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You would like you’re first to invent this scale remodel: -50 x*x + 240 x – 7

You would like you’re first to invent this scale remodel: -50 x*x + 240 x – 7

2023-01-29 18:58:11

This submit is written by Kaiser, not Andrew.

Harvard Journal printed the next chart that confirms a development in undergraduate majors that everyone knows about: college students are favoring STEM majors on the expense of humanities.

I just like the chart. The dot plot is nice for displaying this dataset. They positioned the lengthy textual content horizontally. The usage of color is essential, permitting us to visually separate the STEM majors from the humanities majors.

Then, the axis introduced itself.
I used to be baffled, then disgusted.
Here’s a magnified view of the axis:

Discover the next options of this reworked scale:

  • It may’t be a log scale as a result of most of the progress values are adverse.
  • The interval for 0%-25% is longer than for 25%-50%. The interval for 0%-50% can also be longer than for 50%-100%. On the optimistic aspect, the bigger values are pulled in and the smaller values are pushed out.
  • The interval for -20%-0% is identical size as that for 0%-25%. So, the transformation will not be symmetric round 0.

I do not know what transformation was utilized. I took the expansion values, measured the places of the dots, and requested Excel to suit a polynomial operate, and it gave me a quadratic match, R sq. > 99%.

Right here’s the primary time I’ve seen this remodel: -50 x^2 + 240 x – 7.

This method suits the values throughout the vary extraordinarily effectively. I hope this isn’t the precise transformation. That will be disgusting. Regardless, they must have suggested readers of their uncommon scale.

Utilizing the inferred method, I retrieved the unique progress values. They aren’t excessive, falling between -50% and 125%. There may be nothing to be gained by remodeling the dimensions.

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The next chart undoes the transformation.

(I additionally grouped the majors by their fields.)

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