy

letura, scritura, analfabetism



dialog, speech

dialog, parla

silence, monologue

silentie, monolog

pondering is speaking

pensada es parlada

C. Multiplication of figures by symbols and letters

C. Multiplication de figures per schemas e litteres

head, physique, torso, brow

cap, córpor, torso, entrance

chin, nape, top

menton, nuc, altore

base (of triangle), cathetus [leg]

bas (de triangul), cathete

seed, room, court docket[yard]

sem, chambre, curt

D. Multiplication of symbols by symbols

D. Multiplication de schemas per schemas

sq., parallelogram, dice

quadrat, parallelogramm, cub

prism, cylinder, ellipsoid

prisma, cylindrtion, ellipsoid

communication, focus

communication, concentra[-tion]

oscillation, perforation

oscillation, perforation


A. Division of figures by numbers

A. Division de figures per números

The operation is decreased to multiplication by the reciprocal quantity:

Li operation es reductet advert multiplication per numer reciproc:

half-house, flank [wings]

demidom, flanc



B. Division of figures by figures

B. Division de figures per figures

Division is the reciprocal operation to multiplication. The meanings of the reciprocals

Division es operation reciproc a multiplication. A significationes reciproc

correspond to the ideas of complete and fractional, for instance:

corresponde conceptiones complete e fractional, p.e.:

complete home, some a part of home

dom integri, alqui half de dom

a part of home, specifically the window

half de dom, nominat fenestre

window, of home

fenestre, de dom

roof of home, partitions of home

tecte de dom, mures de dom

head of horse, neck of horse

cap de cavall, col de cavall

mane of horse, physique of horse

crinage de c., corpor de cav.

ft of horse, hoof of horse

pedes de cav., huf de cav.

knee of horse, chest of horse

genu de c., pector de c.

Division creates from given ideas a brand new considered one of lesser attain/capability

Division crea ex dat conceptiones un nov de minu grand capacita

by the including of attributes within the type of the denominator:

per adjuntion de attributes in type de nominator:

homes normally, each home

dom normally, chascun d.

horse’s home, a particular case of the idea of homes

dom de cavall, un casu partial del conception dom

some individual, one individual

alqui hom, un hom

individual of the pipe, smoker

hom de pipe, fumator



room of smoking, smoking room

chambre de fumation, fumatoria

nesting fowl, cuckoo

avio nidant, cucú

backside window

fenestre de bass





lady of man, married lady

femina de mascul, femina maritat

man of lady, married man

mascul de femina, mascul maritat

husband, spouse, kids

marito, marita, infantes

father and mom are dad and mom

patre e matre es genitores

brother, sister

fratre, sestra

head of man

cap de homo

individual of head, chief, a particular case of the idea of individual

homo de cap, chef, un casu partial del conception homo

individuals normally, each individual

homo normally, chascun h.

single individual, particular person

homo singul, individue


Exponentiation is a operate of figures, signifying the illustration of an occasion in cinematographic type:

Potentie es un operate de figur, vital illustration de eveniment in type cinematografic:


vol, volagie





Moments of the occasion are components.

Momentes de eveniment es factores.

The product within the sense of the exponentiation is a illustration of the occasion.

Product in sens de potentie es illustration de eveniment.

The variety of moments or the exponent of the exponentiation signifies fluctuation (rhythm) of the occasion:

Numero de momentes o exponent de potentie significa fluxion (rithm) de eveniment:



speaking, pronunciation

parla, pronunciation





Elevation of a determine in complete exponentiation signifies an occasion,

Elevation de figur in complete potentie significa un eveniment,

coming from the given idea, as of topic, for instance:

exfluent del dat conception, quam de subyect, p.e.:

forge hammer, forging

martell forge, forgeada


Radication is the reciprocal operation to exponentiation.

Radication es operation recproc a potentiation.

fowl, individual

avio, homo

ft, pendulum

pedes, pendul

Extraction of the foundation, or elevation to a fractional exponent

Extraction de radica, o elevation in fractional potentie

signifies an occasion, guiding to the given idea, as of object, for instance:

significa un eveniment, ductent al dat conception, quam advert obyect, p.e.:

making of an envelope

fabrication de covert

progress of a tree

cresentation de arbor

maturing of a fruit

maturijation de fruct

starting of a day, dawn

comensa de die, aurore

starting of an evening, sundown

comensa de nocte, purpur de vespere



starting of puberty

comensa de pubertá

Interpretation of all exponentsInterpretation de omni potenties

A. Numerical exponents

A. Potenties numeral.

a) Optimistic exponents from 0 to infinity.

a) Potenties positiv de 0 advert ∞.

starting, precept, concept, materials, and so on. of an object

comensa, principe, idee[,] materiale ec. de obyect

technique of turning into, preparation, origin of the item

processe de devenition, preparation, origina del obyect

the item itself, object as such, the item exists

obyect self, obyect quam tal, obyect existe

operate of an object

operate del obyect

finish of an object, within the sense of transubstantiation in a product, relative to which the item itself seems as the fabric

effective de obyect, in sense de transsubstantation in un product, relativa quel l object self appare quam materiale



metal, as pen materials

stal, quam materiale de plum

course of of creating a pen

course of de fabrication de pl.

pen at hand, pen exists

plum parat, plum existe

operate of pen, pen writing

operate de plum, plum in scrition

clay, jar materials

argil, materials de cruche

making of a jar

fabrication de cruche

jar itself, jar exists

cruche self, cruch existe

operate of jar, jar getting used

operate de cruche, cruche in usation





printing of cash

stampation de monete

cash, cash exists

monete, monete existe

use of cash, circulation

usation de moné, circulation



primordial materials

materie primitif

origin of the earth

origine de terre

the earth, the earth exists

terre, terre existe

lifetime of the earth

vive de terre

the world








aged, senile

velón, senil



means to emit sounds

capabilitá emisser sones

origin of speech

origina de parlada

language, speech in modern utilization

lingue, parlada in stand contemporan

utilization of phrases

usation de paroles



Indefinite ideas:

Conceptiones indefinit:

nothing (not within the sense of zero!)

nequo (ne in sens de null!)

origin of one thing

origina de alqui cose

one thing, a unit exists

alquicose, unité existe

operate of a unit

operate de unité

every little thing


b) Detrimental exponents.

b) Potenties negativ.

Detrimental exponents are fractions

Potenties negativ es fractiones

and, holding with the definition of division, specific qualities, for instance:

e, conform a definition de division, expresse qualitás, p.e.:

of homes

domal, de dom

of metal

stalin, de stal

of the world

mundal, de mund

of apples

pomal, de pom

language of the world

lingue de mund

philosophic language

lingue filosofic

language of the longer term

lingue de futur

B. Exponents of figures

B. Potenties figural.

a) Complete exponents specific the energetic type of the verb:

a) Potenties complete specific type activ de verb:

individual exists, individual is

homo existe, homo es

individual chops

homo hacca

individual chops tree

homo hacca arbor

the girl knits a sock

femina tricota strump

individual marches

homo marcha

horse runs

cavalle curre

clock ticks

horloj tictaca

clock rings

horloj clocha

prepare strikes itself

tren transfer se

individual speaks

homo parla

rooster crows

gallino canta

canine barks

can aboya

fowl flies

avio vola

individual sees

homo vide

he/she reigns, he/she is a king/queen

il rege

he/she lives

il vive

I make a pen

mi prepara plum

I write

mi scri

I exploit a pen

mi usa plum

I apply a literary career

mi practica career de litterator

I put together metal for a pen

mi prepara stal por plum

Examples of conjugation:

Exemple de conjugation:

I write, you write, he/she writes

mi scri, tu scri, il scri

we write, you(pl.) write, they write

noi scri, vo scri, ili scri

I’ll write

mi va scrir

I wrote, I’ve written

mi fe scrir, mi ha scrit

you’ll not write

tu ne va scrir

you haven’t written

tu ne ha scrir

not him/her writes, another person writes

ne il scri, altri scri

I write now

mi scri nu

now, not now, another time

nu, ne nu, altriquande

I sit right here

mi facet ci

he/she stands there in entrance

il sta ta avan

she lives to the left

illa habita (domicila) advert left

I (masculine)

mi (mascul)

I (female), you (female)

mi (femina), tu (femina)

I (unspecified gender)

mi (genere indifinit)

I spoke just a few occasions

mi fe parlar quelc vezes



I write and assume, I write pensively

mi scri e pensa, mi scri pensante

I write and do not assume, I write robotically

mi scri (e) ne pensa, mi scri automaticmen

he/she talks with haste

il parla hastante

he/she talks with out haste

il parla sin hasta

he/she is in a rush, he/she will not be in a rush

il hasta, il ne hasta

I research

mi studia



pupil, scholer

pupil, scolero



Rising exponents [exponents of exponents]:

Potenties crescent:

I put together to jot down

mi prepara scrir

I sit to jot down

mi sedenta me scrir

you fall asleep

tu ea dormir

he/she goes (walks) to reap [the crop]

il ea (marcha) falcear

I wish to eat

mi vole manjar

I have to stroll

mi deve marchar

you possibly can pay

tu posse payar

you might communicate

tu have jure parlar

b) Fractional exponents specific the passive type of the verb:

b) Potenties fractional expresse forme passive de verb:

I see, I’m seen

me vide, mi es videt

the home is seen

dom es videt

I see the home

mi vide dom

the individual chops the tree

homo hacca arbor

the tree is chopped by the individual

arbor es haccat de homo

the tree is chopped by the individual

arbor es haccat de homo

the girl knits a sock

femina tricota strump

the sock is knitted by the girl

strump etricotat de f.

the letter is written

epistol es scrit

speech is spoken

parla es parlat

she loves

illa ama

he/she is cherished, somebody loves him/her

il es amat, on ama le

I’ve been cherished

mi ha esset amat

I communicate

mi parla

you may be spoken of

de tu va esser parlat

I’m, I exist

mi es, mi existe

I’m created, existence is given to me

mi es creat, a mi es dat existentie



c) Irrational ideas.

c) Significationes irrational.



good friend




member of society

membre de societé

baby of the identical mom

toddler de sam matre

celestial object


the world is created by God

mund es creat per Deo

the forest speaks

forest parla

the clock walks

horloj marcha

d) Imaginary ideas

d) Significationes imaginari

imaginary amount

quantatitá imaginari

is, exists

es, existe

stops current, turns itself imaginary

cessa esser, fa -se imaginari

will not be, doesn’t exist

ne esse, ne existe

turns itself [real], turns into, stops being imaginary

fa-se, deveni, cessa esser imaginari



day, which stops being, night

die, quel cessa esser, vesper

not-day, evening

ne-die, nocte

day, which begins, evening, which stops being, morning

die, quel comensa, nocte, quel cessa esser, matine



finish of friendship, starting of enmity, argument

cessation de amicitá, origina de inamicitá, querell



finish of enmity, renewal of friendship

cesation de inamicitá, renovation de amicitá

finish of enmity is renewal of friendship

cessation de inamicitá es renovation de amicitá

Examples to translate:

Exemples por traducter:


Logarithms specific evolution. For instance:

Logaritmation expresse evolution. P.e.:













See Also



origin of human from monkeys

origina de homo ex simie

formation of the earth

devenition de terre

formation of the world

devenition de mund

Examples to translate:

Exemples por traducter:

Blended examples

Exemples mixt.


Equations (and inequalities) are logical judgements:

Equationes (e inegalitá) es logical judicamentes:

a lady is an individual

femina es homo

“a rooster will not be a fowl, and a lady will not be an individual” (Russian proverb)

“gallina ne es avio, femina ne es homo” (proverbie russ)

an elephant is bigger than a horse

elefant es plu grand ca cavali

a mouse is smaller than a cat

mus es plu minim ca cat

a monkey is just like a human

simio es simil a homo

I’ll assemble a home

mi va constructer dom

he/she has constructed a home of lumber

il ha constructet dom de ligne

a human chops a tree of a constructing

homo hacca arbor de building

a human chops a tree for constructing

homo hacca arbor por constructer

we assemble a home in a forest

noi constructe dom in foreste

we assemble a home, which is in a forest

noi constructe dom, qui es in foreste

the e-book you communicate of, is it on the desk?

parla tu del libre, que it es sur desk?

I ask for a e-book

mi interroga per libre

is the e-book on the desk?

es libre sur desk?

sure, the e-book is on the desk!

sure, libre es sur desk!

no, the e-book will not be on the desk!

né, libre ne es sur desk!

Transcendent algebra offers the likelihood to deduct mathematically from given expressions all logical penalties. For instance:

Li transcendent algebra da li possibilitá deducter matematicmen ex dat expession omni consequenties logical. P.e.:

he/she doesn’t communicate signifies one thing, that he/she has spoken

il ne parla significa alquicose, qui il ha dir

“if the kid (of the mom) doesn’t cry, the mom (of the kid) doesn’t perceive his/her desires (i.e. cries)” (Russian proverb)

“toddler (de matre) ne plora, — matre (de toddler) ne comprende (i.e. plora)” (proverbe russ)

“there is no such thing as a intelligence with out language, no language with out intelligence” (Max Müller)

“ne es intellectu sin lingue, ne es lingue sin intellectu” (Max Müller)

“intelligence with out language and language with out intelligence don’t exist”

“intellectu sin lingue e. linge sin intellectu ne existe”

intelligence is language, reality

intellectu es lingue, logos

And so on.

E c.


Gallileo tells us:

Che Gallilei noi lee:

“Philosophy is written in an awesome e-book, which stands regularly open for all and everybody (I imply the universe),

“Filosofie es scrit in grandissim libre, quel es sempre apert por omni e chascun (mi parla peri li mundo).

However one can’t perceive it, who has not discovered to learn its language and characters, with which it’s written.

Ma ne posse comprender it ti, qui avan ne ha aprendet leer su lingue e signes, per queles it es scrit.

And it’s written within the language of arithmetic, and its characters of triangles, circles and different mathematical figures.”

E it es scrit in lingue matematical, e su signes triángules, circules e altri matematical figures.”

The current brochure illustratively demonstrates the reality of those phrases.

Li veritá de ti paroles demonstra illustrativmen li current brochur.

Some examplesEinige BeispieleQuelques exemplesНекоторые примерыMōned näitused






I, me


je, moi





tu, toi



he, him










Jacob Linzbach

Jacob Linzbach

Jacob Linzbach

Я. Линцбахъ

Jakob Linzbach

large, giant individual

ein grosser Mensch Riese

gigant, grand homme


suur inim., hiiglane

dwarf, small individual

Zwerg, Menschlein

petit homme, nain


väike inim., härjapōlvlane

me, with me

ich, mit mir

moi, avec moi

я, со мною

mina, minuga

not me, with out me

nicht ich, ohne mich

pas moi, sans moi

не я, безъ меня

mitte mina, minuta

I’m to the fitting of you

ich bin rechts von dir

je suis à droite (de toi)

я направо отъ тебя

mina olen sinust paremat kätt

you might be to the left of me

du bist hyperlinks von mir

tu es à ma gauche

ты налево отъ меня

sina oled minus pahemat kätt

he’s sooner than you

er ist früher als du

il est plus tôt que toi

онъ раньше тебя

tema on varem kui sina

you might be later than him

du bist nach ihm

tu es après lui

ты после него

sina oled hiljem kui tema

two individuals, individuals

zwei Menschen, Menschen

deux hommes, des hommes

два человекаб, люди

kaks inimest, inimesed

we, us





























selts, kompanii





suurem selts






not firm

keine Genossenschaft

pas une affiliation

не товарищество






seltsita olek


Verhältniss, Relation




one thing human

etwas mënschliches

quelque selected d’humain

нечто человеческое

midagi inimlist

human society

mensliche Gesellschaft

societé humaine

общество человеческое

inimline seltskond

individual of society

Mann der Gesellsch

homme de societé

человекъ общественный, человекъ общества

selts kondline inimene

your friendship

deine Freundschaft

ton amintié

дружба твоя

sinu sōprus

good friend





not a good friend

kein Freund

pas ami

не другъ












seed, embryo

Identical, Embrio

semence, embryon

семя, эмбрионъ

seeme, liha






mature individual

reifer Mensch

homme mûr

зрелый человекъ, совершенное


dad or mum

Erwachsener, Alter

personne adulte, dad or mum



deceased, spirit

Verstorbener, Geist

décédé, revenant

усопший, духъ

surnud, waim

the individual lives, produces life

der Mensch lebt, erzeugt Kinder

l’homme vit, produit des enfants

человекъ живетъ, производитъ жизнь

inimene elab, sünnitab

the individual exists

der Mensch existiert

l’homme existe

человекъ существуетъ

inimene on olemas

the individual is alive, produced

der Mensch ist belebt, erzeugt

l’homme est animé, produit

человекъ оживленъ

inimene on elustatud, sünnitatud

I stay, we stay

ich lebe, wir leben

je vis, nous vivons

я живу, мы живемъ

mina elan, meie elame

you reside, you(pl.) stay

du lebst, ihr lebt

tu vis, vous vivez

ты живешь, вы живете

sina elad, teie elate

he lives, they stay

er lebt, sie leben

il vit, ils vivent

онъ живетъ, они живутъ

tema elab, nemad elavad

I lived, I’ll stay

ich lebte, ich werde leben

je vecus, je vivrai

я жилъ, я буду жить

mina elasin, mina saan elama


Abschaffung, Beseitigung, Ende

abolissement, ecartement, fin

прекращение действия



Erneuerung, Werden, Anfang

renouvellement, naissance, graduation

возобновление, становление

algus, saamine

the individual is born, lives, and dies

der Mensch wird geboren, lebt und stirbt

l’homme naît, vit et meurt

человекъ родится, живетъ и умираетъ

ininene sünnib, elab ja sureb

I don’t die

ich sterbe nicht

je ne meurs pas

я не умираю

mina ei positive


das Leben

la vie


elu, elamine



la naissance










la mort



I start

ich fange an

je start

я начинаю

mina hakkan peale

I end

ich endige

je finis

я кончаю

mina lōpetan
















adultlike, parental


des dad or mum

взрослый, родительский


non secular


spirituel, mourant



non secular individual

geistlicher Mensch

homme spirituel

человекъ духовный

vaimuline inimene

“man doesn’t stay” is an expression of the dwelling

“der Mensch lebt nicht” ist eine Äusserung von Etwas lebende

“l’homme ne vit pas” est une expression de quelque selected de vivant

выражение “человекъ не живетъ” есть отношение ко живущему

üteldes: “inimene ei ela,” oletame midagi (1), mis inimese viisi elab (i^i)

dying, mortal





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