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Welcome to » DVD Laser Scanner Microscope

2023-05-01 17:01:29

The laser scanning microscope is a particular gentle microscope which makes use of a centered laser beam to scans the pattern. The scanning of the laser throughout the pattern is completed by driving the laser in x and y route.  The picture consists within the software program by combining the measured gentle factors.

The DVD Laser Scanner Microscope is construct from two DVD pick-up heads. The laser of the DVD head is used to light up the pattern at a tiny spot, centered with the DVD heads personal focusing mechanism. The deviation of the laser is completed by the pick-up heads lens shifting coils.


Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy

A particular case is the confocal laser scanning microscopy that permits the reconstruction of three-dimensional buildings from units of photos obtained at totally different depths. Confocal laser scanning microscopes are sometimes utilized in mixture with fluorescence to review properties of organic samples similar to cells.

Diagram of confocal precept, Dahn

Picture Decision

The decision of the picture is outlined by the variety of measurements taken in x route and the variety of strains in y. The utmost decision is restricted by the numerical aperture of the system’s goal lens and the wavelength of the laser as in typical optical microscopes. In fluorescence observations, the decision is commonly restricted by the energy of the sign. Extra delicate photo-detectors or growing the depth of the illuminating laser can compensate.

Beta-Tubulin in Tetrahymena cell, visualised utilizing GFP-marked antibodies beneath a business confocal microscope. (Pawel Jasnos)

CD/DVD Decide-Up Head.

The decision of a CD/DVD reader should be excessive sufficient to learn the knowledge on the disk.

AFM picture of pits on a CD Rom. Supply: Andreas Kleiner

Technical knowledge CD DVD HDDVD BD. Source: Cmglee


Prototype Setup

The primary prototype set-up makes use of two pick-up head. One is emitting the laser and scanning in x route. The second pick-up head carries the pattern and strikes in y route. The photo-detector on the laser unit is eliminated and the sign is captured with a easy photo-diode. The coils are managed by an Arduino with drive electronics and the pictures is rendered in Processing.

Laser picture as projected on photograph sensor. Visible picture makes it simpler to look at and focus.

Picture taken with prototype setup. Decision about 1.1um

Picture taken with the prototype DVD Laser Microscope with diffractions.

3D rendering of scan.

Second Prototype of a DVD Laser Scanner

Made a PCB to regulate the coils and the laser present with an Arduino Micro, and a few connectors for the laser pick-ups.

Prime and backside of assembled PCB with two laser heads.

DVD Laser Scanner Schematics

Processing Software program

The processing software program sends the aquisition parameters to the DVDLaserScanner and reads again the picture line by line.

The next parameters may be set:

  • Laser Supply (IR, RED, BLUE)
  • Laser Energy
  • Scanning Place
  • Scanning Decision
  • Sensor Extra (A0, S1, S2, RF, DIF)
  • Colour scheme and brightness of show
Extra photos taken from the laser DIY DVD Laser Scanner:

Silicon Chip

Pits of a CD ROM scanned with the DIY Laser Scanner

See Also

Scanning at totally different resolutions and totally different coloration schemes.

DIY Laser Scann of Yeast Cells

Scan utilizing the totally different sensors. Then tremendous imposing the pictures with incorrect colours.



DVD Head used: PHR-803T (Hacked by

Schematics, Printed Circuit Boards and Software program on GitHub right here:



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